No Continue Kid: (Yet Another, But Not Your Typical) Show About Video Games

First thing‘s first, and as previously indicated elsewhere, every Monday night I stream on the behalf of a hipster video game bat/event space in Brooklyn, called Wonderville. And when I’m not showing movies (some of which I‘ve mentioned in Movies Talk thread), I’m showcasing various shows, including No Continue Kid.

It's basically a coming-of-age saga melodrama that also follows the evolution of video games in Japan; been showing an episode a week (more or less) for the past few months and tonight is the last hurrah, before retiring it from the schedule, with a "start-to-finish" marathon, starting in just a few...


... So first off, definitely check it out if you're not familiar; am confident in saying that it's VERY Insert Credit-adjacent. But am also curious to know if anyone here is familiar with it? There's relatively very little written about it, at least in English, for a variety of reasons.

As such, I have no idea if it was very popular or not; from what I can tell, based upon my albeit limited knowledge of Japanese television, it appears to have been moderately successful. There was only one season, but the way the show works, it's clearly designed to have only one in mind... tho, one could imagine various approaches if the show had been renewed. Also, it did get a DVD & Blu-ray release, and not every show is that lucky... I think?

The only other show that I know of on Japanese television that has had multiple seasons is of course Game Center CX, and I'm assuming more info is available in English, but I also have no idea what station it's on and at what time, which much like with American television has a factor when it comes to visibility & popularity (or at least used to; streaming has changed many things).

Anyhow, back to No Continue Kid; the marathon starts later tonight (as of this writing) at 6PM PST/9PM EST and will go for about 6 hours, over at

I can at least contribute the data point that I had not heard of this. I tend to avoid dramas because the acting style grates on me though, curious if this is naturalistic or the classic “zero to emotional maximum” style of show?