Nintendo year in review

@tapevulture#11822 I bought it on switch because I was playing it a lot on PS4. If that makes sense.

Hades, even with my many reservations, just snuck its way on there.

wooooo now that's a switch-liker!

For some dumb reason the website doesn't work for me, which is both wack AND lame.


But going through the profile options my most played games of 2020 must be Hades with 65 hours and Animal Crossing with 50-ish. Other games I either played a lot or finished on the Switch this year were 51 Worldwide Games (super chill good time), Shinsekai Into the depths, Doom 64, Picross S4 and Ninja Saviors.

But something I can share is the list of games I have completed this year, because I like to keep track on that and it's fun to compare with other years and see where I was mentally in terms of videogames. I also like giving them a score, but it's not something I take super seriously, just a quick way to reflect and see how did I like each of the things. Also sometimes I don't do it, lol. Oh, and since I add them as I finish them, they are in chronological order more or less. These are my games of 2020:

  • - Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward - [9]
  • - Disco Elysium - [10]
  • - Vanquish - [7]
  • - Gothic - [9]
  • - Stasis - [5]
  • - Ape Out - [7]
  • - Beautiful Desolation
  • - Doom Eternal - [9]
  • - Animal Crossing
  • - Streets of Rage 4 - [7]
  • - Ninja Saviors - [9]
  • - The Silver Case - [8]
  • - OFF - [7]
  • - BLACK BIRD - [7]
  • - Death Come True - [6]
  • - A Short Hike - [8]
  • - PAGAN autogeny - [sin nota]
  • - Flower Sun and Rain - [7]
  • - The Last of Us Part II - [8'5]
  • - 51 Worldwide Games
  • - SUPERHOT - [8]
  • - The Room - [7]
  • - The Last of Us - [4]
  • - Beyond Good and Evil - [6]
  • - Shinsekai: Into the depths - [8]
  • - Doom 64 - [9]
  • - Black Mesa - [9]
  • - Donut County - [7]
  • - Layers of Fear - [5]
  • - Layers of Fear: Inheritance - [4]
  • - Statik: Institute of Retention - [8]
  • - Marginalia - [sin nota]
  • - Psychonauts: Rhombus of Ruin - [7]
  • - Hades - [9]
  • - 13 Sentinels - [8'5]
  • - Half-Life Alyx - [8'5]
  • - Resident Evil 5 - [4]
  • - Halo: Combat Evolved - [8]
  • - Song of Horror - [8]
  • - Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1 + 2
  • It‘s because you’re in europe! they should've sent you an email.

    It‘s very likely that the email is in russian because it’s cheaper to buy in that region, in which case I'm not gonna be able to read it lol.

    i got a Switch Lite as an Animal Crossing machine on Black Friday and I've played pretty much every day and am close to 70 hours. feels like the game has barely begun

    @JoJoestar#11830 Not too long ago I went to the internet trying to find an app that’s like Goodreads but for video games. I love being able to keep track of what I’m reading and also seeing books and saving them in my “want to read” list and wish there was something similar for games. Any enterprising app developers out there wanna do something like that?

    When I was laid off in March I set out to obliterate my backlog; I did this successfully!

    When my workplace transitioned mine and many of my co-workers layoffs into more permanent situations in order to take this "opportunity" to attempt to dissolve the existing union I suddenly had even MORE time on my hands.

    Gainfully employed on the opposite coast from 9 months ago I don’t have nearly as much spare time as I did, but I sure liked my cozy time on the couch with my Nintendo.





    i recorded 7 missions from devil may cry 3 in october: []

    merry christmas!

    aw man I didnt play many hours last year compared to this year lol


    and the main game I played was


    Astral Brain! spent like 70 hours on that coz Platinum Ranking hard mode was a beeyotch!

    probably playing hecka Switch in 2021 tho... I want to play Dragon Quest, and of course Monster Hunter is gonna own me lol

    I held a 4-20 party in Animal Crossing

    the cops showed up

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions was uhhhhh... not... great. Which just goes to show I will finish almost anything out of spite.





    Tokyo Mirage Sessions was uhhhhh… not… great. Which just goes to show I will finish almost anything out of spite.

    Listen, I like Mike Fahey a lot over at Kotako - but I know damned well not to play any game that he loves.

    @grohac#12429 I managed to enjoy Tokyo Mirage Sessions but it required me to think about Barry as little as possible

    I got maybe 1 level into TMS before everything about that game became too much for me to handle haha

    @MichaelDMcGrath#12453 @GigaSlime#12450 @CidNight#12440

    Yeah a friend recommended it as a missed Wii U gem and I was jonesing for an RPG at the start of the year while traveling. It wasn't the worst but definitely not my jam.

    @grohac#12471 If the theme was different I‘m sure I’d love it. All the systems are great

    Wow, I played more than I thought!