Please rec me games I can play with a kid

One of the Podcasts I listen to, The Giant Beastcast, has two hosts that have kids around your age. They will frequently bring up games they play with their kids on the show.

Rocket League and the Trials games are big favourite of one of their children around the age of yours. They have also frequently talked about how great the co-op experience in Luigi's Mansion 3 was with their children. Heave Ho, Gangbeasts, Moving </s>Out,<e> and Paper Mario have been brought up as favourites of theirs as well.

I played NBA Jam (Genesis) with my 6-year-olds this weekend and they enjoyed taking turns with me playing together as the Knicks to lose to like, Boston. They really enjoyed the teamwork aspect of it. And I can almost carry a game… but not that game. :laughing: