music from the show

I just started listening to the insert credit show from the beginning and I‘ve been loving the h*ck out of it. I especially love the music choices used throughout the show (intro, lightning rounds, etc.). The problem is, they don’t seem to be listed in the ep descriptions so I can't track them down to listen to. Does a list of music used in the episodes happen to exist somewhere?

it's original music by “Kurt Feldmann” They post tracks on the patreon

@yeso#17901 Is all of it by him? I could have sworn some of the tracks were actual video game tracks, like from Earthbound and stuff.

For context, I'm wayyy at the beginning. Like these are the eps from 2012 and stuff.

oh that changes the answer. Pretty sure they were using dragon slayer music but someone who knows better than me will I'm sure set the record straight

They eventually are in the show notes iirc. It was a hodgepodge of Videogame OSTs and YMO songs and varied a lot episode to episode.

post episodes and timestamps of songs you want to know. i'm sure someone can identify them

i remember stereolab and lonely rolling star a few times

yeah, every episode used to have different tracks. they are listed on the corresponding posts on the website:

@tombo#17915 Aha, thanks, looks like the music attributions start right after the episode I'm currently on :stuck_out_tongue:

The song I heard that made me ask this question originally was the one that plays in the lightning round of episode 20, right around the 1 hour mark. The jazzy one with the female (japanese?) vocals. Anyone know what that is?

@izzhov#17923 pizzicato five - Rolls Royce

@wickedcestus#17926 Thanks a ton!

What's the song that plays at the beginning of the lightning round of ep 31?

It seems that the show notes for ep 31 to 74 have been lost...

@yeso#17901 They haven't posted the tracks as far as I know.

there are posts on the patreon but as others have indicated, that doesn't cover the pre-hiatus epsiodes

I can‘t remember what we used where in the older eps, but in case anyone’s curious why we stopped using just whatever music we wanted, it‘s because we were worried about dmca style takedowns going forward - there are definitely times where I’d like to use some game music in the show, but we'd need to license it which… Well, we would need to be a much bigger show, heh.

Feldman's music, for the pod, feels like “what if City Hunter were a talk show?”

Popping in here to say Feldmenn's music is great, I especially like the ending theme.