My experience as an adult experiencing movies for the first time

Bit of a primer for what the thread will (should) be about!

I have lived most of my 36 year life completely in the dark about movies. I've seen the odd summer blockbuster here and there, but I grew up in a place that didn't have a movie theater nearby and my parents were not very interested in seeing any, so I didn't really see much until I was in my later teens. By then I had mostly grown to appreciate other forms of media like games and books, so I've never really taken watching them seriously, or put much thought into what I like. I've basically never looked forward to seeing a movie, and I've pretty much never thought "What I want to do this evening is sit down and watch a movie!"

I also have ADHD and Occipital Neuralgia, so sitting for long periods of time without disruption can be painful or difficult for me. So taking the plunge into watching them has also been something I've been a bit apprehensive about even outside of my lack of experience with the medium. With games I can just pause and get up, and reground myself when I come back. For books, just stop on a chapter. But for movies, I find I have a hard time maintaining the thread of following along with the movie if I just stop and come back later.

That aside, I've been growing quite bored of modern games and I decided I need to change my lack of movie watching experience and, after a post in the introductions thread, I received a hefty amount of recommendations from the fine folks of this forum! (Thanks so much @"saddleblasters"#300 , @"exodus"#3 , @"rejj"#455 , @"穴"#580 @"captain"#258 and @"◉◉maru"#146 ).

It was a bit overwhelming, but I put together a watch order for my first real attempt to appreciate movies, the list is ~~25~~ ~~26~~ 32 movies, and most of them are from @"exodus"#3 ' "10 movies to figure out what kind of movies you like post" with other recommendations interspersed, there's no specifics to the order outside of that, so, the list is:

Updated again with some more recommendations for more diverse directors!

  • 1. 2046
  • 2. The Warriors
  • 3. The Thing
  • 4. Neptune Frost
  • 5. The Crow
  • 6. Let Him Rest in Peace
  • 7. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya
  • 8. Les Enfants du Paradis
  • 9. Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar
  • 10. Seven Samurai
  • 11. The Raid
  • 12. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
  • 13. Mulholland Drive
  • 14. Inland Empire
  • 15. The Adventures of Prince Achmed
  • 16. Le Roi et l’Oiseau
  • 17. Incendies
  • 18. The Good The Bad and the Ugly
  • 19. Parasite
  • 20. Memories of Murder
  • 21. Gozu
  • 22. The Deer Hunter
  • 23. The Happiness of the Katakuris
  • 24. Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot
  • 25. The Virgin Spring
  • 26. Punch Drunk Love
  • 27. Bicycle Thieves
  • 28. Apocalypse Now
  • 29. Something’s Gotta Give
  • 30. Sunset Boulevard
  • 31. Taxi Driver
  • 32. Volver
  • 33. Vindicated
  • After I watch them, I'll make a post in this thread with a loose but somewhat structured format.
    I thought it would be interesting for me to provide context around the setting of watching the movie, then my experience watching it, and finally what I thought about it afterwards.

    **Note:** I don't have any experience thinking about movies much, or trying to understand them as more than something to pass time, but I'm going to make an effort to do that. Just keep in mind if you decide to read ahead that I am very green here and trying my best to provide (maybe) a bit of entertainment for some folks while I get through these!

    **Note 2:** There will be spoilers for all of the movies listed! I'll spoiler tag the entire post that has anything plot related (will likely be most of the post.)


    First up was 2046. (Watched: 09-10-2023)

    The night after I awoke to a bunch of kindly provided recommendations I decided to start with the top of a list of 10 movies that @"exodus"#3 provided as a sort of "movie type" sampler menu.

    I watched it on a particularly hot and humid sunny Sunday September morning. The summer slowly fading away, we have a handful of these **awful** sticky hot days due to our proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, this was one of them.

    After taking my dog for a short walk. I began the film feeling way too hot and not particularly comfortable. The AC and a dog who finds said AC to be a bit cold -- and thus wanting to cuddle, provided enough to rectify that fairly quickly.

    So I signed up for a 7 day free trial on *The Criterion Channel* (mentioned frequently in the podcast) and got ready to cast it to my TV.

    Not ideal watching conditions, being early in the morning and exceptionally bright, but I was ready to give this a shot.
    Impressions are tagged in spoilers below!


