Old console woes - are your old consoles working ok?

I just sat down with a drink a connected my Sega Saturn to my OSSC. I got as far as the level stage loading screen in Ninpen Manmaru when it froze up. I rebooted and then it froze on the menu. I tried other games, no better. Then I rebooted and it stayed on a black screen. Oh no. It’s a refurbished and cleaned up system so maybe the seller can fix it. :frowning:

Any recent woes with your old hardware?

My PSP seems to have stopped working recently. Completely dead apart from a battery light when I charge it. Might finally upgrade to something beyond the 1000 series if it can't be fixed.

I'm quite attached to that little guy - that PSP was the first console I ever imported. I'd imported US and JP games to play on modded systems before, but never a whole console so it felt very special at the time. The UK PSP release date was muuuuch later than Japan and the US, and had I waited for the UK launch I would have ended up paying more than my Japanese model cost me anyway.

NES - About 6-7 years ago I got on some old sites that talked about how to clean/refurbish your system after continued struggles with the old connector pin issue and games not starting. I bought a new 72-pin connector set for the system but never installed it as simply cleaning the old one did the trick. (A bit of a homebrew formula and very light sanding w/ super fine grain paper did the trick.) Carts load right up now 90% of the time w/o issue. Note: I also picked up a Famicom 2 back in… 2003 or so at Liberty in Akihabara. It was in really good condition w/ the box and everything and has been playing my JP games w/o issue as well. One of these days I may get a converter for US games just in case.

**Genesis 3** - Yes, I know the 3's were shoddy hardware but I picked it up at the end of the gen for cheap at Toys R' us. I don't tend to go back to this one very often due to most of my favs being ported by M2 on other systems I gravitate to instead. (Switch/3DS)

**Saturn** - I got mine modded and it still seems to hold up pretty well, no issues when I go back to play Grandia other than having to buy new batteries for the console. I tried to get a RAM cart to solve this but the used cart I got in Japan doesn't seem to work. I'll save the files but try to load them and have no luck. I guess I should just be happy the system itself is functioning

**PS1** - I don't think it's a 1st gen but it is still holding up. I haven't had to flip it upside-down for my games yet at least.

**N64** - I'll be honest, I haven't pulled this one out in forever... Starting to question if I ever will.

**Gamecube** - Did a Skies of Arcadia run w/ a friend a couple years back, worked just fine.

**Dreamcast** - Both US/JP flavors, they've shown very little signs of aging, considering the hours put into the JP one for Virtual On, I'm surprised it's still holding up.

**XBox** - One of these days it will either brick, or Gun Valkyrie will get a port... Until then, still working.

**PS2** - Haven't pulled out my US one in a while but my JP one handled a re-play of Summon Night EX Thesis last year w/o any issues. Glad to have the component cables for this system now. Does okay on my 1080P TV

**GBA/DS/3DS** - Typically playing GBA games on my DS and thankfully my DS is doing fine. Did a run of TWEWY earlier this year. I'm hoping I'm good on 3DS, mainly because I upgraded to one of the "new" models at the end of it's run, so here's hoping

**PS3** - Had one of the MGS4 Bundles w/ the backwards compatibility. Did okay until the end of the PS3 lifecycle and then yellow light of death'ed on me. Was able to take it to a retro game repair shop and they got it working again but within a year, it failed again. Thankfully was able to get a slim from target when they were trying to close them out, been using that since. Hence why I'm still glad my PS2's are working... This is the one big failure that probably pissed me off the most, considering the costs and functionality that were both lost on something that wasn't all that old or used to begin with. (I had a separate Blu-ray player to lessen the workload too)

**Xbox360** - Was late to the game on this one too. Bought the model that came out towards the end of it's lifespan and no issues. Will likely never take this out again too based on backwards compatability w/ the new systems and most of my games landing on other consoles as well.

**Vita** - still doing well. I am being mindful of the battery issues from the PSP though and pulling it out to change at least once a year.

I'm not sure if it helped or not but I've thankfully been able to keep the original packaging for my systems and if nothing else, I box them up and put them away when I'm not using them so they don't just sit out and collect dust.
I'd like to think there would be some shop online that would possibly do repairs on PSP's etc. by now? (I see that the place I took my PS3 in to [doesn't list PSP in their service list](https://anothercastlegames.com/repair/) though... Not sure how hard it is to get parts etc for it as opposed to a PS3 or xbox refurbishment... It might be worth looking around though if it still gets a lot of playtime from you though. Good luck!

