Music that makes you stay on a menu

7 had a good ambient jam up front too

A good comfort food song. Just hang out in character creation all day!

Tobal No. 1's demo disc menu music.

Shenmue main menu and passport menu music.

GunValkyrie's setup music feels very Big.

The whole playonline viewer almost feels like a relic of a superior timeline.

@“connrrr”#p104730 ribbit king is for sure one of the best games of all time

@“IncompatibleKaiser”#p104792 Ohh, I always forget about PlayOnline‘s menus! It had some great songs.

It’s the year TWO THOUSAND THREE BAYBEE! And that update for FFXI is downloading at a snail's pace on my 56k modem!!

I've been playing Etrian Odyssey Untold and often chill in the shops in town.

A bit cotemporary for it‘s recent remaster, but the first time I booted up Metroid Prime on the GCN in 2002 it sounded like nothing I’d ever heard. That menu music grabs you.

[upl-image-preview url=]

Edit: I'll put up Mega Man 3 too. It's full of energy but somber. Every time it loops I find something else I like.

@“copySave”#p104824 it sounds like a metroid being felched (by another metroid)

@“connrrr”#p104774 @“mtvcribs”#p104771 or possibly the Wii eShop music


Top of the first page google result right here:


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The Dark Spire was too hardcore for me to get very far in but the classic mode shop theme extended my playtime by 10%.

I'm guessing a password screen would count as a menu. Sparkster (the MD version) had a song that was ridiculously good for just being confined to only the password screen.

Thinking about shop music, I've posted about the amazing soundtrack of Dragon Seeds before, but I'll just post it again. The Shop and Junk Shop music are a lot of fun in this mostly menu driven game outside of battles:
"DESTROOOYYY!!" What a great sample.

OK I remembered a couple … has to be ones I have truly sat on the menu looping just for the music

click here for the tune SHOP 1 from BRANDISH
**now if you're not into the jazz,** check out the FM version, and have your mind blown at how Yuzo Koshiro nailed the hybrid soundtrack like no one else has before:
it just works so well as FM and as Jazz, it's kind of eye opening.

And two of my all time favorite menu songs that, when playing Katamari, *I can't not* leave sitting on loop for a while:

Also stuff like Versus modes in GBA games or other obscure modes in games that you won't use much anymore that have unique tracks--
Sonic Advance has remakes of classic sonic music for Versus, Versus Scores, Options etc. that are all very chill especially coming from a tiny speaker.


@“JJSignal”#p104844 Dragon Seeds

Whats really neat is that the track when you browse the sound menu in the actual game is slowed down version of the VR training simulator music that essentially has a totally different vibe.

@“Syzygy”#p104789 I for one sat in that difficulty select screen for quite some time, toggling back and forth…

Ooh, as long as we’re including shop themes:

Pretty much opposite vibes, but both put me in the mood to take my time browsing around

On a different note, I would include music that accompanies level/course/battle completion where you get to watch some stats tally up.

I love the FF7 version of the victory fanfare because that synth section just feels like its going to keep ascending into the stratosphere:

Speaking of ascending into the stratosphere, this theme from Star Fox is so triumphant and energetic--it actually made me kind of emotional when I first heard it and still gives that feeling of wistful wide-eyed adventure:

I've been playing the original PSX Ridge Racer recently--forgot how *hard* this track goes during the results screen, just absolutely smashes you in the head:


@“JJSignal”#p104787 Tobal No. 1’s demo disc menu music.

Great call. What a legendary track. How is that not in Final Bar Line!?


@“leah”#p104779 if map themes count…

Hmm I guess, in the spirit of the thread, it needs to be a map in which you select options rather than move a character from location to location? I personally would not consider the world map of a Megaten game a menu, for instance.

Anyway, here are the themes that immediately jumped to my head when seeing this thread’s title (I won’t repeat Nights and Shenmue mentioned above). Nothing too obscure, I’ll share some more interesting picks later.

**Sega Rally Championship**’s main menu (Saturn)

Starts with what sounds like a short loop and suddenly gets rolling around the 30 seconds mark. The expectation for that quasi-hidden riff often made me wait for it.

**Jet Set Radio** / **Jet Grind Radio**’s pick your character menu (Dreamcast)

Most fighting games (like [3rd Strike]( unfortunately had a countdown preventing you from enjoying their character selection themes as long as you wanted. JSR/JGR not only gave you unlimited time to select your character, but they were dancing while you would let the legendary track _Humming the Bassline_ slap on your TV’s speakers.

**Intelligent Qube**’s menu theme (Playstation)

What was so great about IQ’s unexpectedly grandiose soundtrack is that you immediately understood you were in for some weird shit.

**Rockman X** / **Mega Man X**’s password menu (Super Famicom)

Almost all the classic Rockman / Mega Man games have banging password themes but this one is probably the series’ apex, as demonstrated by the number of "extended" and "cover" videos one can find on Youtube.

**Shining Force II**’s witch theme (difficulty selection menu) (Mega Drive)

Contractual Shining Force II appearance.

**Gran Turismo**’s Toyota Car Dealer (Playstation)

All the car dealer tracks in the original Japanese release were fire, but the Toyota one was the best. All these tracks were [tragically changed for the West.](

**Dragon Force**’s kingdom affairs menu (Saturn)

The excellent [select your kingdom]( theme loops just too quickly to contend with the theme above, appropriately called _Relaxation_, on which I definitely zoned out or fell asleep a few times while playing in the middle of the night during school week because my parents didn’t know I owned a Saturn.

**Saturn Bomberman**’s battle mode menu (Saturn)

This theme was so catchy it managed to make nobody mad even if you spent way too much time in the various settings or argued on the stage selection screen.

**World Soccer Winning Eleven 2000**’s Master League (Playstation)

So many hours spent in this mode… Thank goodness the track was great. The emerging Brazilian choir is pure hype.

**Super Mario 64**’s file select (Nintendo 64)



@“◉◉maru”#p105020 The GOAT.