Omaera! Welcome to the spoiler-safe Danganronpa thread! Pupupu〜

Well there‘s been a bit of Danganronpa discussion around here lately, which has inspired me to replay the first game, with the intent of then also playing the second game (to completion for the first time) and the third (which I’ve always wanted to play, but haven't because I figured I should play 2 first).

Now that the world has gone to an even worse version of hell in the intervening decade since Dangaronpa debuted, I'm more willing to embrace its sadistic, willfully perverse tendencies. Where it may have felt daring and even a bit gauche in the early 2010s, it now feels rather darling and ahead of its time. Did Danganronpa contribute to societal decay, or merely predict it? Perhaps both! Or perhaps there's really nothing of merit to be found here, other than ogling-at-a-car-crash fun.

I think there are some Danganronpa likers around here.

Also, it's come to my attention that other, non-game bits of the extended Danganronpa Cross Media Franchise are considered "canon," and I'm not sure I'll be able to refrain from doing a stupidly deep dive. If I do go all in, I'll share my thoughts here.

@"rejj"#455 I believe you have strong opinions about the anime, for example. But I have since learned that there are _so many_ Danganronpa animes. Please help!

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One thing that I don't think gets enough love and appreciation (outside of Japan?) is Monokuma's voice actor casting. In the first two games, Nobuyo Oyama does Monokuma's voice, which is absolutely _twisted_ because she's famous (like household name level famous) for having voiced beloved children's mascot character Doraemon for many years. The sheer sleazy subversion that comes with hearing _that_ voice coming out of a psychotic murder bear encouraging children to kill each other is just sick.

Danganronpa is just sick.

Due to health challenges, Oyama-san became unable to voice Monokuma for the third game. So what did Spike Chunsoft do? They hired Tarako! The voice of Chibi Maruko-chan! (Never mind that Usami, from the second game, is voiced by Takako Sasuga, famous for her work on Sazae-san and other beloved cartoons. Or that Mirai, from the tenuously related Zanki Zero, is voiced by Masako Nozawa, voice of MFing Goku himself. They know what they're doing, and they do it with glee.)

@“Syzygy”#p100208 Ooh I didn‘t realize you were such a Danganronpa authority! That’s good to know.

You've mentioned previously that it's best to steep in your fandom for a long time before playing V3 Danganonpa, but, I haven't got that kind of ~~time~~ patience. I've also just done a cursory search, and ダンガンロンパ/ゼロ seems to be readily enough available (might have to settle for the ebook version).

I'm thinking of this as my extended Danganronpa experience, expecting it to basically span the entirety of 2023. If anyone has any comments on this, please let me know!

  • - Danganronpa (first game)
  • - Danganronpa/Zero light novel
  • - Super Danganronpa 2 (second game)
  • - Ultra Despair Girls (Probably just a story summary honestly - I've heard a lot about it that turns me off.)
  • - Danganronpa 3 anime (Alternating between Future and Despair episodes, until the final episode, Hope.)
  • - V3 Danganronpa (third game)
  • - collapse in exhaustion and despair
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    the Perfect Translation of 超高校級

    Please elaborate!

    @“whatsarobot”#p100214 If you are going to play/watch/anything Ultra Despair Girls then do that before watching The End Of Hope's Peak anime series.

    It looks like you've worked it out regarding the anime I was mentioning. Interleaved arcs of The End Of Hope's Peak. I can understand why perhaps Syzygy doesn't like it -- but it worked on me. I'm a sucker for exactly what it is doing, as long as I'm in the right mood and am invested in the characters. It might say more about me than the show, but there is a particular shot right at the end of the final episode that made me shout at my TV and then immediately cry.

    I'd recommend against looking up much or anything further regarding V3. It is true that a lot of what it does is in reaction to the fandom, and much of that was built up over time, however I don't think you need to experience that time gap yourself. It'll make sense (?) when you get to it and get through it.

    For the record I was playing through all of them long after the fact, V3 had already come out, and I was not a part of that fandom/developer feedback and reaction.
    _After_ you're done with V3 there's an article Patrick Klepeck wrote for Kotaku (I think it was when he was there) about V3 and what it does. Don't look it up now, go find it and read it between the last two steps in your above plan.


