PS5 Reveal

It was OK I guess. I like the new look, I‘m tired of black boxes. Still no Guitaroo Man Remastered so that’s a big fail.

It was underwhelming.

p.s: Guitaroo Man rocks!

I think it looks pretty silly but what can you do. We did a whole episode about it y‘all can listen to in a few days, but I think I was a bit more interested in the games than some of my peers. The Capcom ones look cool - ensemble cast resident evil maybe? I’d try that. new lost planet-looking action game? I‘ll give that a go. Maybe-Final-Fantasy-16? let’s get it.

all the western games look pretty but are things I'll probably never play. I'm tired of killing things in gritty ways!! I guess I just said I'm interested in resident evil but it's not gonna be that gritty I reckon. horror and grit are different to me I guess!

Totally gonna get that superbrothers thing though, whatever it is.

I was really hoping for that big Gravity Rush 3 reveal, and it didn‘t happen. I feel like at the moment the most interesting exclusive-exclusive is the Demon’s Souls remake, which looks really good but not enough to make me dish out major cash.

Ghostwire, Deathloop, both Capcom games, more than likely Athia, all timed and likely going to other platforms. Even the promise of cats did not sway me. Waiting until maybe the second wave of titles are announced (like Gravity Rush 3!).

I've been seeing people compare the hardware design to a duck bill, and let me tell you, if they made that in a duck bill yellow, I'd buy it. If they're making the odd numbered systems weird and wacky looking looking now, might as well go full ham on it with colors, too.

oh yeah, I can‘t imagine purchasing this within the first year, maybe two - but once it’s out for a while and somewhat discounted I‘ll play exactly those games. ghostwire! I’ll hang out in a tokyo.

I still have that feeling like the PS4 *just came out* and like I don't need another one. I can't imagine what would shake that "don't need another one" feeling, really.

It‘s really a bizarre feeling, right? The PS4 has been out for 6 years now, going on 7 in November, but it still feels like it’s only about half way through its life cycle, and those 6 years just went by in a single blink. The generation before I could pinpoint the peaks, but this one, while it had its moments, kinda washed over me like a fuzzy dream.

I got a PS4 to play Gran Turismo even though it wasn‘t announced at the time, I just knew there would be one for the PS4, it’s like a law of nature. When they revealed GT7 and the Trial Mountain track, an old level from previous GT games, I suddenly became interested in a PS5. Simply put I have simple needs for a console, and that's a gran turismo game

Yeah, it doesn‘t feel like the PS4 is done, but I guess it has Been Decided. I do think part of it is just getting older nd being less excited by the specific peaks, but also the industry has changed so much, to where indies are like 90% of the market and triple-A games are mostly made for an audience that doesn’t think about games much. It's hard to feel connected to that!

I do want that cat in future town game, but I’ll get it on pc. It would have been nice to know more about how it plays as well.

I don‘t own a PS4 so I’ll probably buy a disc-less PS5 near launch (once it's under €500). I think it would have been cool if the white panels were swapable and they sold several colours, that would have kept everyone happy (white stands out too much for me!).

Similar feelings to brandon on the games they showed off! The only other observation I have is Ghostwire looks like it's gonna be a PSVR game. Could be wrong on that, but when you look at the movements the character was doing to attack, it looked like actions you could do using the wand to perform the magic attacks.

Oh also Demon's Souls looks worse to me. Kind of just killed the vibe.

I reeeeeeeeeally hope Ghostwire isn‘t VR!! But I bet you’re right :<br/>
Usually I'm all about whatever the underdog/nice platform is, but VR is the big exception so far.

I hope I‘m wrong too! But it sure feels like VR to me. The hand gestures, the fact that there’s not very many enemies on screen (to allow you space to do the movements without feeling overwhelmed). A lot of gestures styles you can easily calculate programming wise.

Like Demon‘s Souls yay! I’ve beat that game 3 times already. Much more interested in Little Devil Inside for the way it plays with Souls-y monsters and imagery. And that's one the definitely looks like it could run on a PS4. So yeah, no big rush.

Nothing in the entire reveal interested me at all. unless something miraculous happens (a new Nier or Kojima game), i‘ll probably wait until God of War 2 comes out. probably for the best, though. I didn’t pick up a PS4 until early 2018 and I don't feel like I missed too much prior to that.

@JJSignal#2026 Totally agree about the PS4 just kind of ‘happening’ without you noticing.

Every console I've ever owned has contributed at least some of my all-time favourite games that I'll always hold with dear affection and fond memories. The PS4 just... didn't. Maybe Death Stranding? There were some good games, but I think I'll be going back to my PS4 less than most other consoles in future.

I'll most likely just join the Gaming PC Gang next generation, combined with whatever Nintendo does after Switch. Might as well if I have to spend £600 on a console anyway.

@billy#2057 Also the PS5 looks stupid.

Yeah, Frank and Tim seem to both be on the “let's just have a nice PC” train. I get that, but also I don't want to play games on my PC, so I might wind up being the last guy in console town.

and @crumble I'm almost certain that nier remake will be on PS5. I'll play that!

@exodus#2096 I‘m not a fan of PC games just now because my computer is used for work / music / Photoshop / documents / other stuff, but I’m telling myself that if I had a PC set up exclusively for games with no extra complications, plugged into my TV, then I could get into it. Emulation, mods and my existing Steam library would all sweeten the deal.

That‘s pretty much what’s happening with me now. After the presentation was done and it was summed up to Demon‘s Souls and multiplatform everything else, I started looking into my next video card upgrade, even though I’m certain my i7 7700k will be a bottleneck for it.

BUT, as soon as they say Gravity Rush 3, I'll be grabbing a PS5 immediately.