Newwwww website

Hey y‘all! We’ve launched the new insert credit website finally! it's here:

it was made by @shane on the back end, @nick on the front end, and Bachelorsoft did some little images for it (we'll get some more of those too). It has randomized quotes that are relevant to insert credit-y games and such, a randomized image (only 4 or so of them for now), but most importantly you can click through to listen to any episode, you can click any guest's name to see a bio (if we wrote one, mostly we didn't), and every other episode they've been in, as well as all the questions for every episode going back through history, the final list for any list episode we did (mostly), et cetera!

Oh, it also looks pretty good on mobile!

The roadmap for the future is:
1) somewhat integrate the look of the main site and the forum
2) let viewers of the site choose their preferred contrast/brightness level
3) get editorial pages working (they're on their way already) and start hosting original content
4) get archived features/reviews working (we'll be deciding which ones go up, probably not everything)
5) get archived news back up (this is a monumental task but important to me because there was SO MUCH info that was only ever in english on insert credit. the task is monumental because we can't just batch grab it all, and it's not all relevant, so we want to hire someone to go through month by month and grab the good stuff and copy it over)

Well, that's where we are and where we're going!! Hopefully y'all like the new site, and thanks again to all the patrons who quite literally made this possible - it allowed us to pay people to do the work! Well, shane's bit came from necrosoft funds and his free time, but STILL.

Anyhoo, hope y'all enjoy. Let us know any thoughts you have in here!

It looks great! Well done all.

it's sexy as fuck

This might be a lot to suggest since I know you‘re all very busy folks, but I would love to see some “features” much like how they used to do on and such. You guys get into some great discussions but sometimes I wanna hear thoughts on the matter longer than six minutes. I think it’d be really cool to do some deep dives into the stuff you guys bring up and host them on the site.

Just a thought!

It looks really good! I especially like the random pixel art image in the top left. The deer is my favorite

Do you mean in audio form? We‘ll probably do that over time - but if you mean in text form, that’s in the road map above, it's in point number 3!

I like looking at it! The little changing graphic and quotes at the top left are a nice touch.


Oh dang looks like I missed that!! Yeah that's exactly what I mean, good to see it's in the works already!

The website is VERY pleasing to look at. Well done!

everything: the font, the layout, the colors, the whole design looks gorgeous.

it reminds me of what I wanted websites to look like as a teenager in the late otts 2010's before I realized busy ~ minimalism ~ was going to be dominant vibe.

cannot wait to see what the articles are gonna look like!!

ps: love the little reindeer homie in the corner. do they have a name?

great work @shane @nick looks good as hell

also pleasant to scan/read which I imagine was a challenge for a more complex visual style

@jaws no name - it‘s just a decapitated friendo from necrosoft’s oh deer. the other characters are:

  • - a cut gunsport character (the candles head lady)
  • - an existing gunsport character (pompadour dude)
  • - the business skeleton from the Gunhouse end credits
  • I tried to choose ones that wouldn't be too recognizable from our games - tim later had the idea that we should just have characters that LOOK like they could be from games but weren't, but I had already commissioned these. But it's not so bad since really only one of them is at all recognizable as an existing character.

    Oh also Shane's idea was to have a bunch of neon sign looking things, which I think we'll also do. little pizza sign, why not!

    My assessment of the new design:


    It's very nice but after fifteen-ish years I am still unsure where to insert my credit

    @connrrr#19754 I think you insert it into the patreon?

    you got it

    it took almost 20 years but we finally installed that credit slot

    P.S. insert credit is 20 years old in a month lolllllllllllllllllll

    very nice

    tis beautiful

    In that case, this website is downright blasphemous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Is Alex‘s name not being bolded in the show description unintentional, or is it just because they don’t want to link to their Twitter or whatever, or is it just another expression of their infamous, unwavering commitment to humility