PS5 Reveal

@exodus#2019 You can always wait for the PS5 short that will inevitably released a few years in.

yeah, that‘s another thing about this whole situation. These days it almost makes sense to wait a couple years to buy a console so you can get the inevitable better version, which will be released at the price of the launch version, or lower. I waited 2 or 3 years to get a PS4, and wound up with a pro for like $300. Nintendo has showed some real restraint not releasing true new versions of the Switch hardware this generation. It’s got to be coming soon though.

Heh I never owned a WiiU or PS4 yet have games for those systems. The WiiU I played on for a few years was one my Nintendo rep and I agreed was MISPLACED after it was lend to us for one of our free to play/screenshake events. My Nintendo rep and I agreed it was misplaced somewhere that was definitely not my appartement and it would show up some day(no rush).

I also worked part time for a field marketing company for 2+ years handling their Sony account. I declared a MDR 1000 noise cancelling headset and a PS4 to be faulty so I was asked to oversee their destruction. I still have the headset the PS4 sadly broke for real.

Now that I think back, I think you met my Nintendo rep. I did take you to Nintendo Belgium right Brandon?

I am pretty sure you met Valery.

But have you seen the size of this thing? Yeezus H. I‘ve never had a console sit upright but it seems I’ll have to this time. Also, if you lay it horizontal the disc drive is now on the bottom? Weird.[upl-image-preview url=//]

@Fishie yeah, I thiiiiiiink we visited nintendo!?

And I've seen how big this thing is, yeah... another reason to maybe wait a while, for the inevitable smaller but similarly powered one.

Oh and since this is the thread where we talk about this, I'll just link the PS5 reveal episode here and we can discuss here if we want!

(I‘m writing this before I listen to the new episode, maybe I’ll change my tune after hearing it who knows!)

I didn't stay up for the reveal and I was real glad I didn't, I'm mostly a console guy but I don't view either the PS5 or Xbox SeXies in any light other than "that thing I'll be obligated to buy in a couple of years".

I don't consider individual games draws for consoles anymore, most games will come out on most platforms now (which is better) and any decent looking exclusives feel more like hostages than healthy arguments to purchase hardware, so if there's anything that will get me excited for a new box under my TV it will be experiential features that make it the optimal way to play games comfortably. The PlayStation 4/Xbone generation already felt like an extension of the previous one, and it's hard to see any way that the gap between those and the PS5 won't be even smaller especially when the huge prestige blockbusters are in decline.

This was the generation to put the money in and figure out backward compatibility, I'm real disappointed that Sony especially seems to be dragging their heels on this front. Even if it's an emulated digital library (not the joke of a PS2 collection the PS4 has) let this be my gamebox, people are not always lying when they say "put blank on the Switch!" they want their games in one place..

You could argue "just get a good PC!", and I sure was in the "just get a good PC!" camp 5 years ago. What changed my mind was...getting a good PC. When I got my current rig set up I downloaded the Resident Evil 2 Remake demo to test it since that's an impressive looking modern game and the RE engine is noteworthy for its optimisation on consoles which is how I discovered the PC version of that game has a bizarre brightness bug that makes the game impossible to see. Checking Steam forums this is a known issue with the game and nobody seems that sure what causes it other than maybe compatibility issues with certain graphics cards, or how to fix it without random tweaking and restarts. Minor versions of this story happen to me whenever I load up anything modern, usually they're not hard to fix and yea they run better than the PS4 would play them but it's rare that something boots up first time with no issues.

This rubbish, anecdotal argument is that...people who argue that playing games on PC is just as easy as consoles are liars, "better" sure, but that's where my point about consoles focusing on the experience comes in. I'm a computer literate person and I've had a PC since I was five years old, I know how to load up Dolphin and play Gamecube games in 1080p and connect the Wii U adaptor to play them with an actual Gamecube controller...that doesn't mean I would prefer to go through all that setup to play Billy Hatcher when someone could dunk it on a server for me for a few quid. I'm not arguing that consoles are better than PC, I think the PS4 and Xbone kinda suck, but there's more reasons for consoles to exist especially for the layperson that some people in the games bubble are willing to I do wish consoles were better!

Anyway I'm going to listen to the new episode now and see how hard I set myself up to get owned!

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