Never snow time 2024 (southern hemisphere please interact)

It is the depth of winter and it is 54 degrees (f) or 12 (c) in oakland california. How‘s the winter going in other places where it doesn’t snow? Here's a photo I took a few days ago. My mom said it was very cold but then after we walked around for a while she had to take her jacket off.


It's like summer in australia and NZ right now, right? I have seen the snow two times in my life. Maybe our warm tales will help our frozen brethren and sistren and nbren.

Phoenix is great. A little colder than normal. One thing that happens in the winter here is some sunsets will turn everything pink, including the air around you. It’s a bit hard to capture in photos but very magical:

Just when I start to think I miss the winter I’ll get a picture like this from a friend back in Michigan and that thought will disappear:

@“sdate”#p148116 in real life norcal, that is to say north of sacramento, they do get snow in higher elevations, and of course there‘s Tahoe. I’ve seen melting snow in the sierra mountains a couple times as a kid. but in terms of falling snow that comes approaches my doorstep, apparently it snowed once in berkeley in like 1979? It snowed all over the hills last year as well and it was a capital E Event (which I also did not see because I don‘t live in the hills). It simply does not happen here. It doesn’t get cold enough! We get hail sometimes though. the two times I was in the snow were in new york and slovakia! The Mojave I believe is a place where it is Known To Snow.

@"MoH"#p148117 yeahhhh gimme a pink sky over an ice soup any day

summer here :brazil: but right now it actually cooled down a bit to a more liveable temperature. tomorrow should stay the same but then it'll crank right back up next week.

This is the only time of year I get to wear socks, pants, and closed toed shoes and not instantly melt into a sweaty little pile of onions.

Sometimes I even get to wear long sleeves.

Hello from Coastal Cali


(is this the thread for the forum californians to flex on forum canadians?)

@“Tradegood”#p148138 and new zealanders!

antipodes :rage::rage::rage:

@“MoH”#p148141 I always wondered what they had against podes!

two peas in a pode

30 degrees celsius / 86 fahrenheit yesterday in my part of australia, not looking forward to being back at work in the heat next week :hot_face:

This screenshot from Super Off Road: The Baja Generator counts as me posting a weather and vibes update of my never snow part of the world


One time the top of the big hill over here was covered in white after a hail storm so people were posting about how it snowed there but it turns out it was just hail cause it disappeared in less than 20 minutes lol


@“exodus”#p148139 and new zealanders!

I'll make a point to get out and take some pictures. It is, indeed, summertime.

It will hail for 15 seconds here and people talk about it for years.

@“MoH”#p148117 Gotta love an Arizona sunset. That said, given how long and brutal summer was this year I’ll gladly take the cool weather.

No snow here in Atlanta, GA but the persimmons have fallen from the trees (photo from early December.)

@“treefroggy”#p148288 Is that someone skateboarding on the wing of a jetliner up top there


any time I’m hanging there I witness a Hyper Crazy Climber.


Was that person human flagging from all the way up there??