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I have my first plant, a pothos! I have had it for just under a week.

(It is to be hung up, but I don’t have a stud finder.)


just learning about these fellas now and imo they seem extremely annoying

T. spinipes will attack in swarms when they feel the nest is threatened. They cannot sting, and their bite is not very effective. Their main weapon against predatory animals, including human beings, is to entangle themselves in the victim’s hair and buzz loudly. They will also aggressively penetrate human bodily openings such as nasal and auditory orifices when in attack mode.


The juxtaposition of “harmless” and that description is a lot, haha. Something about swarming insects tangling my hair sounds terrifying.


yeah I think I’d rather just take a bee sting than have them try to “aggressively penetrate” my “bodily openings”


To be clear it’s very unlikely a backyard basil tree will be swarmed by them, but you can expect a few stuck in your hair for sure.

Fun fact: this bee is colloquially called Arapuá.
It’s also used for a native brazillian tribe’s nickname, from Maranhão (northeast Brazil), the same region where my mom is from. They’re know for being brave, so eventually the term expanded as a compliment.


Picked up some Limão-Galego (Citrus × limonia ) from my trees. As i said, they grow all year long. The taste is a bit sweeter and more concentrated than our regular limes (Citrus × latifolia) and i like it more tbh.


This week’s loot: Banana Couruda (Thick Hide Banana) - or Banana Pão (Bread Banana), Banana Figo (Fig Banana)

The main differences between those and Banana da Terra (Cooking Banana / Plantains) are:
these can be eaten in natura and are a little bit sweeter.

Dualshock 4 for scale


I gathered up a bunch of slugs from our compost bin for my neighbor’s chickens, and let me tell you - if you’re ever in that scenario do not do that with your bare hands. I have picked up slugs before, but not 50 slugs in a row. the amount of slime I got on there took some real doing to remove! Ultimately the only thing that really worked was using a towel to wipe everything off then dawn soap a few times. I didn’t hurt them or anything, I just touched too many!

(I know they’re on their way to their doom in chicken bellies but I didn’t want to make them suffer any more than that relatively quick death so picking them up by hand was probably more humane in that way. this kinda stuff is weird as a vegetarian because on the one hand I don’t want to harm any animals, including slugs. on the other hand chickens love them and would eat them anywawy, and if they eat slugs that’s less other weird stuff they’re eating, etc)


In other news - sunflowers are peeking over the fence!


That’s good news! When they’re tired do you dry them and eat the seeds?

whoa I am planting sun flowers today and won’t see them for 2 months. But that’s okay. We got other flowers now.


No, the seeds are pretty small on this type. We’ve tried it but you basically have to eat the shell too.

We got other flowers too @DaveedNoo - here’s some poppies what with it being California and all


Interestingly poppies are blooming here now too!! Sunflowers are gonna be July and August though. It aint Sunny enough here before May.

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