Old games that need to be cloned (official continuations lacking)

I have very big thoughts on a number of classic action/puzzle series which have been continued but, in my opinion, need to be continued differently.

Pang! / Buster Brothers - Not a fan of the generic graphics and music. Bosses are OK, but there are some difficulty spikes that feel odd.
Boulder Dash! - Haven't played either of the recent releases on Switch but the graphical stylings look all wrong.
Lode Runner - The recent 3D remake actually looks OK, but I wonder if that's gone a new direction. LR is pretty unforgiving at times, so I wonder if there's a way to add new modes or abilities to give the game a little more flexibility while still preserving the original vision.
Rampage - What we really need is a Lizardcube take on this.

Add, edit, discuss!

Maybe a little more granular than what you have in mind, but I‘m reminded of last year when I was playing Breath of Fire III and mentioned an indie game should seriously run with its ability learning system. I haven’t played Breath of Fire IV or V (or I or II…) so I‘m not sure if this has already been substantially developed on, but it’s definitely a rich enough idea that a whole game could be centered around it – as opposed how RPGs typically relegate a very rigid idea of a “blue mage” on to a single party member (despite being fascinated by Breath of Fire III‘s ability learning system, blue mages always felt cumbersome to me). I’m sure there‘s tons of RPGs out there with minor quirks like this that could easily be expanded upon to become another game’s entire identity.

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once again dropping Balloon Duel, early 2000's socal weeaboo college anime Joust clone with customizable equipment