One Day at a Time: Persona 3 Game Club SPECIAL

23 minutes in and reached the first save point, 4/7 evening (which is the next time I’ll be able to play). Not much to say yet obviously except: if “Want to Be Close” only plays for the boy MC, I might have to rethink this whole girl situation


Tums had a VERY brief April 6th. In this new version they let you save whenever wherever so I was able to stop right away lol. Overall very first impression is…it seems good. I enjoy the overall look though the character portraits I feel are far worse than the Soejima originals.


I am overseas and didn’t bring my PSP so I guess I’ll be starting late.


Let’s go!


saw Reload was on Game Pass so decided to give it a go.

I’ve tried to play P3 maybe… 4 times in my life? most recently was last summer. i don’t think i’ve ever made it past the first season. in fact, i’ve never finished any Persona game. hopefully this format and a bit of peer pressure will keep me at it!

Couple thoughts so far!

in the past when i’ve tried to play a Persona game i did so with a walkthrough to try to maximize my social efficiency and see every character’s story through to the end as much as possible. this time i’m gonna go the opposite! i’ll just blunder through high school trying to say the right things and mostly failing, just like real life!

this would also be my first question, though i guess i’m already escapist role-playing b/c IRL me in high school sure wouldn’t have had the Courage to ask.

kinda surprised that almost 20 years later the new English voice acting is of about equal quality (maybe even slightly worse so far?) to the original PS2 version. definitely feels like they rushed it, where some characters will change tonality of their delivery from line to line so the conversation lacks a real moment to moment continuity, like the lines were on flash cards and they cut recording between each one.


I just started - playing on my laptop via PC Gamepass.

Unlike what someone else had written, I couldn’t save at any point I wanted to, but instead had to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.

It’s fun though. I’m doing what someone else did, I’m just walking around and exploring - as well as forbidding myself from any walkthrough. To keep myself from forgetting things, I’m taking notes of names (and some places). I hope to ask questions here as well if I get stuck. I’m attempting this through easy mode just because I don’t know how many hours each day I’m going to have to dedicate to this.


That was my first question too.

I’m not one to try and tell people the right or wrong way to play something, but I this is what I did when I played P3R earlier this year also and think I was rewarded for doing so. I do not believe the player is supposed to see absolutely 100% of everything, especially in a single (doubly-especially first) play-through. See what you see, and get your own story about being living through this year.


I can’t find the quote right now, but I remember one of the original Persona 3 devs talked about 100%ing the game. They didn’t even realize maxing all the links was a possibility until they released the game and people did it.


Managed to get my day 1 in under the wire. Wasn’t sure which version to play, but settled on P3: FES, I really dig the PS2 aesthetic. Thinking I’ll switch to the undub just to get some more Japanese listening in while I do this. The quality of the English VA sounds pretty good, though!

I also made up a Japanese name using my initials, rather than going for the canon name as I originally intended… just to be a bit less boring than I usually am!


I was using a guide when playing Persona 5 Royal, but gave up when I missed getting a job at one establishment but got employed at another. It was helpful when the teacher would drop questions on me and expect me to know the answers.

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Played for ten minutes, now no more until the 9th.


This song is sooooo good

April 7th down, the first day at school! It’s interesting seeing how they’ve scaled up everything in the remake versus the diorama like environments of the PS2 version. Remake is a nice recreation but ultimately I think the PS2 aesthetic is just more my thing. Some shots:

they kept “you da man” thank god

gee Boy Wearing a Jersey I wonder if such a person will appear. Them adding almost all of the social link characters around is a little goofy.

Also bummed to find that I really dislike the new version of my favorite song from the original



also maybe a weird nitpick but the new dash that they give you is cool but the grafix when you do it just screams THIS WAS MADE IN UNREAL ENGINE. It’s a little distracting lol.


Was just about to comment on the diorama quality, which is of course heightened in P3P. Backgrounds during story scenes being screenshots from the PS2 game feels a bit cheap, but I’m surprised that scrolling around the overworld with a cursor isn’t as alienating as I’d have thought. I love walking around a game space but this makes your imagination do more of the work of making the world feel alive, which is fun. It’s funny to see just how much more is going on in physical space in Reload.


Yeah one of my first small gripes was the main hall in the school, they took the large staircase and the school store and kind of just pushed them off into the walls.

Probably taking the design decisions a little too seriously here, but the main room in Tartarus is also just a large staircase and you kind of lose a little bit of that malformed Gekkoukan High design with the staircase no longer featured prominently.

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Same. I saved on the 7th, then started rapidly progressing toward the 9th and figured I’d better abandon my progress.
All of the characters are very insistent that I go to bed and sleep at every possible opportunity. I didn’t expect playing it this way to be so anxiety-inducing!

I guess on the PSP we can always suspend and try our best not to let the battery die.


Managed to get in just in time. Was surprised by the cursor pointing movement, it seems cool though. This is my first time playing any persona game, but I went with the girl option, cause being a girl in a game far outweighs the little text warning about the girl story being for people that already played the game. Loved the only song I have listened so far. I saved and went to sleep on the seventh. Upon seeing the game just continues with some April 8 dialogue, I just turned off the PSP.

Changed my contract name slightly from what I had posted here before hehe


With so many versions of the game, which are you all playing?

  • Portable
  • Reload
  • FES
  • OG
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And what are you playing on?

  • PSP
  • PS2
  • PC
  • Xbox
  • Switch
  • PS4
  • Other
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Reload wouldn’t let me save on April 8th, so I did almost all of April 9th as well before it let me get to a save spot! Guess I won’t be playing at all tomorrow!

Few thoughts on Day 2

I wonder what the impetus was behind the change in POV for the narration. I kinda liked the original second-person (“You have become slightly more popular”) better. Gave the game a bit more of a novelistic feel, like there is an omniscient narrator somewhere telling the story and your actions are fulfilling a piece of that story. Now it just feels like a weirdo gloating. I guess that’s pretty funny in its own way, though.

As a millennial on the cusp of being Gen-X who grew up at the tail end of slacker culture, I’ll never quite be able to wrap my head around the idea that being good at school would make you also popular. I sure spent most of my high school days pretending I wasn’t as smart as I was to avoid being bullied.

One QoL update that I thiiiiiiiiiiink is happening and am all for: Based on answering that classroom question right my Charm increased slightly and based on the graphic it looks like you can tell how close you are to leveling up these stats. The randomness and hidden value of these stats in P3: FES and P4 was a bit annoying when I tried to play them. When my numbers go up I wanna know how much!