    (We need a spoiler-safe danganronpa thread)



    @“whatsarobot”#p100214 Please elaborate!

    ||Super Duper High School|| - skill. eg ||Super Duper High School Idol||

    @“rejj”#p100225 Thank you for this treasure trove! I‘m not normally a huge anime guy, but I’m intrigued by the structure in this case, and the production values appear to be pretty nice. I'm looking forward to it.

    Excited to read that Klepeck piece as well. I've always been a fan of his, and I wasn't aware that he was even interested in the ol' 'Ronpa. That'll be a treat.


    (We need a spoiler-safe danganronpa thread)

    Let's make that this thread!

    ...And that translation is... not what I expected!

    [“Omaera! Welcome to the Danganronpa thread! Pupupu\u301c”,“Omaera! Welcome to the spoiler-safe Danganronpa thread! Pupupu\u301c”]

    Danganronpa liker here!!

    What I want to say is that the English voices are pretty good. I am biased toward them because they were my first impression, but I really do love some of the English performances. I‘m sure it’s a cultural difference but English Monokuma sounds perfect to me and I can‘t stand the Japanese one. Usami too. And Japanese Shuichi is a crime, sorry. (reminder to not look up anything, you’ll get spoiled!)

    As far as the order goes, I would say even 1-2-V3 is fine but you may as well watch 3. You're not missing much by leaving Zero, UDG, IF etc. for last to see if you still have interest in the franchise.

    @“Snowdecahedron”#p100240 good advice! Thanks.

    Edit: removed my fervour for recommending the game after reviewing the trigger warnings.

    It is probably an Insert Credit third person shooter. I played it before I considered if a game was an Insert Credit game but it probably is. There is dreadful story stuff and might be worth looking up trigger warnings before going into it but solving combat puzzles by shooting Monokuma Types of Guys with a Judge Dredd pistol style megaphone RULES.

    I get frustrated about people not playing UDG because the 'fandom/community' seems to have group thinked itself into believing that it is a bad game. It isn't but that is now the commonly accepted narrative. Speaking of fandoms, fans that whine about the ending of V3 are cretins. They just didn't get exactly what they want so they had a meltdown.

    Also, the D3 Despair Arc anime has a killer opening song. Edit: deleted the video because if you haven't finished the first Danganronpa, the thumbnail is a potential spoiler.

    Also, also, I remember the surprise reveal of Killer Killer being very exciting but I don't remember enjoying it post reveal.

    @“Chopemon”#p100311 well heck you might have just convinced me to at least try playing Ultra Despair Girls.

    Real nervous about some of those poorly handled themes though!

    UDG trigger warnings here:

    I didn't realise IMDB did those, pretty cool.

    Looking at them again, I would SERIOUSLY suggest making sure you're okay being repulsed by them before playing. I love the gameplay but will admit that I am in a privileged position where I have not had to deal with the themes in the game in my life. I was disgusted when I played the game but side lined the revulsion because I was enjoying shooting Monokumas. Now that I am older, wiser and more concerned about things like this, I will tone down my recommendation to play it. The gross stuff doesn't occur until part way through so if you do play it (it is often cheap on PSN etc) you can enjoy what is good about the game before you need to turn it off. I would definitely say now that the themes have no place in a video game and they doubly don't have a place in a game like this and this story should never have been released.

    So probably don't play it.

    @“Syzygy”#p100257 oh

    I hadn’t seen this LP.
    The way you said “perfect” I thought you must be referring to the (in my mind ludicrous) choice by the Project Zetsubou translation.

    @“Syzygy”#p100336 ah yeah now that you break it down, that’s more clever than it appears at first. Quite a good bit of localization.

    @“Syzygy”#p100336 This is eye-opening in a way I didn‘t expect. One of the reasons—certainly not the only reason, I won’t be that dramatic about it—but one of the reasons I feel the game lost me was in my literal understanding of the commercially localized script‘s use of “ultimate.” I couldn’t handle that it was expecting me to believe these high schoolers were the best of everyone, in the world.