Strangely enough, I‘ve taken to using my older consoles more over the past couple of years. Part of this is so I don’t put too much wear on my computer, which I need much more and is significantly more expensive to replace than a video game console, and part of it comes from the assumption that once you actually set up the homebrew/softmodding, the compatibility should be much higher and much more reliable than emulation.

Anyway, the systems that I have messed around with are all in the same working order as when I last touched them before any of this. In fact, the only real problem system that comes to mind is a DS I have kicking around somewhere with a busted hinge, and maybe some Game Boys with missing battery compartment backs.

These days I spend more time fixing other people‘s stuff that my own games havent been given as much attention. I’m sure they‘re pretty jealous. I tend to do a good job of keeping them maintained as soon as something starts to fail but I get busy and can’t get to everything.

My Defender cocktail cabinet has started having issues with some of the buttons not working. I went in there and reseated connections which mostly fixed it, but I think the leaf switches might be aging and not making the connections very well anymore.

The monitor in my Aero City cabinet has this issue where when it starts up the screen is green tinted and undersized and after a few minutes it fixes itself. Probavly an issue with the color transistors on the neck board being heated by the neck glow.

And I got myself a broken pc engine CD attachement that I need to get around to fixing up. This one I'm most daunted by because it could be a myriad of issues and I haven't begun to diagnose it yet. I guess we'll see.

I had 2 Gameboy pockets with busted screens that I just got replacements for and now they're happy. Yay!!

I've been very lucky with my consoles. Never had a red ring of death, for example, and the Game Boy I was given in 1993 still works just fine.

But recently, my PS3 has started giving me an error screen when I boot it up, and everything I've seen online makes it sound like my only option is getting it repaired (seems like a problem with the motherboard?). I'm just not sure I care enough to get that repair done lol.

I actually appreciated my PS3 dying on me, because it reminded me that no console lasts forever, and for that reason, stockpiling a large collection of physical games isn't something I'm interested in doing. That led to me paring down my collection of physical games to almost nothing, and focusing mainly on newly-released, downloaded games. That's been good for me, personally!

My PSP 3000 has a little problem with a switch inside the disc drive slot that causes it to think the drive door is open and there‘s no UMD even if there is one. The quick fix I found was to stick a piece of electrical tape over the switch. I haven’t had any problems since doing that but I wonder if I'm going to need to do a proper repair at some point.

I have two American PS2s that have a few problems: my fat PS2 is kind of slow to load discs and has trouble with certain games. My slim PS2 generally works but then totally won't recognize some games. Between the two I can play whatever I want to play but think I ought to look into finding someone who can ACTUALLY fix at least one of them.

I have a Genesis with a bad reset button, but that's not a big deal. I've fixed that in another Genesis before and am comfortable doing that again.

Something recently happened with my 3DS XL where the top screen got some sort of distracting mark in/under the glass. no idea how that happened!

Other than those minor things, all my old consoles are holding up pretty alright! I try to take care of my stuff as best as I can and have recapped a couple things as preventative maintenance.

I‘ve personally been sorta considering switching to an FPGA solution for old console stuff. I’m basically waiting to find a good, cheap PVM that I can keep on my desk or something. I think when I get one of those I‘m gonna start selling off the stuff that runs well on a MiSTer. Most of my stuff is still in pretty good shape personally but prices on the games have gotten outrageous, and I don’t really have a good way to store most of it. The handhelds are staying original, although I might thin out the herd a little bit, do some upgrades for nicer screens and stuff when necessary, etc.

I never really stopped using any of my old consoles, whenever I get new ones I just add them to the setup, so at least one of each is always in pretty regular use. The vast majority of them are still in perfectly working order, but I've got a few with some minor issues here and there.

A couple of my PS2s need to have the CD laser fixed or replaced, but the DVD lasers all work.

One of my launch 360s is kinda just . . . Dead? It's hard to explain.

One of my model 1 Genesiseses has a loose barrel plug on the PSU input so it doesn't stay on.

My Commodore 64 has a faulty RAM chip so it's currently useless, unfortunately.

One of my NESes needs a new 72-pin connector.

All of my old DMG brick game boys have either a screen issue of some kind or no sound.

One of my PSPs' UMD drive makes a frightening grinding noise.

My Atari 2600 boots up but won't accept any input.

My original MacIntosh 512k's CRT is shot.

One of my N64s wasn't getting any signal but Christa Lee was able to fix it so thankfully that problem's been solved. I think that's it? Everything else is (thankfully) working great (for now).

