ok robokick let's talk about captain tsubasa

the only reason for this is i see that avatar and i have nothing else to do. tell me about your captain tsubasa memories @robokick and anyone else who likes captain tsubasa i guess

I'm just here to learn, so maybe you go first

Robokick sadly never answered your call in the end, but I wanted to point out to American audiences who might miss out on this local bit of news that Captain Tsubasa is the kind of IP that gets €2000 (presently $2200) limited editions in Europe in 2020.

[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/uMO69EA.jpg]

This promotion also somehow spoils that a future VJump collaboration will happen for the game in Japan, but this new game is almost certainly made with Mediterranean Europe and Brazil in mind as a priority, rather than its home country, so I am not so shocked at the uncharacteristic lack of caution.

The series was also very big in pan-Arab countries in the 80s and 90s, so for the first time it might legitimately sell well there as well, thanks to the progress of official distribution and digital sales in those regions since the PS2 era.


That engaging PV almost tricked my poor nostalgic heart! Unfortunately, unless Tamsoft miraculously fostered an amazing team of arcade sports specialists who were just bidding their time with Onēchanbara and (*checks notes*) Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash, it’s probably going to be notverygood.

Ah jeez, I wonder what tamsoft even is at this point - they've nearly died and been revived multiple times across the years. Has any company lived so long and had so many hits while being so mediocre? From Toshinden to Oneechanbara, they really just managed to somehow be in the right place at the right time with half an idea and gain some success.

Well, even if I know nothing about captain tsubasa I'll be curious to know if anyone plays this and if it's any good, with Tamsoft applying their peach beach splash skills to this >_>

I am excited about this game. I think the only one I've tried before was on the Famicom, like pre-2000 when emulation was still a new thing.

I'm here to ask if everybody already knew about this


I‘ve been keeping my eye on this for a while since there is such a huge void in arcade sports games. Not really familiar with the franchise (which may be a huge mistake based on the above post) but I like the dramatic presentation based on this match:


Game looks a little stiff but if there’s some fun special moves (rainbow kicks, bicycle kicks, etc.) I'd be in for it.

(Note: Last soccer game I really put a ton of time into was International Super Star Soccer 64 - lol)

Don't know much about Captain Tsubasa (besides that it kicks ass and I need to read/watch/play) but hard to beat this intro for Mega CD.


I‘ve been playing that new one, only for fits and starts here and there between other stuff, hopefully it’ll get better but what I‘ve played thus far…… doesn’t seem great.

It's a shame because the story, from what I've seen, does a goob job conveying the cool stuff about soccer and setting up different characters and teams with their own arch-types and strengths and weaknesses, but then you get to play the game and it's just..... ping ponging the ball back and forth. Players don't make any logical movement, the regular pass seems to be indiscernible from the through pass, the regular shot seems to be impossible to score with. It seems like the only strategy is to bring the ball into your opponents half and use the charge shot however many times it takes to deplete the goalkeeper's stamina.

Now obviously this isn't a simulation soccer game but it doesn't seem to capture the spirit of soccer even as well as something like _Mario Strikers_ or _Aoki Densetsu Shoot!_ .

I dunno, maybe I'm an idiot soccer junkie who was expecting too much out of the anime soccer game. Hopefully there's a mechanic I've missed or ignored that will help it make a little more sense when I put some more time into it.

Oh man I like this show and I played one of the older ones… Im not sure though because it was a poorly translated version of it. I honestly thought it was an interesting concept to the gameplay being a rpg-like but I also didn't understand what I was doing for the most part…

On a side note, I wonder what a Kuroko no Basketball game would play like