poll for fighter #90 IC smash bros rip off/significant improvement

sorry I forgot to do this

Here are the nominees I received for the 90th and final character in our hypothetical IC smash bros roster

will keep who submitted these candidates anonymous

[Olivier Lenheim](https://nihon-falcom.fandom.com/wiki/Olivier_Lenheim)


you should totally consider Olivier Lenheim from the Trails series as a candidate. He’s a pansexual lush and traitor to the ruling class. His entire role during the 7 game arc is to push people’s buttons for laughs.

[Vanessa Lewis](https://virtuafighter.fandom.com/wiki/Vanessa_Lewis)


We don’t have any black women, so part of me wants to say Vanessa from Virtua Fighter 4 (they actually made her skin lighter in VF5, which is weird…some people think it may have been whitewashing. Picking the VF4 version specifically seems cool as a way of voting against that.). Besides that, I like that she’s a big, hard-hitting female character with lots of complicated grabs and counters and a cool stoic attitude.



I think Angel from King of Fighters 2001 would be cool because she’s Mexican, she’s from KOF (which is really the original (and most IC?) crossover fighting game), and she represents a bonding of East and West, as SNK agreed to put her in there on behest of some Mexican developers they were working with who designed her and got to put her into the game because they beat the Japanese devs in a friendly grudge match of KOF ’98. So yeah maybe Angel is my top vote over even Vanessa.

[Ryuko Yamazaki](https://wiki.gbl.gg/w/Asuka_120_LimitOver/Ryuko_Yamazaki)

["the robot baseball guy from namachukei (sic) 86"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnWZOWlbVLI)

[upl-image-preview url=https://i.imgur.com/ZiOksng.jpeg]

[Quentin MacLeod](https://highlander.fandom.com/wiki/Quentin_MacLeod) (from the Highlander Jaguar game)

[the L-Tetromino](https://tetris.fandom.com/wiki/L-Block)

and finally,

[The Hard Lad](https://radiatoryang.itch.io/hardlads)


the hard lad will hit people with a folding chair


At first glance this looks extremely difficult… but… I can‘t exactly pretend like I haven’t watched that Hard Lads video in a mesmerized loop, probably on more than one separate occasion


[img height=70]https://i.imgur.com/ESymy6K.png[/img]
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Hmm… actually… idk… it seems the videogame adaptation historically revised my favourite minor detail of that video which is that they used a fucking solid wooden deck chair. I just don't know if I can overlook that kind of inattention to the important details

I was gonna vote L-Block but damn that anonymous Ángel argument is really solid.


Evoga fumans SNK in suo ludo vendidit me in Ángel.

Voted for the baseball guy because I think it's funny that the nominator misremembered the title of the video game.

Voted for Ángel because KoF is the real Super Smash Bros

Voted for Ryuko because Asuka 120% Burning Fest was the Official Fighting Game of Insert Credit back in the day

I know who I'm voting for.

I've wanted tetris block in smash brothers for years. I genuinely think it could be a really cool character mechanically.