    First up, I was immediately surprised at the frame rate the movie was shot in. It seemed like certain segments of it were shot at a much lower frame rate than others. While I was watching, I was trying to understand the significance of this. I thought “are these flashbacks or something?” but I never really understood if that was the case or not.


    I immediately got the sense that there was some fairly significant time skipping going on, but I did have a hard time pinning down exactly where the main character (Chow) was in time, even though there were dates explicitly shown on black cuts during the film (Again, ADHD here makes this tricky.) But I gathered that there were at least 3 (Originally I thought the future train segments were real until it was revealed later on it was the plot of a story the main character was writing.).


    I didn‘t really understand the significance of Lulu (I afterwards understood that Chow lived in either the same apartment, or a different one with the same room number – 2046 in the past, potentially with Lulu?) but I didn’t think that particular point mattered a whole lot in understanding what was going on with the plot, though I did miss it entirely.


    The main body of the film I followed fairly easily, enjoying the somewhat quirky but ultimately brief relationships the Chow has with various partners throughout the mid to late 1960s in Hong Kong. I appreciated the intertwining of political/activist events, though not covered in significant detail, as it‘s something that’s a bit of a blind spot for me, and it lead me to do some reading on the events in 1966 and 1967 in the afternoon after finishing the movie.


    The repetitive semi-self destructive cycle of new relationships that Chow refuses to develop into more serious connections, mixed with frequent flashbacks to his time with Su Li-Zhen make it fairly clear that at least part of the plot is about being nostalgic for that past relationship or time and being unwilling or unable to get back to it – or maybe more significantly to move on from it.


    While watching, I was trying to under the significance of the movies title – 2046, (and also the number 2047?).


    To me it seemed that it was representative of that time or mental state that Chow was in back with Su Li-Zhen in Singapore.


    I think there are a few connections there, with him staying next door in 2047 even though he wanted to go back to 2046 due to renovations, that he wouldn‘t spend the night with some of the women he was seeing who stayed in room 2046, and finally his sci-fi story.


    It seemed to me that the plot of his story was about 2046 being some utopia people don’t come back from except for his stand in. I felt that was more or less just Chow writing about how most people always look back at those nostalgic and beautiful memories and never let them go, holding them back from finding new love or happiness.


    There was something about there being two Su Li-Zhen‘s but I never really understood that.


    In a lot of the future sequences there’s parts where the main character is asking the androids and the train conductor about whether they‘d leave with him, I never really understood the significance of that either. I suppose it could be something to do with no one else being willing to leave behind their nostalgic experiences of love or their memories? I was confused on it.


    The ending I didn’t fully understand, but it just seemed like Chow was saying to Bai Ling that there‘s one thing he’ll never do, which is allowing anyone to replace that part of his memory (His old relationship with Su Li-Zhen).


    From a production perspective, I really appreciated the camera work inside the apartment building in all of the time periods. It‘s a very tight space and a lot of the shots felt very intimate to me. The setting being 60s Hong Kong is very aesthetically pleasing to me as well, and a few shots – like the ones where it’s raining outside were really stunning to me. I always just want to be outside in the rain at night, especially when there‘s lots of neon and metal for rain to hit.


    I also very much enjoyed the parts of the movie where Jing-wen and Chow are writing together. It’s very cute and I wanted more of that as well

    Overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It felt a bit hard to follow given my relative inexperience with such movies, but I liked it enough to maybe watch it again and attempt to understand it better.

    Onto "The Warriors"!

    This is a great idea for a thread! I‘ve seen a fair few movies on this list and I think it’s a really great selection. I haven't seen 2046, though I am intrigued by it now.

    I wonder how people feel about Inland Empire as a first David Lynch movie? I remember being pretty bewildered by it on my first watch. Personally I feel like Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive or even Eraserhead would be better to watch first?

    @“Kez”#p132343 I‘d be totally into adding/moving stuff around. :slight_smile: I’ve never seen a David Lynch movie, to me he's just a name that folks bring up a lot!

    I'd definitely second the idea that Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive would be a better place to start with Lynch.

    Yeah, you can put Mulholland drive in there instead! Inland empire is obtuse but it's the most vibes oriented one, which is why I chose it.

    @“exodus”#p132359 I'm just gonna watch both!

    @wickedcestus Cheers!

    I’m not sure you have enough “fun” on your list, but if you enjoyed 2046 then I guess you’re on the right track. I found it to be tragically boring, but I was also a teenager. I look forward to reading more of your opinions!

    for someone without a lot of movie experiences you sure wrote very well about 2046!

    this is a good thread that i am excited to keep reading.

