Playing random games/roms with your friends

One of my favorite memories is playing PS Now one night with a friend. We could have picked the heavy hitters, but we went for trash ps3 games. One in particular, this rugby game… it was rough. and very entertaining! and because it was streaming, we could load up and try any game instantly.

Same with roms! where you can load up any game instantly! What got me thinking about this recently, i don't know where exactly, i read about a game someone plays with their friends. They'll load up an emulator with the full romset for a console, close their eyes, hold the dpad for a while and select a random game. They'll keep playing it until someone says the phrase 'this sucks' and then pick another game. It may have been a drinking game? i don't remember totally!

Do you have a specific way of playing random roms, alone or with friends? any fun memories from doing so?

playing random roms rules! i play that blindly choosing a rom game you mentioned somewhat often. whenever my brother (who stopped being into video games a while ago) is around he comes into my room, turns on my MiSTer and just plays random garbage that he finds. it's a very good hangout.

last time we spent like 30 minutes with a bootleg harry potter genesis game that's just a terrible pacman clone. the best piece of media in that franchise if you ask me!

In the early 2010‘s, back when I was in middle school and high school, I had a best friend whose house I visited all the time during summers. We would never make plans about when I’d come or when I‘d leave, it would just happen when it happened. One time I stayed for a full week on before deciding one day on a whim “Alright, guess I should get going.” Every time I came over, we’d always stay up super late watching YouTube videos, reading online creepypastas out loud to each other, and relevantly to this thread, playing TONS of RPG Maker narrative horror games. Some of them were really good! Most of them were incredibly schlocky. What was so fascinating though is the pure honesty and amateurishness of those games. It was obvious the people making them were only just slightly older than we were, and shotgunning through these little bite-sized passion projects released out onto the internet to no audience in particular for free at about 3 AM was an experience unlike anything else I‘ve ever felt in my life. I have incredibly vivid memories of using daylight hours to scour through all sorts of websites and databases for these kinds of games and downloading them all to a folder on my desktop, so once the night fell we’d be able to frictionlessly smoke these things. We would, of course, eventually decide “Hey, these things must be pretty easy to make - we should try it ourselves” which is a revelation I‘m sure everyone here is familiar with in one way or another, and yes, it concluded the same way I’m sure it did for everyone else here as well. I still think about those RPG Maker horror games a lot, though. So bare in so many ways. Must have played hundreds and I‘m not exaggerating. Ones with default art assets and ones with genuinely impressive, unique styles, ones with horrible writing and ones where we never spoke a peep because we were so invested, those things had everything. It was impossible to tell when one would be a awful or when one would be a shockingly incredible experience too, just had to play and see. Well, maybe that’s not fair to say - obviously they were always incredible experiences. I think those nights had a significant part in shaping how I think of indie games now, to some extent. Thinking about it further, they actually definitely had a significant part in the game I‘m making right now… It’s a crucial part of my history both with games and with that friend that I think back on very fondly. I love remembering those nights.

@“穴”#p82473 Yes! sounds like an amazing hangout. probably unnecessary, but I wonder if i could find a script for the mister that selects a completely random game from a core.

@"Funbil"#p82481 Thank you for sharing :) It's always funny to me, thinking about all the games I *didn't* play instead of booting up my favorite shooter for the hundredth time, which, i still do! I know i can't change my habits by force of will, but it's comforting to know people out there are digging through the pile.

@"Syzygy"#p82482 I do not know... :o


@“Flobby”#p83173 Yes! sounds like an amazing hangout. probably unnecessary, but I wonder if i could find a script for the mister that selects a completely random game from a core.

There is a script called [Super Attract Mode]( which pretty much does this. It actually cycles through games randomly whenever you leave the MiSTer idle but you can also just trigger the script if you want a random game.

My friends and I did this the other weekend with a saturn flashcart and it was absolutely incredible. We mostly played fighting games but there were a couple shmups and puzzle games that stood out as well. Golden Axe: the Duel may have been the funniest.