my first game - Sean Burk's Wild Hammers

If this is inappropriate for this forum, lemme know and I'll take it down…

I just threw up my first game on

It definitely has a lot more work I want to do on it but I gotta move on to another project for the time being. I would like testers but apparently none of my close associates are gamers. I did all the sounds/art/coding and such myself, so uhh, it's a little rough.

... speaking of which I'm down for doing game jams going forward, so hit me up if yr down to clown!! (or if you know someplace that's hiring C#/Java/Javascript developer :o !! )

Goodness, I hope this is appropriate for this forum.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p59199 I didn‘t know if shameless self-promotion was allowed here. Also I was raised Irish-Catholic so I’m constantly apologizing for existing lol

This looks really good! I‘m gonna try to convince someone to try it out with me and I’ll report back.