Music Production Club - Round 3

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@“kamillebiden”#p134469 i have thought about it and with the autumnal equinox having just passed my theme suggestion is this image:


take whatever you want from this.

@“cass”#p134493 Frog and cranberries it must be fall.

@“cass”#p134493 This is excellent

@“cass”#1199 I know you said you didn‘t like this, but I kinda do. I like the basic idea and I think I like where the textures are going. For some reason, I find myself thinking that the whole thing would be better if it sounded “wider” and maybe a bit less “grainy”. But I kinda don’t know what I‘m talking about in that respect, so don’t mistake that comment as a reference to a particular mixing technique. I found I was really getting into it just as it ended, too. So I wasn't bored by it at all. It kinda made me think of free jazz or something like that. I like the idea of having a particular chord or background part, and seeing how long you can hang on it while still giving the listener the sense that it is going to “go somewhere”, and I think you succeeded at that.

@"leah"#911 If you didn't tell me this was done in GarageBand I probably would not have believed. As was the case last time, I think that the vocals really steal the show in a good way. Also, and I think I said something similar last time, I think one area it could be improved is maybe having some type of "B" section. I am thinking about this in a tension/release sort of way. So far I'd describe both songs you submitted as being kinda "tasty" in the sense that both are nice, melodic ideas that are being played with in a way that feels pretty natural. But I'd like to see where you could take those ideas next (and realize that the time limits and limited scope of this exercise don't necessarily lend to being able to do much in terms of completing "full songs"). But just wanted to provide some food for thought and maybe encouragement to complete these!

@"sdate"#464 absolutely love the vibe of all of these parts. It DOES sound a bit glued together, I guess, but I think that all of it works pretty well. The drums and those "clicks cut pinky plonk" noises kinda wind up being the common thread, for me. I think each of these really could be its own song, it's just a matter of seeing how far out you could space the ideas and tease out the ear candy stuff.

i started a new job last week and i haven't had nearly as much time to work on my submission as i would like, but i will try to get it in tomorrow -_-

my submission this week is here. i would‘ve liked to build it out more but i just didn’t have time this round. i did try to spend a little more time in the mixing/mastering phase this time around. the text in the second half is from this tumblr post; i yelled it into a pillow.

were other folks able to work on submissions for this round? @jtingle @prophet_goddess @sdate ?

@“sdate”#p135591 thank you!! i used one of the stock garageband synth pads (‘flutter by’) and fiddled with it a bit, then applied the stock bitcrusher plugin and fiddled with that until i got a sound i was happy with. this particular synth comes with an adjustable chorus effect, which is what‘s making it oscillate from left to right - i have a stereo plugin turned on for it too but i’m not sure it's doing anything.

i like your submission! it has "club in a video game" energy, which is the best energy to have. and it's very cool to use the image file itself to make the sound. did it produce all of the synth textures independently, or as a group?

i don't really know a lot about engineering, so i don't have much feedback to offer there. i think another element to come in and out of the arrangement would be nice here - a hi-hat or something - just to keep it feeling like there's tension building and receding.


I was not able to submit or work on much sadly.
I was really hoping that the schedule I came up with would lend itself to being able to complete submissions, but I've struggled to make it a priority. Might just not be the right time for me to do this.

If anyone wants to pick up hosting the group, I'd say feel more than welcomed and I'll contribute again later if I can down the line.

I wrote an OST! @kory asked me to write the soundtrack for his game Butter Dorks, and DJ Tent Mode will take on most commissions. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I certainly wrote this during fall, so hopefully you'll find it fun and interesting and give me some feedback for my next set of tracks.

Click through to the Pico-8 link ]( you can use the soundtrack music/SFX test cart and keep the tunes on loop while I tell you what I think I did well, and what I think needs more development.

# Went Well

  • - The titles are hilarious and partially based on a Raffi song that we used to sing to our kids. No notes.
  • - The motet is cohesive.
    -- The 1 + 2 + 3e+a4 + rhythm repeats in all the tracks in some way. I think it works well to tie all the tracks together. For what it's worth, I imagined that the lyrics are "popcorn popcorn p-p-p-p-popcorn".
    -- Same for "Got Too Hot". It uses the same motet. It just arcs downward pitch-wise keeping some of the same intervals, but ultimately crashes. No drum line was intentional. Just the bare instrument. I tried it with a bit more to it and it didn't work as well.
  • - "Kernel Panic" is _Battletoads_-style pause music and it's great. Works fine for the high score screen as implemented. I like it. It doesn't need to be long.
  • - Common instrumentation is also cohesive
    -- The trills/arpeggios are again a unifying ornament and texture in the tracks. I think that works well particularly well in "Tastes so Buttery".
  • - Both "Tastes so Buttery" and "Put the Oil in the Pot" have some good melodic motion to them. "Tastes so Buttery" is nearly a wall-of-sound which I think I like, but am not sure if it's in the right spot.
  • # Can Be Improved

  • - "Tastes So Buttery" is a bit of a downer mood wise even though its got some interesting things going on in it. I didn't intend it to be attract mode music and I feel like if I had more time, I'd put another song together for attract. I struggle keeping songs in major keys and have to consciously do it. And even when I try, I sometimes fail. I'd love some suggestions on keeping modes if anyone has any.
  • - The "triangle/chime" instrument effects in "Put the Oil in the Pot"'s rhythm section are a bit shrill. I've used a similar effect before for similar purpose and I don't think it works. I'm not even sure it reads as a triangle or chime. I would go back to this. It may need to be softer, or have more ring-down.
  • Let me know if you folks would like to keep this thread pinnned, or if you'd like to un-pin it for the time being. Whatever the regular participants think works the best works for me.