All of my modchipped consoles broke one way or the other. PS2 fat dvd drive dead, Xbox HDD dead, GC drive funky, Wii fried completely. PS1 modchip part is not working but original games working fine.

Unmodded red-ring repaired 360 is probably fine. My Saturn is barely used and unmodded so it's fine. All of my 16bit consoles and handhelds are fine.

My half dead og fat PS3 that I resuscitated by repasting chips finally died for good. I was playing through Nocturne and fortuitously I backed up saves to sdcard a day before it died. I replace it with MGS PS3 that has software PS2 emulation but it only works with digital PS2 games and annoyingly saves are not compatible. So I converted the saves to PCSX2, which needs 3 separate programs plus sketchy dll download from internet.... Nocturne sure looks nice on PCSX2 but I'm not feeling it tbh. I like how it looks on my crt way more. PCSX2 is also still kind of jittery on my pc after all these years of updates and I have no interest in troubleshooting and continue the game on it...

I've had very few hardware heartbreaks. Nothing has gone wrong with my og 3DS, Wii or PS4.

  • - My GameBoy Advance SP lost sound one day but I looked up how to fix and found I could shake the speaker back into place, it works fine now.
  • - My DS-lite has a weird dead pixels/screen burn in, its over where the health bar is in the ds pokemon games so I'm pretty sure that's the cause. The dead pixels sometimes changes shape and move around.
  • - My PS2 is all good but my controller's analogue sticks are getting a little sticky and one of them the X button doesnt work. Does anyone know any good replacement ones? It's near impossible to buy official ones without also getting a whole console.
  • - Its not an old console but my Switch is what I've had the most problems with. The plastic around the fan started cracking so I changed the back and now the sd card reader doesn't work (I'm not sure if it worked before hand but I'll give it benefit of the doubt). Both Joycons drift real bad and even worse the 'L' button barely works, it will only register sometimes from specific angles. This was a nightmare before the update which lets you rebind system controls.
  • I killed my JP Saturn by accidentally plugging it into a UK mains directly, thinking I was testing my Dreamcast. ||I bought a new power board from eBay, love JP sellers for that stuff||

    otherwise everything works fine.

    Most of mine are still fine and I've been fairly fortunate that most are still in very good condition despite moving house a tonne of times.

    Nintendo-wise my N64, GC, GBA, DS, 3DS, Wii U and Switch are all going strong other than the shoulder buttons on the handhelds all being extremely temperamental. My original GameBoy died quite early due to sudden battery acid corrosion and I've weirdly had two SNES systems mysteriously die on me some 20 years apart.

    My 2008 Xbox 360 is still holding up. However it's started taking an age to get to the dashboard and the fans sound like a jet engine these days. I recently bought a cheap Xbone S as a back up for when it finally bites the dust.

    PlayStation systems are all working fine, even my PSP. The PS4 is the only thing that's remotely struggling.

    Other than that I have a mod-switched Mega Drive that's working well too. Well, it was the last time I played it but it's not often that I do.

    Thought of another one - the touchscreen on my Switch doesn‘t work. The funny thing is it may never have worked, as I’ve had the thing for like four years and I never tried touch input at all until a couple of weeks ago.

    the grand majority of my older consoles have had a problem and I‘ve been paying @milo to fix them steadily over the last several months. I don’t know if it‘s because I use them too much or too little or just bad luck (could be related to getting them all cheap at some time or another), but only a few of my consoles have come out unscathed. I’ll mention what I can remember:

    Sega CDX - disc read problems, sega cd games would lose cd audio after about 30 seconds or not work at all. Had to replace the lens with one from an old discman because the new ones you can buy don't seem to work.

    Saturn - loose cart slot, loose video connection. Loose cart slot is only partially fixed and may not be totally fixable!

    Neo Geo AES - bad video, milo is still working out why, it seems a lot of stuff is busted in there.

    gamecube - stopped reading discs (working now)

    MVS - I forget what is wrong with this, something video or audio, oops.

    GP32 - one has a bad screen, one has squishy buttons.

    game gear - dead screen, just like almost every other game gear.

    PC engine Jamma - line crawl across video.

    FM Towns - fdd doesn't work - very common problem, but I've now got a converter for standard fdds that I'm going to try.

    I also got all my PC engines recapped btw. They mostly all work now, but one turbo express is still busted.

    I've also been asking for mods as I fix certain consoles. My Neo Geo CD now has an ODE alongside the regular disc drive so I can run roms or discs. I'm gonna get a tricked out overclocked dreamcast with a new fan and all that. my gamecube has that cool bios stuff so you can mess with the GBA resolution and do all that kind of stuff. My CDX now has the cool mod where you can hold the reset button to change disc region. Gonna get a second saturn tricked out too.

