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Ah! I wonder if sprite chaining is how they did some of the big metal slug bosses and such? I assumed maybe they were using a background later, but maybe it's this?

@exodus#1802 I‘ve been waiting for someone to put together a modern portable with similar controls and a couple of projects have done so. There have been a couple attempts. The furthest I’ve seen any of them get has been the Ozone Retro Handheld but the stick is this weird little 3DS-style disc thing instead of the big chunky nub on the OG NGP. Plus they aren‘t doing mass production and low-run Chinese customs like this are almost impossible to come by outside the country.

[upl-image-preview url=//]

There’s also this thing, the Multi Game System Portable, which is the absolute holy grail of emulator handhelds with the 6 button layout, wonderswan-style portrait orientation buttons, and the neo geo pocket stick (hot-swappable with a saturn-style dpad). I believe he‘s been working on getting mass production together but right now he’s been building all of these by hand with a pretty labor intensive process. Last I heard he was reworking the PCB design to use the RPi CM3 instead of the full board.

If they ever manage to get more than 11 of these things out in the wild I gotta get a hold of one.

That looks real nice! Screen is odd though, it almost looks front-lit??

@exodus#1812 I betcha that‘s how they did it! I hadn’t personally realized, being a current day dev where things like that are relatively cheap CPU wise, that it would ever be an issue, but it makes sense that it was!

I got one of these from Electronics Boutique. What a bizarre way to package a handheld console.

The thumbstick is amazing, especially for Sonic. I want to do something like this, but with a SEGA controller:


Yeah, they did that style of packaging after SNK liquidated their NGPC stock and they were all bought by discount resellers. Originally the NGPC had super nice packaging for the games and stuff. The hard plastic cases they had were awesome, too expensive for me to own any though. Some games also only came out in those blister packs because they were finished and mass produced but never sold before SNK pulled the plug on the NGPC altogether.

There was a clear Game Boy Light variant that came packaged that way too.

i missed out on the NGPC. a friend of mine had one, but i never really go to play with it much. mostly, i was still in high school and only worked during the summers, so it was in the days where buying games was something i did by saving allowance. as much as i liked SNK, it just didn't seem worth what little money i had. but i do think about picking one up every so often.

@Geoff#14997 Ah, yes, I‘m aware. I even follow the artist that made the illustration on instagram! haha

still, that’s not exactly the same type of packaging. much more of a collectible. the ngpc one is more like trash.

but now that you point it out and I think about it, it's strange to imagine a game boy for sale that way without all the usual packaging.

Dang thats pretty sick, I‘ve only ever seen the Silver and Gold GBLs. I own a silver one and am pretty proud of it, even though those electroluminescent displays are even blurrier than the OG gameboy’s.

Ha, @treefroggy I remember that exact blister back of the NGPC, I think it was like 10$ at EB back in like 2001? I remembering choosing betweeen it, and a copy of Conker's BFD and chose to buy Conkers.


Whats up with those dots?

@Jtwo#15125 reflection of my rgb lights

@treefroggy#15139 Was your NGPC originally clear? Or is it a yellow shell? I got a clear one back in 1997 and the plastic hasn't discolored at all. Mine has been in the box for most of the last 20 years though.

@bodydouble#15148 It's not discolored. This clear yellow is stock and is an official OEM color variant. The regular clear one has different details.

oof, yeah my photo lighting causes it to look like it could be yellowed plastic though, lol.

No need to pay $200 bucks to legitimately own Big Bang Pro Wrestling anymore.

The part in the trailer where you slam your opponent in a coffin convinced me I have been sleeping on this game. I guess this is the first official English release? I am surprised I haven't dived into on a flash cart.

Urge to play Biomotor Unitron rising…

@“robinhoodie”#p64592 Right, there never was an international print but the Japanese version already included an English translation. It’s also one of the rarest Japanese games (hence the typical ¥30.000 / $240 price tag).

@“chazumaru”#p64597 I think I always got confused in rom sets by there also being the prototype and thinking that was the only version in English