Obligatory So Many Games Post

I know this thread has been done to death, but I especially have been feeling it lately as I set up all my ROMs in Launchbox. There are just so many hecking games out there and they all seem cool but all the options just always give me analysis paralysis. I don‘t have a backlog anymore because I just find them kinda dumb? My mood lately is to just have a “long game” I’m playing off and on, and then open up Launchbox or Steam to find a game to fiddle around with “Buffet Style.” This is all well and good, but especially with retro games, sometimes I wish I could go back to a time where I only got 1-2 new games at Christmas and had to suck all the enjoyment out of them over 6 months until my birthday. Thoughts? Do any of ya'll relate? How do you deal with that Analysis Paralysis™️?

I got a thread going called “weird games I found on my xbox” because I had the same problem! I had full romsets full of games I‘ve never seen and I just wanted a way to document the weirder things I found. I tend to play a game once or twice on stream, usually a full loop of the game or battle, or try to make it past the first level or two before moving on, as I usually get a good sense for what a game’s trying to do.

I mentioned it in the backlog post (I guess maybe that's the one you want? https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/173-what-are-your-backlog-management-strategies)

but I find that limiting my access helps more, which is why I tend to stick to physical media. I can browse, find one thing, play it for a while, and I'm kind of "stuck" with it til I feel like getting up and changing it. But that's just because of how my brain works!! It helps a little to replicate that 1-2 new games feeling.