Non-RPG game franchises that got an RPG spinoff

I was thinking about the sonic bioware rpg and that got me thinking about more mascots that eventually had an rpg made about them.

And now I want a comprehensive list compiling all video game franchises that didn't start as RPGs but have some RPG mileage.

Gonna start the list with what I can come up with but please leave more examples below and I'll add them.

  • - Super Mario Bros

    Super Mario RPG (1996), Mario & Luigi (series), Paper Mario (series)
  • -

    Sonic The Hedgehog

    Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (2008)

  • -

    **Mega Man**
    _Mega Man Battle Network (series), Mega Man Star Force (series), Mega Man X: Command Mission (2004)_

  • -

    _Klonoa Heroes: Densetsu no Star Medal (2002)_

  • 1.

    **King of Fighters**
    _The King of Fighters Kyo (1998)_

  • -

    **Virtua Fighter**
    _Virtua Quest (2004)_

  • -

    Street Fighter

    Street Fighter Duel (2023)

  • -

    _TwinBee RPG (1998)_

  • -


    R-Type Tactics (series)

  • -

    _Doom RPG (2005)_

  • -

    **Ape Escape**
    _Ape Quest (2008)_

  • -

    **Panzer Dragoon**
    _Panzer Dragoon Saga (1998)_

  • -

    **Serious Sam**
    _Serious Sam: The Random Encounter (2011)_

  • -

    **Monster Hunter**
    _Monster Hunter Stories (2016)_

  • -

    **Samurai Shodown**
    _Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits Bushidō Retsuden (1997)_

  • -

    _Onimusha Tactics (2003)_

  • -

    _Wolfenstein RPG (2008)_

  • -

    **Raving Rabbids**
    _Mario + Rabbids (series)_

  • -

    **Gears of War**
    _Gears Tactics (2020)_

  • -

    **Earth Defense Force**
    _Earth Defense Force Tactics (2006)_

  • -

    **Metal Gear**
    _Metal Gear Acid (2004)_

  • -

    **Golden Axe**
    _Golden Axe Warrior (1991), Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe (1991)_

  • -

    _Yakuza: Like a Dragon (2020)_

  • -

    **Ganbare Goemon**
    _Ganbare Goemon Gaiden (series)_

  • -

    _Paro Wars (1998)_

  • -

    _Bomberman Wars (1998) ,Bomberman Tournament (2001)_

  • -

    **Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon**
    _Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars (2011)_

  • [size=20] **_Some that didn't (or haven't) come out_** [/size]

  • -


    Bonk IV: The Role-Playing Game (1990~)

  • -

    **Metal Slug**
    _Metal Slug Tactics (2023???)_

  • Barkley!

    Panzer Dragoon

    Serious Sam


    Monster Hunter


    Samurai Shodown!

    I think Sailor Moon + Dragon Ball Z count for this, since they are better associated with fighters/brawlers in my mind at least


    I wish I had a way to play Doom RPG. Wolfenstein RPG too!

    How about Namco X Capcom and all the games therin?

    Do the raving rabbids count with kingdom battle?

    Is Mega Man on the list because of Mega Man X: Command Mission? Or something else

    Also if TRPGs count remember Gears Tactics

    @“Gaagaagiins”#p135352 I had assumed Battle Network.

    this is stretching it a little, but maybe star fox? between adventures’ zelda-lite take and the tactical elements in command, there's like… one full rpg in there, somewhere

    @“tomjonjon”#p135343 I use j2me.

    Has always worked well for me!

    Earth Defense Force and R-type if we're counting trpgs.
    And Age of Empires maybe?

    @“mtvcribs”#p135375 I‘ll have to check that out. Those were entertaining. Shame that Bethesda hasn’t done anything with them.

    Metal Gear's got tactics games on PSP

    Warcraft if mmos count

    Just gonna say I think stuff like Namco x Capcom and project x zone don‘t count as “getting” and rpg but rather “being in” an rpg, which is different. If you count that you’re talking all cameos ever at which point you might as well just say it's almost all popular games.

    I'll add R-type (with R-type tactics, just noticed this was mentioned already), and though I don't love talking about this, touhou.

    I'm in the fence as to whether Athena counts. Is the ps1 game an rpg or "just" an adventure game??