Old games with friendly continue mechanics

Started playing EarthBound on the weekend, probably my 4th attempt in doing so. My previous attempts I kept getting owned playing on emulators. I was using save states in fear of death, and in doing so I was accidentally bashing my head against a wall I was never meant to find. My current try of this game is on my MiSTer, which doesn‘t have save states for SNES games. So playing along as normal without save states, I get into a sticky situation and get defeated by some Attack Slugs and I’m thinking, oh man… And then to my surprise I'm prompted to continue my game and I keep all my levels and go back to the pharmacy. Then my subsequent dungeon and boss attempts were easier and easier. Which has made me enjoy this game so much more. So I never actually learnt this game has a really cool, time respecting and user friendly continue mechanic.

So I started wondering, what other old games have nice modern feeling and friendly continue mechanics?

I'll start, so far I can think of these:
Link to the Past
Pokemon Red/Blue

[“Old games with freindly continue mechanics”,“Old games with friendly continue mechanics”]