New Forum Moderator Recruitment

Hi Everyone!

The application window has closed and the the team is reviewing the candidates. Thanks for everyone's support and feedback during this process as we grow the team.

Sending love to the mod team!

Hey folks! Happy to announce we are absorbing @captain and @Tomofthefog into the mod team alongside our hardworking @antillese!

Thanks to everyone who applied, there were truly no bad applications, and I'll be sending out individual message to encourage everyone who applied this time to apply again when everyone's terms come up!

Very happy to have so many engaged folks in this forum. And of course all of us are responsible for the forum's general conduct even if we're not mods ourselves. Still wild to watch this place actually grow year over year as many forums disappear or shrink. Well done to all of us!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the process or in this thread. Looking forward to working with the new cohort and posting with everyone else on the forum!

alas, mr zyrmpas will have to wait for the next round :pensive: