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Well, I recently watched The Black Phone and Late Night with the Devil. Post-Stranger Things horror movies can’t help but be extremely influenced by it, and are here to stay ig. Both unmemorable other than a few neat visuals


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Catching up on the… Gaagaagiins Work Watch Movie Review Revue

Most of Cloverfield (2008) that I glanced over at here and there while doing other stuff

I don’t know if that movie would hit in the same way as it did when I saw it in theatres, but that movie seems like it’s good for what it was. Let’s call it a well executed on movie which is probably pretty cool. I dunno I wasn’t watching that closely

I Love You, Man (2009)

This is not the first time this has happened to me but this is one of those movie watches where I get to hear a line that I had heard in the past repeated ad nauseum by white boys, without knowing where it was from. This movie really fucking sucks. It’s just goddamned sordid how mirthless and artless these mainstream comedies can be, holy moley. I cannot believe that this must have played as a shock comedy at some point. Spiritually empty movie

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) with the volume down really low

Still fuckin rips, but I still think the score mostly sucks. They need to make a cut of Mad Max: Fury Road with a speed metal/NWOBHM/thrash soundtrack


I haven’t watched much lately but I watched Unbreakable with my girlfriend for the first time since I saw it in the cinema as she hadn’t seen it. I didn’t really expect it to hold up but it did and I enjoyed the low key sinister undertone more than I did as a kid. Nice to watch some “comic book” movies without a whole load of nonsense too. Cool film.


while not exactly hitting those notes, might I suggest Grimy Ghost! Presets: Fury Road (v2):


I need a King Gizzard scored Mad Max like a war boy needs Valhalla


I know everyone is talking in circles about Megalopolis, but I would expect a film like that from the director of Disney’s EPCOT’s Captain EO (in 3D).


I remember going to captain eo on a family vacation and my dad was trying to explain who francis ford coppala was for some reason. I was six I couldnt possibly care


Exactly my point

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A local cinema and local speaker company set up a screening of Furiosa in ‘reference volume’ a few weeks ago. before the screening they went through an extremely nerdy explanation of the speaker layout and general rationale for how they had things setup which was interesting. What it ended up with was somehow having every V8 engine absolutely rumbling the cinema without overpowering the rest of the sound track. Phenomenal.
Very fun seeing the mostly Australian cast of actors I remember from TV drama back when local commercial TV made TV drama that was watchable. I don’t understand why Furiosa herself is the one character in post-apocalyptic Australia with an American accent though.

Watched Phenomena on a friend’s recommendation after enjoying Suspiria at a local screening a while ago. The soundtrack on this one rips so hard it’s unfair to other movies.
I need more movies with a Goblin and friends heavy metal soundtrack.

Saw Late Night with the Devil in a completely empty cinema the other night. Just me, a cinema and a choc top ice cream. Felt like a king.
I love the premise of the film being a lost tape of a late night talk show where the host pushed things a bit too far for notoriety to save flailing ratings. Could have gone further with committing to the premise and I’m not sure the final act really holds up but I generally enjoyed it.
Much like the writers’ previous Lake Mungo (I heartily recommend this one) it keeps you guessing as to what’s real and what’s not.

And finally I watched The Talented Mr Ripley yesterday entirely because I had a free afternoon and heard Tim mention it on Bonus Credit this week. never saw it at the time since it didn’t appeal to someone my age then but enjoyed it as an adult!


Once again, it’s time for the FORT90 FILM CLUB [IN EXILE], tho am also taking a break from my live censor bar duties to present some family friendly fare, by digging into the Disney vaults with rare/inaccessible classics (the first film will also be in tribute to DBACat, aka Death By Audio Cat, who recently passed alway)…

Now, The Black Hole is admittedly not inaccessible, yet it is misunderstood, and defiitely superior to 95% of the Star Wars-related content you’ll find on Disney+…

Am also gonna play something that I’ve been meaning to for legit ages, whenever video game-related movies are shown, just never got to it, but since it’s also a Disney production…

Fourth up is another flick you cannot find on Disney+ and is, IMHO, the real stand-out of the line-up…

And last but not least is another film that is neither rare nor inaccessible, but because it’s literally my all-time fave and also by Disney, figured why not show it (again) anyway…

Stream will again be via the alt account, starting around 8PM-ish EST…


heck yeah

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skynet would have better luck if they made terminators that would just get near the target then detonate a large bomb. Design flaw that they have to physically run after people and shoot them with a gun.

Extremely good grabs.

we need a Gizz scored mad max and an Al Cisneros score for dune

(funnily enough furiosa has much sparser score than MMFR and dune pt2, well, ol hans really upped his game imo after pt1)

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Today i’m watching the original Blade runner on the big screen for the very 1st time.
Watched the 2049 a few years ago and liked it.
Let’s see how this goes


Scarecrow Video, aka my favorite place in Seattle, just announced that they need roughly 2 million in funding to keep the lights on so uh… let’s watch something that I rented from them this weekend, shall we?

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is kind of a heist movie, sort of a chase movie, but honestly it’s mostly just Peter Fonda and Susan George ripping on each other for 90 minutes. Those cars sure do go fast, though.


Congrats on your first watch on the big screen, I hope it was as good as you imagined!

Curious to know which version of the film it was - as there are quite a few different ones out there. Maybe this wiki article can help determine it for you. And me too :wink:


It was my first time watching the movie till the end as well! Loved it so much.

The photography is beautiful, the sound design is great. Loved how the diegetic sound was integrated with the music. The story is good, and the main villain was dope.

The version that i saw was Final Cut (2007)


So glad to hear you enjoyed it so much! There’s so many things to love about seeing it on the big screen, I think my favourite has to be the score - it’s already one of my all time classic soundtracks but through huge speakers, it makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Hope that memory will never be lost in time, like tears in rain!