new games for old hardware that are actually good

got some new Nintendo games lately.


one day I'll need to make time to actually play them lol


@Syzygy#10816 There is often overlap between the fan games and those official releases; the Namco FC ports seem to have been in collaboration with a fan who reached out but it’s hush-hush. And except maybe Nintendo, in-house programmers are generally going to be using fan-made resources like Nesdev same as anyone.

Yeah, for all the games listed above, there's a fan component:

Pac Man CE: started off as a fan project and shown at doujin conventions several years ago; M2 worked as a go-between to get it licensed and brushed it up in-house, particularly on the audio front; they'd been sitting on it for years before this release

Gaplus: started off as more of a thought experiment between a certain homebrew programmer with substantial pro dev experience and some people at M2, who simply wanted to see if an authentic Gaplus conversion was even possible

Tetris MD: ported from scratch with reference to the arcade version; the programming was handled by a former Compile programmer, and the audio was handled by a somewhat well-known FM audio junkie who in recent years has been assisting Yuzo Koshiro on certain projects

Darius MD: another fan acquisition, built with the overseas Mega Drive development kit SGDK; M2 helped him brush up and complete the game for the MD/Genesis Mini under the supervision of Taito, and they've continued to brush it up even further for the upcoming "extra" cartridge version. (The original fan programmer is a middle-aged gynecologist who just up and decided to start making MD games with no prior experience and he's startlingly good at it.)

GG Aleste 3 is not a fan work as such, seeing as M2 owns the series, and it has a lot of pedigree: the artists are both veterans of Compile and Raizing, and the director Manabu Namiki is STG music royalty, having worked for NMK, Raizing, Cave and M2. The programmer is the same guy who did Gaplus (who, incidentally, also programmed Super Star Soldier way back when).

M2 also made a Famicom-compliant Steins;gate ADV as a bonus product for a recent game; that one was programmed by the Gaplus/Aleste guy, and the music (which was something composer chibitech had lying around from some other project) is, to my recollection, running in what's essentially a licensed Famitracker sound driver.

I second Micro Mages as worth checking out. That same team also made Bobl, another NES homebrew.

There's been a lot of exciting new stuff in the Gameboy Dev scene, though I admit most of the games I've poked around in are more novel or interesting than truly solid.

I made a game jam game for the Gameboy Color using GBStudio that has gotten pretty good reviews, so that might count:

“placeholder for winning”

@exodus#10909 I was certain I'd removed that before submitting it, but the fact that it ended up in the final ROM anyway is very funny to me.

Also, Micro Mages is getting ported to the PC Engine so I'll probably actually get it now heh heh

Omega Blast for the Genesis is an awesome little caravan shooter available for free.

oh, thanks!! I didn't know about this one

I would love to hear the story of Piers Solar and Paprium from anyone who can tell it.

Paprium is a whole lot of drama that continues to unfold.

The drama is pretty boring as far as I can tell, though I don't know the whole thing. Here it is as I understand it without looking anything up:

  1. paprium gets announced as “project Y” 8 years ago, a couple years after the release of Pier Solar (an okay RPG with loads of inside references to forum posts and some dumb stuff like main path-critical switches on the backs of pillars during moving platform sequences). Watermelon is producing it and this guy Fonzie is the lead. It boasts big megs and sound stuff

2) paprium is announced as paprium 3.5 years ago with a cool trailer that gets everyone hyped

3) paprium preorders go up and are expensive ($90)

4) so many people preorder it that, supposedly, WaterMelon/Fonzie's paypal gets siezed up and they don't get access to the money. Many are skeptical of this

5) the game's develpoment is kind of quiet and people get antsy

6) for some reason Fonzie/Watermelon announce a "launch party" for Paprium despite it not being finished (two years ago). People get upset and wonder if their money is getting spent on this, and shakycam video of the game at the event shows it's very unfinished with few enemies etc

7) goes dark for two years with occasional spikes of annoyance from Fonzie and lots of hate from the galleries.

8) suddenly comes out (two days ago) and everyone's orders are filled, but if you want to buy part of the second batch it's no longer $90, it's $170

9) Fonzie simultaneously announces a new beat em up that will cost either $170 or $230 depending on the edition you buy, with no info about the game other than it'll come late 2021/early 2022. TBH this does piss me off a bit because if you're going to charge that much, which may in fact be reasonable depending on your scope, what you're making, manufacturing costs, etc, just give some information. Someone like me who doesn't just have that money to flop on the ground needs some info, and it just sort of says "only people with money to burn should get this"

10) the paprium manual comes with a two page screed from Fonzie about how he was wronged and everyone's mean

In short it's a guy with bad social skills underestimating how long stuff will take and making some bad decisions along with a bunch of people getting mad at him which causes him to double down on his position and nobody's totally right or wrong and it's just your average "dramatic dude on the internet" scenario I think. But ultimately the game is here now and by all accounts it's fine. I'll give a review when I've got mine here. The drama is boring, like I said!


Seems like another Phil Fish situation. Guess we'll see how it plays out.

The game looks cool as heck and I didn't find out about it until really recently. But with that much money on the line I can see why people would be apprehensive or unhappy about the project.

I think Phil Fish is a little better adjusted and makes better games, but I‘ll let y’all know when paprium arrives!

Some people have gotten their Paprium carts. It seems it doesn‘t play on the Mega SG, but there is a cute 8-bit style Easter-egg game if you plug it into a system it isn’t compatible with.

Well, I‘ve got my copy. I’ll play tonight and write up a report. But check this thread, because the packaging is seriously impressive. Like I had the actual sensation of being impressed when I opened it up. I thought it felt odd because there was no shell on top/bottom of it and like… it exceeded my expectations. that tilted sleeve with the sealed cartridge inside is just nuts.

after watching the Digital Foundry end of year list, my interest in Mad Stalker has been piqued (Ninja Warriors (Once) Again is a personal favorite of mine), but i have a question: does it run on a US Genesis? the internet has not been especially helpful in illuminating this in my searches.

also, no pressure, Brandon, but i am super curious to hear your Paprium impressions.

@isfet#11639 St1ka covered Mad Stalker recently and it looks like it is region locked by can be played with an adapter


oh, rad! been planning on getting myself an Everdrive for xmas and uh…this will be a nice addition.

Mad Stalker works through my 32x what has the tabs adjusted. I should write about it but here‘s my one-line review of Mad Stalker: If you have any other version of Mad Stalker you don’t need this one, but if don't have any versions, this is the one you can buy.

I'll write something larger about paprium too but here's a preview: I prefer the system over Streets of Rage 4 BUT remember the Streets of Rage III boss that was considered too homophobic for americans *in the 90s,* well, somebody on the Paprium team thought that would be fun to reference a lot.

Oh man I just played a bunch of Mega Drive games that came out recently.

Wolf Child was a blast. Xenocrisis was really comfy because I have sat down and beat smash tv NES and Arcade version before.