Poll about a poll (re allowing more games)

ok since both the democratic process and the king of lists have had their say, we'll stay strong and keep a 10 game limit

@"Jaffe"#p36299 jaffe weigh in with your personal 10 greatest list over in the the thread si vous plait

voting in favor of keeping it at ten games

Aw man! I started thinking about a top 15/20/25 and that’s still very tough. I voted for a top 25 because I already posted my 10, and I’d love to just talk about more games! Oh well.

Also, sometimes on Twitter, hashtag Gamestruck4 trends (where you would post four pictures of the four games that made you) but for some reason it’s so easy to pick a top 4! Thinking of the greatest ten was harder.. at least for me anyway hmm