Nier Thread


@JoJoestar#27666 People talking about how you should play Automata first is something I have been seeing a lot lately

??? this is totally bizarre to me

watched some footage of the giant bomb fellas playing it and k-pop nier guy aside it looks pretty close to what the game looks like in my memory

Definitely appropiate at this point sharing the message that apparently was included with the review copies sent to the press.


@JoJoestar#27678 That Yoko Taro sure is a quirky fellah!

@JoJoestar#27678 Ha, it all makes sense now ˆˆ

@CidNight#27679 He is my husbando.

@JoJoestar#27682 The fun (possibly calculated?) part of this is that his statements like this definitely make me want to play a game much more than the standard marketing out there for most games. He‘s just like "hey I made this, I think it’s cool but most people will probably think it's weird as hell. Decide for yourself!"

Taro gets a reputation for being wacky and aloof and whimsical but I think there is a tint of darkness and pessimism about him that eludes most people. Of the things he has done the one that touched or shocked me the most is actually completely outside of his videogames, and it is the letter he wrote to his fans about suicide.

Maybe I'll share the letter I sent to him after Automata, to which he actually replied!

Is the impression that the new version makes the old version not worth going back to? I never got the original though it'd been on my radar forever.

I know the remake is smol boy so i dunno if the big boy is enough of a difference to be worth it. Just wanna know if i should try to snag the OG for my ps3 while it's still cheap

@Syzygy#27700 I meant it as a way of saying it's something very particular, nuanced and directed in certain ways. Not at all the classic edginess and unspecific angst so popular in a lot of Japanese media.

Edit: oh and the letter is not that private, I wouldn't consider sharing it if that was the case! It's just a collection of thoughts I was left with when I finished Automata.

Well my preordered physical copy should have arrived at my house today but didn‘t, which I am suitably grumpy about. So I’ll probably bookmark this thread and return once it arrives and I'm actually playing damn thing.

But I wanted to quickly say something about my (possibly unique) perspective going into this, for those who haven't seen me talk about it elsewhere: I basically had a religious experience playing Automata and a couple months back obtained a PS3 which allowed me to experience the original 'grumpy dad' Nier. I racked up about 16 hours with that which was enough to get the first ending without bothering with a lot of the side quests. I left it at that because I felt like I had a good sense of what it was like by that point and as keen as I am to get the full experience I felt like I'd benefit from waiting for the QOL upgrades that would come with the remake. Time will tell if that was a wise choice but look, I have limited game time in my life, and I almost certainly ain't gonna play this thing the whole way through twice*, so I kind of have to pick a version and go with it. Pray for me.

edit: *under the circumstances I think I should clarify that I mean THE WHOLE WAY through, nudge nudge wink wink, I am not sure exactly what this entails for this game but I have really properly finished Automata so I have _some_ idea.

@bloomingbridges#27676 lol this actually makes me really excited to play it. I‘m glad they didn’t fix it too much!

Let's have fun with threads and do a bit of a crossover here.

Man I can’t find a physical copy anywhere in town. Tried target and GameStop. Guess I’ll just get the digital - I like having the physical game if I can but I’m glad to hear the game seems to have sold really well!

I officially started playing tonight. I‘m glad @JoJoestar tempered my expectations by sending that Yoko Taro quote. So far there are some framerate and screen tear issues, so the PC version isn’t so hot right now. Hopefully mods or patches are made before I'm through with the game to make the experience better.

First impression of the game: wow, the soundtrack is great. I've listened to the OST through before but seeing it integrated alongside the game is nice. I'm excited to see where it goes once everything is really running on all cylinders! (1.5 Hours in)


No idea why they didnt use this reversable cover as the main box art.

i haven't played the game before myself, but this new discussion video has really intrigued me. it sounds like the themes of the game are really ambitious, and really cleverly woven into the gameplay and presentation.

particularly struck by how one of the hosts says he finds the themes of the game timely for how polarized america has become – and the game itself was inspired by the very events that were basically the turning point for that current social climate (basically the aftermath of 9/11, particularly america's invasion of iraq and afghanistan).

@coughsoda#27805 You should really watch the videos in @Syzygy#27700's post here for Yoko Taro talking his mind about this very topic himself, specially the Drakengard 3 video.

Nier is central theme is suppossed to be self-righteousness, and how we, human beings, being capable of committing true atrocities in the name of justice or ideals that on the paper seem fine (like trying to cure your daughter/sister's terminal illness), even without being aware of them.

It is a bit o a relativist take that I think could be argued, but that becomes extremely relevant and interesting under the optics of capitalist injustice and stuff like USA actively harming other countries in the name of a very warped sense of precisely that self-righteousness. Like when they invade a country to steal their resources in the name of democracy or whatever other nonsense they come up with.

They sure did ruin the crossfade of tracks the original had and Radiant Winds not having vocals is really messing with me. Maybe it didn't have vocals in the original.

I grabbed the game digitally last night and literally played a half hour before bed. It‘s certainly got that weird, otherworldly feeling that was so impactful in Automata. ||And the goofy “1400+ years later” stuff. I love the just massive time jumps in these games||. I’m intrigued, certainly!