Playing under social isolation

I‘m wondering how your game habits have changed over the last few months. Do you find yourself digging into games you wouldn’t have otherwise?

I've found myself much more willing to hop into 100-ish hour games (ie: Persona 5 Royal) and systems-focused roguelikes (Noita). I'm not sure if I would've committed to those experiences if I wasn't at home all the time.

An interesting question, I was just trying to figure this out last night. This might just be my particular situation, but my habits have changed in ways I didn‘t anticipate. I am actually finding games in general to be more tiring, and I’m playing them less in general during this time. I think it might be because I was giving more games a try right before this and came off playing through three Yakuza games almost back to back. Then I got into FFVII Remake and didn‘t like it… now I’m finishing up bloodstained, so I guess I‘m trucking right along, but the idea of starting anything that’s long but also unfamiliar feels more daunting than ever?

So it's almost like I'm going the opposite way as you. I also was spending more time getting into my back catalog of older games, but I'm finding that intimidating right now too. I think my energy level has gotten so low that I'd rather just watch a movie right now and not have to do anything. That sounds pretty dismal when I write it out that way! But yeah, I've found taking on new/large games to be more intimidating, simply because I'm not relaxed enough to deal with the time commitment!?

It doesn't really make sense but there it is. Quite curious how others are dealing with this as well.

I‘ve found myself leaning into exploring more graphic adventure games. Went through all of FF7R, and slowing down on playing Animal Crossing. After 7R and ACNH, I finished the main story for 25th Ward, picked up the Phoenix Wright Trilogy, grabbed the the Win9x version of YU-NO, and ordered the second Spirit Hunter game while also still playing Death Mark. Also been wanting to get back into AI: The Somnium Files again to find some more of the alternate endings. Over all, I think it’s just having more of a desire for more cozy experiences outside of Animal Crossing, and graphic adventures sort of scratch that itch.

Playing through more than one Yakuza in a row is a recipe for total gaming burnout in my experience.

I'm kind of in the same boat though, I figured I'd be marathoning through my backlog but with my general energy level being miserably low from not getting out of the house I'm just watching movies or tinkering around a few minutes at a time on retro stuff that I can turn my brain off on.

@JJSignal hmm, visual novels sound simultaneously good and also like a lot of reading, which sounds like work. ha ha. Maybe what I should be doing now is reading manga though, that's a good in between.

@ttzop yeah, those yakuza games are kind of like a bunch of game experiences in one all at the same time... too much of that and you'll just turn into mush. And the quarantine certainly helps one turn into mush!!

I have been streaming a lot more, I think it gives me a chance to share whatever it is I‘m doing so I feel less lonely. I also get to talk, which is something I don’t really do now that social interactions are so few and far between now.

i've been playing a lot of Genesis / Sega CD stuff recently. Or Dreamcast. Short to shortish games. Things I can play with a podcast on. But definitely playing less. Feeling less motivated to play even with a bunch of free time. I feel like having a game that ends in a hour or so makes it easier to not feel like you feel in a gaming hole.

For a brief moment I was playing more, but my workload at work is actually way more than normal, and I‘m essentially school for my kiddo, so by the time I can play, I don’t have the bandwidth for it. I‘ve gotten into things that are low effort and I can just put time into doing something relaxing and put it down whenever. Aquanaut’s Holiday for PS1 has been a magical de-stressor for me.

It‘s been a bit different. I’ve been working from home so I haven‘t been playing as many mobile games like I normally would on my commute. I got a RG350 so I’ve been messing around with that a bit. Replaying Final Fantasy Tactics on it. I've been playing less PC games than I normally would.

@James-#1621 I‘m half-expecting my productivity to drop; I’m guessing most people are only working 3-ish days a week. I think I've just had a few good consecutive weeks.

One thing I haven't been able to dive into is the shorter experiences. One of the benefits of larger games is that I can chill out and grind for a few hours. with short games, I want to give it as much focus as they deserve, but I can't seem to do. A Short Walk might be too short.

That kind of makes sense. For me, I‘m working more than usual probably, and the thing that’s helped me “normalize” has actually been doing house work. cleaning up my desk, building a fence, putting up a light above my work space, fixing the dryer, etc.

I think I maybe chose too many games (yakuza, bloodstained) recently that have elements that feel a lot like work, so the relaxation just wasn't there. I gotta figure it out.

@airconditioner#1626 that‘s a really fascinating point about shorter experiences versus shorter games. There’s a definitely difference with massive games that just have little chunks for me to enjoy (RPGs, especially) and much shorter games that require much more focus/attention.

@exodus#1633 I wish I had some sort of hot tip for you on something you might enjoy, but seeing as mindlessly grinding out random encounters in games where leveling up isn't even that vital anyway is my jam, I think I would just be suggesting more things that would feel like work.