P2thologic tips 'n tricks 'n emotional support (no spoilers)

Thread for tips, tricks, and general discussion re Pathologic 2 of the nonspoiler or spoiler-tagged only variety.

It seems the game's popularity is exploding (3-4 people playing it currently) and thought we should have a place for new player/in progress talk.

Once you've finished the game feel free to head on over to the full spoiler sicko thread


**General Tips**

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    About difficulty: I think the best approach is to play as far into the game on “intended” as you can take, then dial it down as needed if it becomes too un-fun or you get autosaved into a death spiral

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    Don't stress about min-max or playing "perfectly." Make your own path through the game and don't try to see everything (not sure that's even possible)

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    Time does not progress while you're in conversation with other characters so don't rush

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    Pay close attention to what people tell you and consider their motives and goals.

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    How to find wild twyre: listen and you can hear it when you're close. They're more visible after nightfall and before sunrise. There are other ways obtain twyre...

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    the fellow traveller may offer you a deal. ~~I won’t tell you what to do, but you should follow your gut on that one~~ **Edit - just going to say directly: don't take the deal. It will lock you out of the endings**

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    What about Pathologic 1? - Still a great game, but P2 is a remake (?) of P1, only with now with fewer technical and translation problems and (crucially) fully detailed and elucidated themes, characters, etc. If you only have time for one _Pathologic_, then P2 is definitely the one to play, no need to play the earlier releases before you play P2.

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    Who or what is the Udurgh? ??????????????

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    Will post interesting critical writing as I find it (**spoilers**)

    about economics and capitalist exploitation of crises

    about The Carrier Bag Theory Of Fiction and P2

    utopias in Eastern Europe and P2

    P2 narrative designer Alexandra “Alphyna” Golubeva on how the heck she put it all together

    discussion of P2 and indigeneity (successes and inadequacies) and which ending is the good one

    Tatlin's Tower


    Deterritorialization and Reterritorialization

    _Werckmeister Harmonies_ (**NSFW**)

    Anyone here who‘s played it on PS5? I hear the PS4 version is buggy in ways that are not mitigated by playing on PS5 hardware but I’m wondering exactly how bad it really is. I want to pick this up but PC is not an option.

    I was making better progress on Day 2 until ||I wasted too many in-game minutes jumping around looking for one of the kids‘ item caches on the northern cape. Now I have to decide whether it’s worth it to eat some coffee beans and go do actual important stuff or else rest at Lara's place and cut my losses.||

    ||Also having trouble finding Capella!||

    ||I traded with everyone and seem to be liked (more than I was)||


    @“captain”#p53323 trouble finding >!Capella!<

    try big vlad's house but entrance on the side, not the one you use to see him

    Also: when you get a thought map icon, you can click on it and the location will appear on your regular map (if there is a specific location attached to the thought)


    @“goonbag”#p53318 PS5

    Not much data on PS5 performance unfortunately. Stray forum posts make it sound much improved due to the SSD. The gameplay footage from PS5 looks ok to me. The PC version has bugs, loading hitches, etc even on a higher end rig, so idk. Too bad PSN doesn't have much of a return policy


    @“After that rat, another and another.”#p53329 big vlad’s house but entrance on the side, not the one you use to see him

    I feel like I'm losing my mind because I walked around the entire house looking for other doors and couldn't find any—there's one to the immediate left of his door but I couldn't interact with it. I have two map icons pointing to the courtyard just off the northwest end of the house but it doesn't seem anything is there. I'll try again, maybe it was a glitch.

    @“goonbag”#p53318 If you happen to have an Xbox instead I hear that version isn‘t so bad (I guess you’d have mentioned if that were a possibility…)

    @“captain”#p53383 [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/pDhA0UA.jpeg]

    [upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/TSdEdjU.png]

    @“captain”#p53385 I have a One X… I actually did give it a try when it was on gamepass, but I bounced off it in about 5 minutes, maybe it was a little too buggy at the time or maybe it was the load times but the experience just wasn‘t great (would’ve been mid-2020, I‘m assuming it’s had some kind of patches on all platforms since then). The PS5 is my preferred platform obviously, with the SSD and all the other factors that tend to improve the experience even when playing PS4 titles. But if the consensus is that the Xbox version is in significantly better shape then maybe that's my best option after all…

    i started a new game of it yesterday and am struck already by how different things have gone already after the intro. for instance >!the first time i saw a woman burned alive, this time i got thrown in jail, which worked out very well for me.!<

    @“goonbag”#p53389 Never mind, I‘m apparently full of it. The Xbox version hasn’t received any patches either—my friend played an hour of it on Gamepass and miraculously didn't run into any issues but from what I can tell it is a similar experience to PS4, so I suppose PS5 would be the way to go

    Kudos to yeso for successfully baiting me to think this was a Persona 2 thread lmao

    @“captain”#p53394 Cool, that's what I needed to know. PS5 it is then, may that sweet sweet SSD paper over some of the cracks!

    @“After that rat, another and another.”#p53388 I had like 3 indicators on my map pointing me there, I just missed the door after walking past it 32 times :</p>

    @“pasquinelli”#p53393 yeah this is my third playthrough and each has been fairly different in terms of what aspects of the narrative I experience.

    spoiler tagging this as it is Explicit Advice, but… it's from the loading screen!

    since when has a loading screen ever given _real_ advice???

    ||[upl-image-preview url=//i.imgur.com/8mfGRc0.png]||

    Day 3: Is it worth spending ||1500|| coins on a steak?

    @“captain”#p53563 that‘s pretty steep. Early game you can get food by trading with kids and with kin for pemmican. Once the field hospital gets set up in the theater, you’ll be able to do doctor stuff there and be compensated with a decent amount of cash and food at city hall

    @“After that rat, another and another.”#p53567 Similarly how much would you advise ||selling herbs vs keeping them to make tinctures at this stage of things?||

    @“captain”#p53569 Twyre is plentiful so it would be difficult to sell too much. I don‘t remember it being too valuable in trade though. If you’ve found some good deals on twyre you know more than me about it