anyone hear about this new puzzmo?


it looks pretty cool, zach gage being behind it and having all his cool games (+some new ones) on there seems rad
like a big ol puzzle hub to stop by and play a lil each day
i havent gotten in yet but the way theyre doing beta testing is interesting
each day, theres a new puzzle and 500 tickets for people to jump at, first come, first serve
plus they mail you a postcard for beta entry thru snail mail
tickets seem to go pretty fast
im excited to hopefully get into the beta if im fast enough or just wait for the full launch also

i feel like my top 3 zach gage games would be ridiculous fishing, spelltower, and card of darkness
(i guess ridiculous fishing is a more of a vlambeer game but zach gage was an important part of it still)

HELL YEAH LET’S GO GANG oh wait this is not at all what I expected.

I think someone mentioned this earlier on a news thread. I am not familiar with Zach Gage, SpellTower or Really Bad Chess (at all: I don’t even think I had heard of these names) but the concept of Really Bad Chess seems like a decent time waster. Are all the puzzles parodies/deviant versions of actual puzzles like this?

My favorite Gage games are Flipflop Solitaire and Bit Pilot. The latter game no longer works on modern iOS. Bummer.

I just realized I've been confusing Zach Gage with Zach Barth for years.

Anyway, the one I'd recommend is Knotwords. Very interesting deviation from the crossword.

And if you wanna play a Zach Barth game, check out Infinifactory.

And if you want to play one of the puzzle games designed by Intelligent Systems, check out Stretchmo.

Got a key. Looking forward to some mornin puzzlin


@“Mnemogenic”#p137895 I’ve been confusing Zach Gage with Zach Barth

Yeah, I mix up the names. Was confused thinking Last Call BBS was a nice send off to Zachtronics when I first saw Puzzmo in the news thread.


much love to pushmo

need to play more of it, it rules

I got in day one and got my actual key in the mail yesterday. Great site. I think one of the more clever aspects of the website is the “play together” option. All the puzzles on the sites are (at least potentially) multiplayer, so you can do crosswords and stuff collaboratively with your friends, create groups and compete with people, do all kinds of social stuff. It has discord and slack integration too!

Zach and co did an [AMA over on reddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/puzzles/comments/17g7k3n/im_indie_game_designer_zach_gage_creator_of/?), too, that I think could be of some interest to folks on here. I think it's a really exciting platform, personally.

oh hey. I am on there and it's really nice. let's be friends!

I love the idea of this site. I saw the announcement for it on the first day, and immediately filed it in the “come back when it is out of beta” pile.

Not because it is buggy, or incomplete, or anything of the sort — but rather thanks to timezones I will _never_ be in the first 500 new people a day to complete the landing page puzzle, and thus will never be granted access to the site proper.

They're starting to open things up a bit more! It also seems like the number of people solving in a day has slowed a decent amount, though it could be because the puzzle they put up is a little too hard to brute force.

If there's another open invite link I'll share it in here!

For better or worse, they've changed from a random time-of-day key drop to doing them at 12PM EST daily.


Sending the key in the mail is a very cute idea but mine never arrived and by the time they sent me their panic email I wasn't as interested anymore.

I somehow got 2 keys in the mail after I got another key in an email so here's my spares: