pathologic 2 sale (80% off)

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you owned both the queen and yeso in a single post, nice

get off the computer and do something positive. go run some laps

@“yeso”#p84382 how dare you suggest i ‘run some laps’ when the queen is incapable of even a walk

As the second most ardent Pathologic 2 evangelical on these forums, but also as a fan of a good-natured prank and/or tease, I would like to express that my feelings towards this post are overall positive

@“Gaagaagiins”#p84396 (this wasn‘t even meant to tease yeso (that itoi thread is great), i just thought it’d be funny to do the inverse of their post with the queen‘s death, and then 穴 posted and i realized ’oh wait yeah i totally did do that huh :slight_smile:' )

This hurt. This hurt bad

@“fridgeboy”#p84402 truly, we all hurt at the tragic news of the (now formerly) majestic queen's death.

Is this an alternate timeline?

yes, this thread is the diurnal ending and the other thread was the nocturnal ending