Just to say, the tastiest potion in games is indisputably grandma‘s soup from Wind Waker. It literally is the most effective in the game, it works twice, AND the look on Link’s face when he drinks it is joyous beyond any other facial expression in that game.

For fear of sounding boring, I think the cheesy pumpkin fish stew from Twilight Princess should get an honorable mention.

Am I wrong?

@dylanfills#26887 does that count? It does look delicious and you do drink it out of a potion bottle. I guess I don‘t really have any objections there. Maybe just to say that the Mega Potions from Moster Hunter look delicious and we know they have honey in them, so they’re probably pretty sweet.

I‘m going to call back to an older post of mine and say that, for me, the little red vials from Dungeon Siege will always be the tastiest because I associate them with San Pellegrino Sanbitter. It’s not totally inconceivable that red potions have a syrupy, bitter, citrusy flavor profile with some carbonated zing to let you know its working.

Taking a swig out of an Estus flask looks fulfilling and delicious… I imagine it tastes like milk and honey and makes your body feel like it's bathed in warm sunlight.

@milo#26903 Milk and honey seems too nice a sensation for anything in the Dark Souls world. I guess I imagine Estus as having no taste at all? Just more borrowed vitality rattling around in your hollow body.

@compositehiggs#26922 Yeah, I too imagined it was more of a burning sensation upon drinking.

Suntory sure made some potions 16 years ago…


Yeah, the Zelda and Final Fantasy games are kinda undefeated in this category. I'd like to think these Crisis Core potions probably taste somewhere between a Baja Blast and the white Ultra Zero Monster, and are probably loaded with stuff that's even worse for you. Thanks, Shinra.

@dylanfills#26887 I appreciate you giving love to Zelda's pumpkin soup! I used to play an "NPC" on a Skyward Sword role-playing forum whose whole purpose was to make pumpkin soups for daring knights and heroes.


That's a cool take on it! Fits with the rest of the bleak setting of the souls game.

I guess maybe cause I'm an optimist but I always liked the idea that the Estus flask is the only good thing in this horrible world, being that you're drinking light incarnate.

I like how in the Japanese versions of the Exile games (or XZR, how it was named there) the healing items are hashish, cocaine and peyote, in strength order, and you also use stuff like opium and LSD to heal some status ailments as well.


Don't know what it tastes like...

crossposting from over on the episode thread but… forbidden potion

This always looks like if you could get one hearty swig you would be hydrated for the rest of your life

@Gaagaagiins#27010 I couldn‘t wait for the episode thread to do up, I was incensed at the omission of poor grandma’s soup

Also, good pull

Just gonna mention the mad-libs for your favorite food in Mother 2 and 3