(Possible Prime Playability Plus Plausibility Pertaining to Platforms' Previous Ports of Past Pearls Placed in the Japanese RPG Game Genre)

Hey friends
I recently acquired a Plastation 3 when the store was going to shut down, which hoopla it didn't. While looking at all the stuff on there, I stumbled on ports of a number of the older Final Fantasy's, as well as Chrono Trigger.

Now, I've been meaning to check these out for a while, and I imagine this would be a good way to play them. My qualm is that I'm also thinking of purchasing a 3ds to replace mine that was stolen some time ago, and I know that Tim mentions the DS versions of those from time to time as being high calibre.

Time is not a factor, because I'm knee deep in the Wiiitcher and have several other things on my docket, so I'm curious as to which is perhaps the ideal version, in addition to which is better for these in ps3(ps1 I guess) vs DS

I also think this is probably something that many of the users who didn't grow up with these games could benefit from having a thread for (that I would be willing to amend to a more visible title, but I won't be happy about it)

@“Syzygy”#p33717 yeah I think this is all correct. CT’s best version is the original. The PS1 version is cool and the Toriyama cutscenes are neat but that whole collection is famous for having game breaking load times. The DS version is totally fine, but I think the menus are ugly and the added content is bad and should be ignored.

I’m thinking you’re wondering about FF4-6 as well? Personally, for 4 you want either the original SNES or the DS remake. In my opinion these are effectively two different games. I’d consider playing both, as they’re both excellent. Again the PS1 version should be avoided for loading issues

FF5 is kind of tricky because really the only acceptable version of this that was released in the West is the PS1 version. The mobile port is not great. I’ll defer to others who might have ideas here.

In my opinion, the definitive edition of FF6 is the GBA port. SNES is also great. The GBA port has a better translation, they fixed some glitches (no more abusing xzone or MBLOCK), and added some endgame content that’s actually good. Do _not_, under any circumstances, play the mobile version. And if you did, you are not allowed to tell me you did that.

The added content in the DS port of Chrono Trigger is not just fan fiction-y in a narrative sense, it is completely uninspired gameplay-wise too. If you‘ve played one added content section in a Squeenix modernizing port, you’ve played them all. Hokey narrative justifications for why you're being subject to some egregious asset recycled garbage.

@“Syzygy”#p33783 I‘ll concede, I am thinking maybe I’m being subject to the ol' confirmation bias. You can name 3 good examples and I can only think of one bad one, however bad it may be.

@“Syzygy”#p33717 yeah, sorry for being unclear. I more or less JUST meant FF4/6 and Chrono Trigger. I did not even know there was a gba port of 6

For my part I recommend these GBA hacks of FFs IV, V, and VI. They all get their SFC/SNES music back and VI gets an additional bit of color grading/restoration (the GBA versions had brighter colors in order to be playable on screens without a light). I prefer the English GBA translation of VI! It's good.

I'm someone who likes the DS version of Chrono Trigger, but I don't really have a leg to stand on, I never played the SNES version. I've seen comparisons and there is a clear tonal difference in many scenes, but it's not the same thing as comparing FFV on GBA and PS1. I don't think you can go wrong with Chrono Trigger--just avoid playing it on Steam. Right? Is that version still terrible?

i thought VI‘s original translation was highly regarded but reading through this maybe it’s just because of the meme quotes?

@“tapevulture”#p33947 I think it was a pretty danged good translation for its time. And the meme jokes are great, ya son of a submariner! I think the GBA retranslation is subtle, huge swaths of meaning aren't lost or gained or anything. But little things are improved. Like Cyan actually talks like a medieval knight, rather than just saying “thou” instead of “you.”

Yeah, the SNES version is good too! (I say having only played it in English, I‘m sure @“Syzygy”#279 is just shaking his head.) Can’t help but feel a large part of the translation debate with VI and CT is being over-attached to Cyan & Frog‘s goofy speech–not saying anyone here is guilty of that but it’s always a point of focus in the (admittedly not-sophisticated) online discussions I‘ve looked at, probably because it is the most obvious of differences. Next time I play CT I’ll either be emulating the SNES version and do a more thorough comparison myself or I'll play it in Japanese (maybe 6 years from now, lol).


@“Syzygy”#p33962 can YOU guess what it is

Turning this into another guess-the-game thread lol

Is it Ace Attorney?
Dark Souls?

no idea

@“Syzygy”#p33962 Suikoden II

jk although it's a pretty good translation especially for having been done by 3 people

Oh yeah, can't believe I forgot about Vagrant Story. I would really be curious to know your opinion on other well-translated games–look forward to the eventual thread about the runner-up.