    @“antillese”#p137827 Humbled by the tunes provided by DJ Tent Mode, here–the main theme is really what keeps the adrenaline up during the main game. I'm glad I implemented it early in development, because it made testing extra fun and, dare I say, dictated some of the pacing of the game loop as it came into existence. The balance between variation and repetition is perfect–the different motifs maintain momentum and interest, while still being compact enough that it should fit the typical game length.

    "Kernel Panic" is a blast (and happens to share a name with one of my working titles). It absolutely has the Battletoads pause music energy, but I felt like it's a perfect celebratory treat for the hi-score entry screen. The only downside is that the player will naturally have fewer and fewer opportunities to hear it as they optimize their play and seen the screen less often. If I had more time, I would probably have added more than 1 hi-score slot and/or a hi-score screen where you could enjoy this track some more.

    I was initially hesitant to stick "Tastes so Buttery" on the title/attract screen for the same reason you mentioned--it's a bit of a somber tone to start on. _BUT_ I am actually very happy with how it all came together. I feel like it sets a somewhat menacing and oppressive mood when you pair it with the dripping, undulating title above our tiny protagonists and has just enough of a build to it that the player has an opportunity to appreciate it while reviewing the little tips/instructions screen that pops up on your first play. I also like that the stark difference in mood really makes you feel like you're rocketing into the game when you press X to dork/jerk and everything goes from 0-60 in an instant.

    Anyone doing Jamuary or Genuary? Not sure the genuary prompts fit music generation but gonna try mixing different length tracker chains to do the same. LSDj loaded up on a Miyoo Mini in my pocket to pump out some jams

    @“sdate”#p147320 i would like to! my sched has finally settled down lol

    So I figured I'd just propose the theme for the next round because I think doing this kind of thing is cool.

    It's winter, and winter to me is the [Arctic Snowfall ]( stage in T7, and/or [Phendrana Drifts]( area in Metroid Prime. In music form, [Hiroshi Yoshimura's Music for Nine Postcards]( is for me is a quintessential winter album. Lots of music I like I would define as winter music and winter vibes in videogames are the best!!

    I figured, no reason to be strict, how about we make the prompt: Music that reminds you of winter? You could even make a song for a winter stage in a game, just to keep it somewhat videogame related. How's that?

    @“Viralata”#p148109 heck yeah! i like this prompt.

    do folks think we should work on the same timetable we were before - biweekly, submissions turned in on the wednesday of the second week, and then a couple days for feedback?

    i‘d like to participate but i’m not sure i can this time…trying to move away from the hated Ableton!!! want to get something more tangible going, like a synth + sequencer setup, but probably won't have it ready in time. bummer beecause i really like the prompt.

    in the past on here we did some art jams and the timeline was a month, which even then seemed short to me, but in retrospect i think i just filled up the available time with endless tweaking, so biweekly sounds good 2 me~

    here's my submission.

    What I did was look at gameplay of Shadow Moses from MGS4 and make a soundtrack to the stage. Though I should have sampled some of the ambient sounds and even the little beeps and bops from opening and closing menus sounds so good. I need to finally play that game for once. Anyways, I've been trying to make music without a laptop for about two years now and I'm just now getting into the groove of performing songs in one take, which is what happened here. Made using only the Elektron Digitakt + a midi controller to control effects and such.

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    here's mine. i‘m not thrilled with it - i didn’t give it as much time as i would‘ve liked to. i was trying to channel a sort of jrpg wintry mountain/sad town theme vibe. originally i was going to read some lyrics i wrote over the past couple weeks but the rhythm didn’t feel quite right; then i was thinking it would be a more composed piece with a main melody and a b-section, but i couldn‘t find a melody that didn’t feel annoying. so it just turned into something very aimless. i like the arpeggiated synth and the way the rhythms lock together but yeah, not my favorite.

    @"Viralata"#p150146 i like this! i haven't played _mgs_ so i don't really know much about the inspiration, but i like how the different elements and effects fade in and out.

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    @“leah”#p150150 you definitely have something here! the high pitched synth is very “icy”, don‘t know how to describe it but I like it. The beat hits and I like the changing arpeggio. I love drowning stuff in delay, and I suggest using some of that here (especially the icy lead) to create a sense of space. Delay on an odd time signature can sound hypnotic when applied to arps or leads and I think that might add to the ambiance you’re going for. Still, don't be so hard on yourself, I can definitely see the winter influence in this and it does sound like a videogame soundtrack!

    I have to confess to only playing MGSV but I watched gameplay for MGS4's Shadow Moses and was like "this is a great looking winter level" and just used that as inspiration.

    This was fun!

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