Post those rare gamer foods


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One Vanille Coke please:


@“Tradegood”#p112428 I want one so bad

This ish was terrible, and I loved garbage cereal as a kid. Ralston was always bottom tier.


@“tomjonjon”#p112444 Off-model Mario all over there implying that there is a taxonomy difference between “fruits” and “berries”. :angry:

@“tomjonjon”#p112444 Man I've never even heard of Ralston.


That jingle is seared into my brain from Saturday morning cartoon sessions.

@“whatsarobot”#p112464 at the time they were the human food side of Ralston Purina, with Purina being the pet food side. I didn’t remember them making this though!

Nintendo Cereal System, lmao

Ah yes the iconic Mario silhouette:


If only someone had told him you can’t just eat cheetohs, Fritos, and Doritos :pleading_face: