Modern Day LAN Party Times

So, it dawned on me somewhat recently that I have about 7 TV's in my house, I live with 3 other bros., and we all have game consoles (albeit different ones).

Can anyone recommend a good cooperative crossplay online multiplayer game that is well suited to being in the same room together? We have, collectively, a switch, 2 PS4's, and an Xbone. None of us are all that picky, but one of my buds is very prone to frustration.


With crossplay I think your best bet is Rocket League or Fortnite. Those have PS4 and Xbox versions that can play alongside each other.

I think you should be able to stick in any old Halo disk into an Xbone and it'll run, and that might open up some 4 player split screen options.

this has a mod for 20+ players, and vanilla has splitscreen co-op by default, and it's on sale right now for super cheap!