Mods de chocobo featuring n's telecaster

hope i can get away with making a separate thread on this……

knowledgable people, am i right in thinking:

  • - it doesn't really sound like a real guitar
  • - even recording tiny little snippets of live guitar and stitching them together as samples to make the rhythm track here would be very labor intensive, and prohibitive from a memory perspective, vs. just using a synth guitar voice
  • - so "N's Telecaster" is just an in-joke
  • You can‘t see on the YouTube embed but the track title is "Mods de Chocobo (Featuring N’s Telecaster)"

    @“tapevulture”#p61086 took some digging, but I think I found a photo of “N” with his “Telecaster”

    [upl-image-preview url=//]

    I can confirm it doesn't sound like a guitar!