    @“Coffinwarehouses”#p132365 Way to make me feel pressured to do more! (I need it to keep me motivated to finish). I‘m also going to go back over the whole list when I’m done and decide what I actually like, because while I did very much enjoy 2046, I might not think very well of it after watching the rest!


    @“Ergoja”#p132321 it lead me to do some reading on the events in 1966 and 1967 in the afternoon after finishing the movie.

    this has been a lot of the value of watching movies for me: i see things i do not understand then end up spending a few hours looking them up after the movie's over.

    re: your difficulties just sitting down and watching a movie from start to finish. when i first tried to start watching movies (i was in high school) i had similar problems. the idea of sitting on the sofa and staring at a screen 3 meters away from me for nearly two hours felt impossible to me. it eventually got better, though there was a very long "learning" period. for me, i almost get a feeling of nausea staring at screen too long. i'm not sure how it manifests for others. even now i can find it very hard to watch movies, depending on how i feel. it's kind of weird, because i was completely engrossed by Happy Hour (2015) and watched the whole 5 hours in a single sitting, while I had to split Love Exposure, a film that might seem more exciting, into three parts because I just couldn't stand staring at it for 4 hours.


    @“Ergoja”#p132320 Okinawa Night

    also sorry for being unclear: when I said Okinawa Night I was referring to when @"fortninety"#150 played three movies about Okinawa back to back -- there isn't actually a movie called Okinawa Night. unfortunately i can't remember the name of the first movie (which i enjoyed a lot), and i'm having trouble finding the post for it. The second movie was [Sonatine](, which I think would be a very worthy entry on your list. it's quite special. i'm not sure how to describe it, or if there's even anything else to compare it to. the third movie was [Paradise View](, which is more of a deep cut that i wouldn't really recommend unless, say, you're a massive fan of jun togawa or haruomi hosono.

    I love this thread! What a cool perspective. I have ADHD too and I only broke through that barrier a few years ago—prior to that I‘d probably seen less than a hundred movies in my life. More demanding watches (which to me meant anything slow, understated, or simply longer than two hours) proved difficult at first, but quickly the unique challenge of enduring a slow burn or a four-hour epic became its own reward. All of which is to say: movies rule, that list is absolutely stacked, and I think you’ll have a lot of fun. I'm excited to read about it!


    @“saddleblasters”#p132385 unfortunately i can’t remember the name of the first movie (which i enjoyed a lot), and i’m having trouble finding the post for it.

    Also I got curious and found [that post]( first movie is _[Let Him Rest in Peace](

    @“Bbtone”#p132397 thank you! also i guess there was a fourth film i didn‘t stay to watch. i’ll try watching it on my own some time.

    @“Ergoja”#p132320 Very cool list of movies - Always good to see some French movies (which I can recommend more if you enjoy them).

    Rather than add to your list now, I wanted to recommend a way to watch any of them, especially if you struggle to sit through anything that‘s too long. While I don’t suffer from the same challenges you have, I do have a very small amount of time to sit down a watch a film all the way through (Two young children, job, house and general life getting in the way) so usually I am unable to do it anymore. What I like to do is set an amount of time I can watch it, say 20-30 minute bursts like a TV show and when it hits the time limit, I wait for the scene to finish and then stop.

    I agree it‘s harder nowadays due to streaming not having a chapter like digital physical media has, but it’s great to be able to just stop and when I have some time to go back to it, I know where I was and if I'm a bit lost, usually rewind a few minutes and catch up that way.

    Oh and watch more David Lynch - I cannot recommend his movies enough. You can start anywhere as they're all unique in their story telling and characters (with a few nods to other films here and there), but you could if you feel brave go back to the start with Eraserhead and maybe one day understand it =)

    @“Bbtone”#p132397 @saddleblasters Thanks for saving me when I tried to find it. I‘ll make the swap for Let Him Rest in Peace! Thematically I am all about the theme Okinawa Nights as well, so I might end up with all 4! I just need to make sure the list doesn’t grow too large and my adhd brain tells me to run away from it.

    @“TomoftheFog”#p132402 Thanks for the reply! I was happy to add the French films as I‘m from a place in Canada that speaks French. I only speak a very small amount but it’ll be nice to add some immersion.

