Old forum post replies and image links

With the move to discourse, the data used that stores the flarum posts has been moved over entirely, meaning the format used to reply to posts and display imgur files embedded in posts has been copied too and doesn’t work the same way. You will see many posts with random text that are either links to the original post or image, which do not work as is here. As a team we’re discussing how to clean this up to allow all the original links and images to be displayed, but this is taking time to make sure it’s the best way to move forward.

What can be done in the short term, and this is optional for anyone to do, is to manually edit your original posts to either the user you replied to or update any old urls to imgur to show the image. All new replies are in the correct format and all images are stored on the forum server so are not linked to any external page (although you will be able to do that if you wish).

Long term we will look at performing a mass update to all posts to correct the replies and images but this needs further testing.

If you do have any questions or feedback please let us know and we’ll try to address it as soon as we can.