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Picross and Ace Attorney on the switch!

I’ve been playing the Godzilla auto battler and is it great? No. However is it objectively cool to send out Biollante and three different versions of Mothra to destroy a SpaceGodzilla? Yeah it absolutely is baby!!!

(We have also had a gatcha games discussion but I think this thread is more pertinent for the video in question.)

The GDC has uploaded the Marvel Snap game design presentation from this year’s conference. I have to say I don’t agree with 100% of what he charismatically preaches but it is a pretty interesting insight into how the game was made and the lessons they got from that process.

A game I worked on for two years(I left the developer about a year and a half ago tho) came out yesterday on Apple Arcade!


This was a hard game to develop while I was there so I’m pretty thrilled to see that they were able to get it out and secure an Apple deal at that! It’s a city sim from some old school Maxis leads.

Here is a new look at Persona 5X. I bet you all forgot about Persona 5X.

Meanwhile, the least unexpected IP collaboration ever has just been announced: Nikke x Nier Automata in September.

Maybe they are not as mobile phone games as expected, but those are out:

Not a game you'd like to be seen playing at (or not).

The other one, and I think this might be really nice to play with a mobile phone:

Anybody played any cool rhythm games lately? Groove Coaster stopped working on my phone and now the only bus stop game I have is Meow Tower. I've played Cytus and Love Live in the past and thought they were both alright.

Via @joyousfrog

kind of hopped onto the game subscriptions cart for a little bit

mostly because i got free months of apple arcade and am also using my parents netflix account to get access to those games as well

now i got a folder full of apple arcade and netflix games

the highlights so far are what follows

  • - ridiculous fishing ex (ko_op, vlambeer, apple arcade) [7/13/2023]
    an already great game kind of remade in a way
    the visuals are nice, the visuals are able to adapt well to the shift to 3D
    it definitely made the phone a bit warm when playing it
    there are some interesting tweaks/additions to the mechanics (the ammo/reload system come first to mind)
    theres also a cool daily mode, seasonal leaderboards, modified runs
    ive kinda fallen out of keeping up with it though, ive finished the game and went through most of new game+1
    (the new game+ for this didnt really entice me, mostly just adds color/shiny variants to most of the fish that appear at random, not bad per say but feels more like artificially adding length to the game in a way)
  • - card of darkness (zack gage, pen ward, choice provisions, apple arcade) [9/19/2019]
    wonderful card dungeon crawler with very cute animation and art
    at 21 cards and in the middle of Mount Lavalgrave at the moment, hit a sort of difficulty block/wanted to play other stuff
    played a lot of this during working the fitting rooms (giving people numbers before they go into the dressing room)
  • other apple arcade games i have that i should get around to playing

  • - grindstone
  • - fantasian
  • - air twister
  • also, i love nitrome but i bounced off super leap day because i didnt really gel with it (levels are too long, i dont really like one button platformers)

    last but certainly not least, maybe the best game

  • - poinpy (ojiro fumoto, team poinpy, devolver digital, netflix) [6/10/2022]
    this game fuckin owns!!!!!
    love the art, the music from calum bowen is great
    of course, the star of the show, the gameplay is real dang good
    i sat on my bed and played it for 3 hours in a row, i got maybe too into it
    in downwell, i never became aware of the combo system until i started seeing some other Expert gameplay of it and trying it on my own
    combos seemed like a kind of hidden mechanic in downwell; something that lied just beneath the surface of the main loop but as you get better, you start to run into the combo mechanic and try to do big chains to get rewarded with cool stuff (gems/charge/health)
    in poinpy! chaining combos is a main part of the game because stomping on enemies allows you to gain another jump orb (like how you get an extra charge for stomping an enemy in downwell)
    the thing with the jump orbs is, you have a lot more versatility since youre going up and not down
    soon, you start to look at the levels surroundings and try to make a path for yourself to see what can take you to a higher altitude, what can recover more orbs, the amount of fruit there is
    oh, the fruit! yes, the fruit is also important because you must feed the cat! the cat hungers for the fruit and you must collect the right fruit the cat wants or else you'll get burned
    and the cat can say that this type of fruit isnt allowed in a recipe, or else you drop all the fruit that you have collected (the same happens if you hit the ground without completing a recipe, thus encouraging even more the want to have high air time and to keep restocking your jump orbs by stomping your enemies/jars)
    poinpy can be a very short game if you want it to be (also the ending is very great and cute)
    ||there is an endless mode for getting the highest fruit combo you can with your jump orbs||
    ||and there are medals for beating a run with less and less jump orbs which im gonna try tackling||
    if youre already subscribed to netflix and you have a phone, dont sleep on this!!! because its great
  • other netflix games i have installed

  • - storyteller
  • - immortality
  • might try to look at what other games netflix is offering but from a cursory look, havent spotted anything else that piques my attention (things i own on other places aside, ex. kentucky route zero)

    this is a long post, sorry lol
    feels good to type something out
    all in all, i still dont really care much for subscriptions when it comes to actually paying money for them
    but it sure does feel nice to be like "hey im on *blank* subscription, lets see whats on it, oh ill download this and this for later on my phone"

    apple arcade definitely has a lot more plus versions of apps you can already get without the service
    and i mean, its good to boost your service with games i suppose
    i dunno, i still just wanna buy games on my own even if it turns out i never actually owned them at all
    the illusion of having the thing in my hands to have access to at all times is still an important concept to me i guess
    thats a whole other topic though and im not smart enough to talk about it when im getting so sleepyyyyy
    this post is long enough
    and if you made it this far, thank u for reading



    i dunno, i still just wanna buy games on my own even if it turns out i never actually owned them at all

    the illusion of having the thing in my hands to have access to at all times is still an important concept to me i guess

    theres also wanting to buy a copy separate from the subscription service to want to support the developers more
    i dunno if games exclusive to those subscription services do much for the devs when it comes to making money
    i feel like ive heard brandon talk about this more nuancedly

    now you know im getting tired when im saying things like "nuancedly"