october spooky game club

i‘ve compiled a list of 31 sp 〜 ooo 〜 ky games, and the idea is that we’d play through them all, one per day for the month of october, then share our thoughts on them, either in this thread or on backloggd (or both or neither!). don‘t feel like you have to get really into a game, even just watching a few minutes of gameplay on youtube would be enough!

(of course, it’s ok to miss a day or two (or 31), life's life.)

while the list is finished, i wouldn't mind some feedback on it (either for ordering or different games to include instead). my goal was for none of the games to be actual horror games, just stuff that fits the halloween vibe, but as i haven't played most of these, if something actually-scary slipped by, please tell me so i can replace it with something else.

hopefully there's interest in this idea!

i love this idea!

I can't believe you skipped this gem

[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/bg2n9ZB.jpeg]

Love this idea and would definitely participate in this, though I'm not sure how many of these games I'll have access to.

You can use 〜 instead of ~ to avoid that one weird text formatting ~quirk of Flarum (the engine powering these boards).

@“edward”#p86719 if you have the means to run emulators (and are willing to download a car), these games should be accessible to you (though if those aren't the case, then yeah, probably not…)


I'll admit, I have been a baby my entire life about emulation.

Nightmare in the Dark rules and could be done in one sitting.

31 games is a lot unless you stick to NES and arcade. Shoot I am playing Castlevania 3 and it is taking me multiple sittings.

Parasite Eve gets heavy into body horror, so maybe not in the spirit of things.



ok, i'll probably replace parasite eve with something else, and look a bit more into baroque

i should've been more clear; the idea isn't to complete any of the games, but more to just get a small taste of them, be that a short 10-minute session or a couple of hours of 'getting in the zone.' just treat this as each day having a game you can play for as little or long as you want.

I don't have enough free gaming time to participate but I do want to say that this is a pretty cool idea!

@“Nemoide”#p86744 me too! awesome idea, @NoJoTo

plus i'm planning to hopefully play through Costume Quest for the first time in 10ish years, so that'll probably eat up my free gaming time. but i will definitely be hanging out in this thread and hopefully trying a few of these games too.

I guess another thing we could try is doing some streams on Twitch? Not necessarily everyday or anything, but if someone on here is, say, a massive baroque fan and wants to talk about it while playing the first hour or two, I‘d watch that. Some of the NES games that I’ve played before could also be fun to watch someone else go through blind.

Edit: You could also consider [my favorite pixelly depiction of hell](https://forums.insertcredit.com/d/1424-hell), Genpei Toumaden!

A house of the dead game might be a good choice, considering it's length and voice acting.

Edit: or typing of the dead
More easily emulated and still have some real fun.

This is a fun and somewhat unexpected list! I’m not a fan of Halloween but I’m for sure going to play some of these.

### day 1: devil world (famicom/nes)

it begins!
[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/uqQpHAJ.jpeg]

i didn't know that this game was actually released in europe, in addition to japan. huh!

I played some Devil World today or as I'm calling it from now on “Shiggy's Christian Pac-Man”.

I knew about the game but today was my first playing it. I had an alright time with it. At first it took me a while to realize what i had to do in the second scene of each round and I also didn't discover that you can shoot at the enemies until later on my play session because i'm dumb. guess i was playing it a hardcore true Pac-Man experience

I played it for just 30 minutes but I can see myself getting more into it if i had it in a handheld (which I may do).

I appreciated the fact that you can kill stuff by shooting fire out of a bible because I grew catholic and one time during one of the "classes" they make you attend before the first communion thing, I killed a big spider using a bible and the "teacher" kicked me out of the classroom. Bible killing!

I‘d played the game before, but this time I got slightly farther than I had previously – which still wasn’t very far (stage 3). The fact the background isn‘t just black, the walls look like actual walls, and the devil’s minions are turning wheels at the edges of the screen that control the scrolling make this feel many times less abstract to me than Pacman. I can sort of believe that this is the Devil‘s world that I’m attacking, and I guess it‘s kind of cool to me that the Devil’s world is just a bunch of marble corridors.

The hand-drawn boxart depiction of Tamagon (the green dragon) is hilarious to me. He looks like he's done too many all nighters in a row studying for the seminary entrance exams. The Devil on the other hand looks genuinely curious as to how the fight with his minions is going to go down.

P.S. I like that most of these games on the list are going to be old and pixelly. Maybe it was looking up Shin Megami Tensei when I was 13-ish and encountering the phrase "Digital Devil", but I feel deep down in my heart that evil can only be properly depicted in pixels on old computers.

even though it‘s now technically day 2 for me (!), i’ll share something i liked about devil world:

the choppiness of the vertical scrolling felt kind of like a technical limitation, but the way they incorporated it into the game by having the sound effect be in time with the scrolling was neat.

### day 2: satan's hollow (arcade)

[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/TpedkH3.jpeg]

if you don't want to download mame, you can play it online at https://archive.org/details/arcade_shollow
just press tab and go to 'input (this machine)' to edit the controls.

maybe i shouldn't have put two devil-themed games so close together, but _oh_ well.

Yeah I agree, lots of neatly programmed little systems. I‘m a massive fan of the little curving trajectories enemies fly in in Galaxian and their shifting formations added in Galaga, which I feel must have blown a lot of programmers minds in ’79 and ‘81 respectively just with how life-like they were. This game has all that, but it’s much messier, which I kind of like? It goes into much weirder directions with the enemy formations than Galaga ever did. The way the shield works is also really cool. It feels great to narrowly escape a divebomb of enemies with 1 shield left.

Tomorrow's game is a big classic that I haven't played, so will be looking forward to that.

I agree with y‘all’s this game is extremely charming with it‘s weird little ideas. I also think the vibe of the game and the general look is pretty appealing. And being able to use the shield as a weapon for when the enemies get too low on the screen is fun. Oh and there’s a MiSTer core for it which was convenient for me since I wasn't able to get my controller working with the Internet Archive web emulator.

Overall I would call this game:

**_Insert Credit flavored Galaxian_**


@“saddleblasters”#p87048 Tomorrow’s game is a big classic that I haven’t played, so will be looking forward to