    And yeah, I understand it's not just ADHD folks who have that problem. I think we sometimes forget that life gets in the way of everyone. You're absolutely right about digital streaming making it easier to do, I should probably just keep a "show book" where I write down what last happened before I take a break. Thanks for the inspiration, I might give it a shot!

    We'll see about Lynch! I've heard a lot so I'm pretty stoked to get to those two.

    @“Bbtone”#p132397 That‘s awesome, great to hear you got over it, it gives me a bit more confidence that I can do it. It’s really hard. I also have Hyperfocus (or it‘s just part of ADHD, I’m not sure) where I‘ll focus so hard the rest of the world doesn’t exist to me. So I basically get inside the movie. The problem is when I get ripped out I find it disorienting and hard to figure out what‘s going on. But I’m going to try and do it. I only had to stop 3 times during 2046 but the movie had those black title cards with the time periods on them so it was extremely easy to do so, I can't rely on that for every film :(.

    @“Ergoja”#p132434 My pleasure, glad to share some films. I live in France and really enjoy a good French comedy :

    Any films by the comedy troupe Le Splendid. I love Le Père Noël est une ordure and the first two films in Les Bronzés series are good.

    La Cité de la peur is a classic.

    C'est arrivé près de chez vous is very black comedy, won't say anything about it!

    La Haine is not a comedy but has the most amazing scene with a mirror.

    If you fancy some TV there's a show (and now a movie) called Kamelott which rocks. Very funny.

    Hope you and anyone else reading enjoys and let me know what you think!

    And if you want some more let me know =)

    #2 The Warriors. (Watched: 09-12-2023)

    So onto the second movie on my watch list!

    This was a much more appropriate setting (at least for me!) for watching a movie. I started around 7 pm and it was already more or less dark, so I had excellent viewing conditions. Been having to solve some tricky problems at work so I was really looking forward to just sitting down and not having to think too much. The Warriors happened to be a great movie for that!

    My partner was out of the house so I turned things up really loud and had a fresh coke zero.

    The only way I could watch it on a whim in Canada was to pay Bezos a fiver, so I went ahead and contributed to his empire and got comfortable.

    Let's Go!


    Immediately I was struck by the style. The music and visual design were really striking and I was quite into it.


    The intro sequence with the train going through NYC (I‘ve never been!) and introducing the different gangs was really cool. Their costumes (colors) and overall demeaner just made them all seem so cool, while simultaneously being exceptionally goofy, cool!


    I caught on to more or less what the opening sequence was going to end with, but I didn’t really expect the outcome of it being a city wide hunt for The Warriors by the other gangs. With their journey to get back to their home turf being the constant storyline throughout the movie.


    Interestingly, while I haven‘t seen very many movies, I have seen some here and there, and one series I have watched recently was John Wick. I am wondering if the writers for Wick took inspiration from this film with the radio announcing through (music?) for the gangs to go out after The Warriors. Either way, that whole thing was really cool.


    Throughout the film, the sense of somewhat childhood adventure is inviting, I felt like I was on the journey with The Warriors, and I was always excited to see what gang they’d meet up with next. I really enjoyed that feeling of joining along with them and being the underdogs. It also made NYC feel huge, and seeing the different gangs in the different boroughs was neat!


    The fight scenes are not choreographed especially well, but I did laugh loudly every time one of the gang members picked a rival gang member up and threw them because it just came off as being hilarious to me. – I‘m not sure if it’s intentional, but I sure had a laugh at that and a few of the rival gang colors, especially the Baseball Furies and the Punks. – In that same vein though, the Boppers, Warriors and Riffs were just cool. Who‘d f with dudes in what looks to be satin bath robes?!


    For the ending, it was fitting, if not expected, but I liked to see that asshole on the Rogues get his just punishment.


    For what I didn’t like, most of the film does have sexist undertones (and in a few scenes like the park bench cop and when they meet the Orphans/Mercy – pretty oppressive sexism), and I don‘t appreciate it, but I guess for the time it’s not that bad? I don‘t have much of a datum, but I hear things can be pretty rough with older films. The use of a specific slur made me revolt every time I heard it, and it didn’t get easier as the movie went on.

    Overall, I had a pretty good time and I always love to see some cops get beat up. The sound track and visual design was just **awesome**.

    Onto "The Thing"! With an interesting caveat, that I am uh.. not good with Horror. I've tried many times when I was younger to play games like RE or Silent Hill but I end up getting too scared, but it's been many many years, let's see how this goes!