    Some consoles that haven't broken that I expected to:

  • - jaguar/jag cd. people say these are really finicky, but mine are fine for some reason.
  • - PS2 - my disc tray drags a little and I'm always worried it's gonna die and my ancient dms3 chip is gonna do something weird but so far it's been fine.
  • - NES. it just works! weird. I get the video flip but cleaning the cartridge seems to help every time.
  • - PC-fx - for whatever reason this console feels like it should've broken down but it's working away.
  • it's perilous waters with these old things, which is why I'm getting as many of them fixed up now as I can, to sort of future proof them a bit.

    I've also had to get my CRT fixed (I hope to never move that 150 lb beast ever again) and my laserdisc player, both of which thankfully were fixable. There were (reportedly) only 500 of my LD player made (even though it's basically a modified pioneer), so if the comb filter has a problem that's basically it. (LD problems were a bad tray motor and a bad power supply, and something else - I brought it in for s-video not working, and it turned out that was just a symptom of other stuff.)

    so yeah, lots of problems all the time over here!

    @exodus#30716 I'm pretty sure every Saturn is born with a loose cartridge slot! Those things are really poorly built.

    I'm interested in your PC Engine Jamma!! I have a RGB SCART modded PC Engine, and over the years I built JAMMA setups for lots of consoles. All the photos online show a PC Engine shackled to a huge circuit board. Do you have a cabinet for it?

    @Auberji Ah the classic British importer 240v zap of death. I used to have hazard tape around all my 110v power sockets.

    I used to own four (!) Saturns and three of them had developed faults, and one was Japan only (the 'it's cool' Skeleton model). I sold all four and put that money towards a newly refurbished and modded Saturn with the persistent save ram, hz switch, region switch, and burn support. I was hoping to ride this Saturn into the sunset but it has died within 18 months :(

    I'm often torn between getting really nice clean rerurbed versions of these things, or selling what I have before it breaks down on me.

    All of my stuff is shockingly still up and running. But with over 50 consoles and likely 50 handhelds I haven't checked everything recently. I will say though I was very early on getting things modded. So anything where I can replace the disc drive (SAT, DC, GC) I have. All of my XBOX, PS2, Wii, PS3 systems are never going to be running a disc ever again. CRTs are my main worry. I found a nice little composite one recently that was on its last legs. Makes me wonder about my nicer component input sets. Its made me realize I should just be playing games on them now, rather than wait for some future use case.

    As for reasons why all this old stuff breaks… just time, really. Things like microchips and transistors and things can withstand the passage of time more than other things like capacitors and resistors, which tend to fail after around 20 to 30 years-ish. Especially Sega stuff… they spent a lot of money packing all this shiny new tech into their consoles and they cheaped out on all the stuff to actually make them work, which is why you‘ll see tons of broken Game Gears, Sega CDs, etc. To make matters worse, the electrolytic capacitors actually have fluid in them that leaks when they fail and can corrode the part of the board it’s leaked on if it's left sitting like that which will cause even more problems and be harder to repair.

    Then, you've got moving components in things like disc drives which will just break down for no gosh darn reason. I've seen a lot of model 1 Sega CDs where the disc tray doesn't open anymore because the rubber belt and plastic gears that control the drive have deteriorated over time and just break. So, you could have a pristine Sega CD that is locked away in a cabinet, never to be touched and it'll still eventually just fall apart. And this is an issue with the disc drive in the PC Engine CD ROM attachment as well... one of the little tiny gears is made from a different plastic than the others and will just fall apart after many, many years.

    @docky#30724 I don‘t think there ever was a dedicated cab for these PCE jamma monsters (they all are a pc engine bolted to a PCB, but mine’s not huge, it‘s about 2x the size of the pce itself). They were all grey market jobs in Korea, Spain, or Italy, and performed almost like an MVS in that they had specially modified cartridge housing and stuff. but the games were exactly the same, you just got a play timer and the thing would reset if you didn’t put coins in. it's totally useless but I saw one cheap so I grabbed it.


    Not totally useless!! When I was setting up my Saturn cab, I had pie in the sky dreams of turning it into an "actual" arcade machine that would take coins but was wondering the best way to do it... I had read about that PCE jamma set up somewhere and really want to rig something similar to that timer it has going on. If I remember correctly, maybe yours is the same model, it even pulses the red signal in the video output to make the screen flash red when the time is almost running out.