my boss brought in some chocolate chip cookie dough cookies

aren't they just chocolate chip cookies?

my understanding of this trend is that you enclose eggless cookie dough within the main dough, so that you can “under-bake” the inside and have extra soft center without having to worry about food-borne pathogens in undercooked egg

like the ice cream?

fax the cookies to me immediately

I'm imagining a pizza-bagel-bite-topped-pizza meta-food situation

update: they're sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting and brown sprinkles.



@Syzygy#17675 this whole thing is a sham


i've noticed throughout my life that in this world there are some people for whom words have absolutely no meaning

This reminds me of that one time when my partner requested “Lasagna Rollups,” which looked like this:


So I thinks to myself, 'hey, why not, these look fun.' Actually, it was a bigger P.I.T.A. than just making them regularly. I mean, its just lasagna, but you gotta roll up each one. WHY??? I got a bit agitated... about as agitated as one can be while still having lasagna... ITS THE SAME THING.... right?!

@SuperEffective#17697 Lasagna is not a finger food….

@SuperEffective#17697 When does a lasagna rollup become a vertical cannelloni?



Anything can be a finger food if you want it bad enough


Yeah they're also kinda like chonky mannicotti that learned to stand up.