I think it was cool of you to add an option for @Syzygy

Might as well do books, too

that one might kill me (jk)

@“dry cleaner for dogs”#p49948 Videogames are for babies and I can pick 10 with my eyes closed. Books however? That's the real poopy time.

How about restaurant chains

The problem with movies is - even moreso than with video games - I am right and everyone else is wrong

I just don‘t know enough about movies to feel like I would be able to put together a list of ten movies I feel have enough objective worth to be arranged into a list of any sort. Even though like half of my videogames list was basically this, it’d just be Ten Movies Forumgoer Jay aka Gaagaagiins Remembers Liking.

Which isn't to say it'd be a bad idea I'd just not participate through contribution (I'd still enjoy seeing the list though)

@“Gaagaagiins”#p49982 But that‘s what would make the list interesting! Don’t get me wrong, my books list is gonna look super stupid if (when) we do that, but I‘ll do it anyway; I think your movie list will look a lot better than my book list. I won’t say you or anyone need participate in the movie list, but I wouldn‘t want feelings of embarrassment or hangups about pure impersonal objective merit or a perceived lack thereof to discourage participation (half my list will be popular films for babies you’ll see don't worry)

(having said all that you really don't need to do it if you wouldn't be comfortable with it :) )

come on voters let's retake the throne

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Yeah I mean, I'm ready to check out your lists and take a whole load of recommendations of films I probably never heard about before.

@“captain”#p49999 nice

At first I was unsure but then I made a trial version of my own list and it‘s such a cool list that I’d like everyone to see it, so yes. I will be more interested in the individual lists than the aggregate but I suppose that will always be the case.

I have a very specific and somewhat terrible taste in films (and moreso books) but I'm in.

I lost track of time and forgot to participate in the video game one, I gotta make up for that with movies!

I got my bachelor's degree in cinema and my taste simultaneously contains the great classics from around the world and the weirdest garbage out there.

@“2501”#p49971 Cheesecake Factory is the obvious Insert Credit #1

@“JoJoestar”#p50001 [upl-image-preview url=//]

I like the idea of a movie list especially because we don't have much of a shared Canon for movies, both because they are a much older form that has much less centralized discourse AND because the forum is not centered around games

one of the central problems of video game communities is their adherence to being about video games

yes, balance in all things……….