Pressing the Action Button (108+2077)

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The #1 reason I open Twitter by an enormous margin is to see if Tim is releasing a new video soon, and I wouldn‘t be all that surprised to find out I might not be the only one on the forum who does not use Twitter for much else, so I’ll spare my companions in weirdness the risk inherent in Opening Twitter.

@“Gaagaagiins”#p43634 Opening twitter dot com slash 108 in my phone‘s browser is a daily ritual. That’s how I check for updates. I haven't had a twitter account for many years.

So I took a screenshot of this too and sent it to my one irl friend who also likes Tim content, and we laughed about how it's been so long now that it'll actually be kind of weird when the video finally comes out, speculated about how much work he's managed to do on other videos in the meantime, and made our customary jokes about him burning down his high school gym.

I apply the waiting techniques I‘ve developed as a long time love and rockets subscriber. Has an issue been published on time at any point during the last couple of decades? I don’t think so but that's ok. By technique I guess I mean do nothing and just be happily surprised when the next issue does show up

I'm interested to learn his thoughts on 2077 since it seemed like a game that covid anxiety had preheated in the old hate oven at 700 degrees ahead of release, and the writing on the game once it was out reflected everyone's limited bandwith I guess

My cyberbrain, which qualifies as my body, is ready

That crazy guy has done it again, created yet another piece of digital internet content which the digital computers and internet connections involved buckle under its majesty

I'm hyped to see what this maniac is gonna say for what I assume is gonna be a quite an impressive length of time about a game that I think just kinda sucks _at best._

Depending on how long it is and when it's done processing I'm either watching it all in one go tonight or watching it all in one go all day tomorrow 'cause he can't tell me what to do

@“Gaagaagiins”#p45754 Watching Tim go through exporting hell over literal weeks makes me feel like he really should just release each chapter on its own next time.

@“KingNothing”#p45808 What, like some kind of normie?

||I’m apparently the only sometimes-fan of Tim’s work who misses the days when mild editorial constraints and/or (lack of?) self-consciousness caused him to regularly undertake some semblance of Getting to the Point and/or not indulge ideas that maybe don’t sustain 45 uninterrupted minutes of Timspeak.||

Tim Rogers :handshake:Contrapoints

Announcing (highly anticipated) videos way too early

I mostly wish the man wouldn‘t use “100%” or “definitely” until the video was done processing on YouTube and he’s set a date to flip it to Public. A little tiny bit because it's annoying to me personally, mostly because it seems to make him feel he has to experience Life Threatening levels of sleep deprivation.

I'm here for the meandering indulgent Akira Spoilers kinda videos but yeah, I also hope his foreshadowing of the future releases being much more focused and scaled back.

I’d just be happy if the “let me tell you about my glory days” novella bits and/or humble-bragging about his IQ score or whatever were maybe saved for a personal podcast or something. I gather some number of people feel differently.

I‘m happy for Tim’s videos to stay as Tim as possible but I'm glad this latest delay seems to have gotten him to let go of his weird arbitrary rule that it HAS to release at 10am on a Sunday

@“2501”#p45824 I could potentially have a very high tolerance for (assuming competent) self indulgence in media, now that I think about it, it took me a long time to realize there was anyone out there who didn‘t think Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots wasn’t a sublime experience (at least, it certainly was for me, at 19 (maybe 20?) years of age).

@"goonbag"#p45827 Yeah... I wasn't biting my tongue myself exactly, more just assuming the folks here are more or less on the same page with that already. It is on my mind a lot, even more so for the past few weeks since I believe it when he says he worked 120 workweeks, and judging from other things he's been talking about it's been grueling mind numbing garbage work, mostly consisting of babysitting an extremely fussy and non-cooperating computer program and staring at progress bars and praying the program will work as intended. I've never been a workaholic by any means and I've never been saddled with expectations from several thousands of people to produce anything, but I have done at least somewhat similar independent creative work that necessitated finishing the job with a lot of lonely, deeply frustrating, synapse frying bullshit on a fickle computer program, and slamming into hard limitations or obscure bugs unknowingly that can stifle or prevent the rate of progress, or even worse, undo work with no way to retrieve it at what seems like the drop of a hat. So I have been hyped but also simultaneously horrified.

At any rate, yes, I also hope he is going to change things for the better. The guy should take the rest of the damn year off, never mind two weeks.


@“GigaSlime”#p45829 I’m happy for Tim’s videos to stay as Tim as possible but I’m glad this latest delay seems to have gotten him to let go of his weird arbitrary rule that it HAS to release at 10am on a Sunday

You know, not to be weird, but he hasn't posted anything all day^1^ for any and the video is not yet public/published, so, there's still time!

^1^ - I've been checking maybe more than is necessary, but, well, not to get #parasocial but I inherited a certain kind of acute doomsaying paranoia/anxiety from my maternal grandmother that I can't help but experience when someone isn't contactable (or in this case communicating to the public) when I expect them to be, so unexplained silences or absences pretty much unavoidably make me think they're, well, in mortal peril. My grandma would probably be hurtling towards a panic attack at the 15-20 minute later than expected mark after our 3 hour drive from where she lived if my mom didn't call her as soon as we got home. So, yeah, even now there is a part in the back of my mind that doesn't even want to say this as a joke but I'd be happy to just see that he's okay, right now! (edit: why did I say I don't want to say this "as a joke?" I didn't make a joke, and really, I'm being totally sincere, I hope he is okay)

There‘s a part of me that thinks it would be funny if Tim released a really slapdash poorly-edited video that doesn’t really make sense so that it would parallel Cyberpunk‘s own tortured release.

(Of course he probably doesn’t want to encourage more angry people to act like psychos in his inbox)

I hope he's doing well and I'm certainly looking forward to the Cyberpunk video, whenever it comes out!

@“Gaagaagiins”#p45832 I agree with your earlier point on Tim giving several indications that the video was “definitely” dropping within a specific time frame. I turned on Twitter notifications and rang that dang bell so I would know when it dropped. Probably best for him not set any more expectations at this point. I just hope the man gets some sleep and doesn't go blind.

@“KingNothing”#p45837 those words and expressions LITERALLY have colloquial meanings too of course! So I literally can't be upset.

Sorry to Tim Rogers for giving whatever fractions of a cent it means to show a paragraph of the exclusive Patreon announcement to those who are not paying for it but Jesus Christ Tim What The Fuck Are You Unleashing On Us

(also I'm a Big-Boy 4K-TV-havin audience member)

Anyway he's alive

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I'm not going to comment on his creative process, but I for one just hope he enjoyed the game. Not from a positive review score perspective, but I mean I hope he found something profound and positive from this experience. The last thing I think any of us want is for this review to just be done out of a feeling of obligation to make it bigger and more highly produced than the last.*

Time is the most precious thing we all have, and a creative project this large doesn't come around often, so I hope the 10+ months were spent a positive headspace. I remember watching a couple video essays last year like [Overpromise, Sell, Underdeliver]( - and while it was fascinating, it was pretty clear that it was produced by someone heavily invested in the game, who felt betrayed. It would be terrible to force yourself to returning to that kind of emotion month after month. I know Tim will have a nuanced and detatched, ironic perspective no matter but, I just hope that in the grand scheme he can walk away with an earnest affinity for the game (even if its weird and twisted.)

Heck, we're the podcast listeners who love the one-and-done improvised content - big events like this are great, but we're here for the funny, interesting insights and not back-breaking production values or the artist torturing himself.*

*- This would be too on-the-nose for discussing Cyberpunk