Playing All of Something

Have you ever deliberately played every something? Every Japanese playstation 1 game? Every game boy game? Every Treasure game? Every game where you control a little man?

I like the idea of having played all of a thing. I don't really know why! It's something that motivates me. I played every Intellivision game once; that was fun and it only took a couple hours, and now I get to have Intellivision opinions. I also played every Dragon Quest all in a year's time or so, which changed my taste in games forever. I'm currently picking at every Game Boy Color game, because the Game Boy Color rocks.

Oh, and I've also failed at this before. I intended to play every Yakuza back-to-back, but got burned out around Kiwami 2. Same with Devil May Cry; I stopped at 3 because it was too good.

I have played all of Yakuza so far.

This means 1-7, 0, Kiwami 1/2, Dead Souls, Black Panther 1/2, Judgment/Lost Judgement, Kenzan/Ishin, Ishin Kiwami, FotNS Lost Paradise, and the online card game.

Somehow I’m not burnt out yet. I would like more Yakuza and will gladly play the new one each year.

I recommend Binary Domain and the Super Monkey Ball re-releases, as they are very Yakuza adjacent. Kiryu’s even playable in the newest one!


@“Mnemogenic”#p125673 I also played every Dragon Quest all in a year’s time or so, which changed my taste in games forever.

I took way, _way_ more than a year, and I skipped both X (for obvious reasons) and IX (no DS, also, unsure of how much of the original experience depends on the local multiplayer), but, hard same on it changing my taste in games forever, if in no other way than knowing just how good those older games are.

I want to do the “played every…” but I make too many lists and drift away from the goal after a month or so.

I collected every X-Men related comic book that came out when Jonathan Hickman took over the IP... from House of X/Powers of X to Inferno.

I wanted to read every Cormac McCarthy book but I needed a break from all the racism. I've been reading Ta-Nehisi Coates, but that's only going to make me hate the characters more, but I guess that's McCarthy's point.

Oh! You know what I did? It took a year, but I played every arcade game playable with the FinalBurn Neo core to begin my list of favorite 1000 video games ever played.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p125843 I‘m just estimating a year, it was probably longer; I’m not so good with timelines. I'm also not really counting my playthrough of XI, because that was just the catalyst for the whole thing, and that game is one hundred years long.

But yeah I did uh, 1-9 (you're not missing much with 9). Monsters Caravan Heart and Monsters Joker 1, and I replayed Rocket Slime (still great). I think after Joker was when I thought "okay maybe I don't need to play every single game with Dragon Quest in the title".

I am in a funny place with some series where I‘ve played all the games except the new one – like Age of Empires, Final Fantasy, and Xeno, which technically I played but not enough to count it as completing it. I think the only series with 4+ games I can say for certain I’ve played all the games are like SimCity, The Sims, Metroid, Streets of Rage, and Samurai Shodown (if you don't count the RPG)

There are some series where I'm close but I'm saving the best for last, so some series like Dragon Quest and Fire Emblem and Super Mario I am saving the game many consider the best for a rainy day (DQ5, FE4/5, Galaxy 2).

One of these days I hope to get to all the Kiseki, Ys, Suikodens, Grandias, and Breaths of Fires, because it's easier when they don't have games constantly releasing and everything has a baseline of quality. I don't think I could go back to complete all the Phantasy Stars or Tales of games or Star Oceans because so many of them are rough.

A thread I've been planning is to play through every Olympic Games videogame in the lead up to Paris 2024. I am very curious to see how the gameplay has changed (or not changed) and where the different people who interpreted the games focused their energy. Like it's kinda crazy how similar the original Track and Field arcade game is to something like Mario and Sonic at the Tokyo Olympiad, yet the game also has Yoshi doing kickflips and Dream Shooting mode where you shoot kites with a gun.

Maybe this counts: I played all of the Fighting Fantasy game books, up to a point. I had and played them all up to about number 30, and then my local bookshop stopped carrying them. It was not until many years later I learned they kept making them all the way up to about #50.

Standouts for me were (going entirely from memory here, not looking anything up)

  • * Warlock of Firetop Mountain
  • * Citadel of Chaos
  • * Forest of Doom
  • * Deathtrap Dungeon
  • * House of Horror
  • * Creature of Havoc
  • * Sorcerer’s … something. Damn I forget the title
  • * Trial of Champions
  • * the spin off short set of Steve Jackson’s Sorcery!
  • I also realize I'm 2 games away from playing all of the games using the Clausewitz Engine, which is one hell of a simulation engine, really powerful to run so many calculations under the hood and well optimized to run on anything from my 2014 Macbook Air to the blazing fast speeds of my 2016 GTX 970. The only time I ever made a real mod was with eu4 and it was very easy to do!

    I've played:

  • - Europa Universalis III (2007)
  • - Victoria 2 (2010)
  • - Sengoku (2011)
  • - Crusader Kings 2 (2012)
  • - March of the Eagles (2013)
  • - Europa Universalis IV (2014)
  • - Stellaris (2016)
  • - Hearts of Iron IV (2016)
  • - Imperator Rome (2019)
  • - Crusader Kings III (2020)
  • - Victoria III (2022)
  • But I have not played:

  • - Europa Universalis: Rome (2008)
  • - Hearts of Iron III (2009)
  • I don't know if I'd go back to complete them. The problem is that this engine didn't really hit its stride until CK2 came out, and these earlier games are pretty rough by comparison. Aside from crashes and the games themselves are extremely micro-intensive. I think there's a small chance I might have some fun with EU Rome since it's a totally unique one-off experiment, like March of the Eagles, but I feel like I don't like HOI4 enough to flirt with HOI3 and I'm also not european.

    i posted about it the other day elsewhere here but i kinda just did this with the yakuzas, at least the ones that are all readily available now in the usa. so that‘s 0 thru 7, with the kiwamis for 1 & 2, and both judgements, and the recent version of ishin. started with 0 during pandemic lockdown and have been cruising thru em ever since, been such wonderful stuff to be a backdrop in my life. still haven’t played the original ps2 versions of the first two, or the zombie one (i hate zombie stuff) and idk if that fist of the north star one counts but i have never interacted with anything FotNS at all so gonna skip that too. haven't gotten to any of the other japan-only stuff either but like, i still count myself as having Ryuued All The Gotokus now

    relatedly, i'm super close to grabbing this one —

    i haven't played myst 4 or 5 but i've played the heck out of myst, riven, myst 3, and uru

    @“rejj”#p125882 I just went and looked up the List of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks on wikipedia, the one I could not remember the title of properly is #26: Crypt of the Sorcerer. I forgot to mention City of Thieves in that list above, that was another one I remember liking.

    From looking at that list, I was complete up to and including #31, _Battleblade Warrior_ I think, for as far as my unreliable memory can be trusted.