Non-game music that reminds you of a game

this is very _katamari damacy_ to me... kind of completing the loop from bossa nova to shibuya-kei back to brazilian pop

Woke up with the first few seconds of this one stuck in my head, wondering what game it's from. _Luckily_ I remembered this [excellent new Sharda EP ]( time for my morning commute (really needed a concentrated zap of pop euphoria).

@“tuxedomonk”#p154196 wondering what game it's from is how I imagine myself in my 70‘s/80’s. Everything familiar will be like huh what game was that from again

Death Stranding (because he said walking on the strand)

This is an old one from my brother posted on twitter

One is Spyro, the other one is Charly Garcia. You have to guess.

@“Uli”#p159121 fully prepared to be wrong but i'm guessing number 2 is charly garcia

Mac Demarco’s new album is 199 tracks long and pretty much entirely Animal Crossing gamecube ass funky elevator music

Fun concept for a thread. I remember hearing this album by an Irish band years ago and thinking it had very videogame energy at the time so that seems as good at thing to post as any. It’s very jubilant and glitchy math rock.

I’ve been playing Shigesato Itoi’s Bass Fishing No. 1 a lot this month, and so I’ve had the main overworld theme stuck in my head. For ages I was trying to remember why the melody sounded so familiar, and I thought maybe it was like some old American country tune? Then I realised it’s basically “Mercedez Benz” by Janis Joplin???

Listen for but a moment.

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this song will always bring the panzer dragoon universe to my head. it is one of my favorite bands also

ISIS - The Other

that’s awesome dude. Did you write about your experience with this game elsewhere too besides this thread?

here’s more mac demarco from the same album, this time feels like Earthbound battle themes:

and this one, like a GALLERY ROOM from a Saturn/PS1 game, or could be any sort of menu BGM really. Also could be like BGM from “your sanctuary locations” in earthbound.

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The intro to this cover of an old German punk rock song makes me wanna get ready for a Final Fantasy boss fight.

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Hmm no I didn’t write about playing the game… I can talk about it in this post!! I don’t know anything about fishing but I was still able to fumble my way through it using a guide and some savestates and have fun. Mainly though I liked the mundane atmosphere, kinda like the Densha de Go games… very overcast and dreary. Not at all like the N64 remake which felt more like Animal Crossing with all those Norio Hikone characters…!

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A bunch of Tangerine Dream’s songs remind me of Mass Effect

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This is the opposite of the prompt, but I’ve been playing F.I.S.T. based on its mention on one of the Goty shows. I’m in the rat gang zone, and the ambient jazz (not the little band playing in the theater, which I did stop and listen to a full track of) reminds me remarkably of the Jack Ladder song The Follower. It’s really just the 3 note motif that is 4 notes in the Jack Ladder track but follows the same contour

1:52 into this

Sounds like the beginning of this

I also immediately thought of a track from the movie Kick-Ass (which I think was also used in the movie 28 days later) when I played the B-Side of Old Site in Celeste. Kick-Ass is one of my favorite movies, and I’m so enamored by the scoring that I have a CD burned of all 40 (I think) tracks of the score in my CD book right now.

57 seconds into this

Sounds like 17 seconds into this

(Tried to timestamp the links, but they didn’t seem to embed with the timestamp)

I always thought Raspberry Jam Delta-V by Joe Satriani sounded Spyro the Dragon as heck.

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This is an earthbound song (everything is an earthbound song)

I’m getting major Vampire Killer vibes at the beginning of this song. Could be that this is a Boss Baby vibes kinda post and it’s actually some famous classical theme or something like that which both borrowed from.


virtua fighter 2

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