Moby games equivalent(s) for other regions?

I‘ve been intrigued by this developer DDL Corporation (who made these construction simulation games, the crane one having scratched my mind with a highly obtuse control scheme), and have wanted to crawl along the related releases (pretty sure there’s only a handful - I'm really looking for the PS2 evolution of this concept). I can find a bit of info on Moby games, but they sometimes have limited info for Japanese devs/releases.

Does anyone have go-to sites similar to Moby for other regions (especially Japan)? My google-fu in Japanese isn't cutting it for finding such a primary source. Wikipedia is sometimes pretty good for these needs too. Perhaps this can be a repository for other such info sites, regardless!

@“MDS-02”#p86676 GDRI attempts to do this for Japan.

Atwiki is also pretty useful, although they can be even more sparse than MobyGames at times.