Quarantine-specific challenges

Not talking about the real big ones like “paying rent” and “having a job” and “staying alive” - we can talk about that if we want, but I feel like everyone's exhausted by the larger elements of reality maybe?

Anyway one specific challenge I've had is hiding presents for my partner as they arrive in the mail, because her birthday is coming up - usually it wouldn't be an issue because she'd be at work, but we're both home obviously, so I've got to be extra sneaky. I've had to make sure I'm the one who goes out and gets the packages, but I also have to do it when she's working or distracted or has her headphones on, because we're always like "oh what'd you get!" whenever we see the other get something. Oh I'm also no good at lying so I can't be like "it's just something for me!!"

We share an amazon account too (I know amazon sucks but what can you do sometimes), so I've had to delete one purchase from our history and hope she didn't see it. Then I have to hide the stuff all over the house in secret hiding places. It's a challenge! I have no idea how she received and hid my presents for my birthday which was a couple months back... I guess we'll have to compare notes after all this.

Any specific new challenges in y'all's lives aside from the miserable ones?

@exodus#2697 I had to do the secret gift buying thing too! I set myself up a bunch of secret accounts and put my business details on the deliveries so my wife thought they were boring work related things. I think it worked!

i have that thing where if i know i‘m not supposed to do a specific thing, i’ll do it, or i will think real hard about maybe doing it. like laughing in a sad situation, or drinking at work, or a variety of petty crimes. it‘s not a compulsion, i can control it, but it still gets me in trouble. the other day, when the safety restrictions first eased here in Barcelona, i started going out more. the vibe was very weird and tense around town in those first few weeks, people took the thing very seriously and you would get called out or given hateful looks if you weren’t wearing a mask. i found it real hard not to touch my face and adjust my mask all the time, which you‘re not supposed to do. i noticed whenever i walked into a shop i would instinctively cough, even though i wasn’t sick at all. then i had an appointment to have my hair cut.

it was early in the morning so i got a coffee to drink as i walked to the place. a couple of the hairdressers were hanging out just outside. i gulped down my coffee and threw it in a nearby bin just before approaching them, and as I was attempting to say "hello, i have an appointment" or whatever, i choked on the coffee and coughed several times before being able to say it. they looked horrified. they said "wait right there". they went in and wiped the place clean for about three minutes. by the time they told me to come in, it had been a bit too long to be like "i don't have the virus, i just choked on my coffee, which i threw away just before approaching you". so i didn't say anything. the girl told me to keep the mask on as she cut my hair, which proved quite complicated to work around. she kept her distance too. i tried to chit chat and casually drop hints that i *had* been taking the lockdown seriously, but it was still tense. eventually, since i didn't cough again, things calmed down a little, but it was a very awkward haircut.

I‘ve been a work-at-home person for almost 7 years now, but there was always the option to go to coffee shops, and I would often just work out of coffee shops. Can’t do that anymore, so I‘m just here in my room, which has thrown my ability to change the scenery of my work place out of whack. It’s not a big challenge, but it definitely affects my work habits. Sometimes my energy levels are just low, or as much as I resist, I'll give in to distractions of the room.

Two things that probably changed for the better, however, is I now have a habit of biking just for the sake of getting energy up and some cardio in as opposed to biking to get from point A to point B, which would mostly just be a coffee shop or place to eat.

The other thing is that the place we're in also has a little concrete back yard which I rarely went out to before, but some housemates chipped in on a hammock and umbrella with a little table, since they figured we'll be like this for a bit, might as well make things cozier. I can't work out there without pulling an extension cord out, but I have been retreating to the back yard more frequently to read with some coffee now.

@tombo yeah that sure is a unique story of the times!! what a scenario you got yourself into there.

@JJSignal my big "pace change" for work is to move from my dresser (standing) to my desk (sitting) and to sit down with a tea when I do. I also got a light for above my desk that I can turn on and it kind of makes the ambiance different!? It sort of helps.

We've also been expanding our territory as it were, building a "yard" out of the long walkway out back of the house (made a fence to keep the dog in), and put a planter out front where we're growing vegetables. if you're stuck in your house, might as well make it nice.

I‘ve never been particularly good at home maintenance, and always having a niggling feeling like I shouldn’t go to a store except for absolute necessities (read: food) has made it even easier to procrastinate projects that require supplies. But now that I've tipped over on that a little bit, having to be a bit more intentional about shopping trips might be encouraging me to be a bit more intentional about home projects, too.

So today I'm going to go get a whole mess of felt pads that go underneath furniture legs, so that we stop scratching up our floors.

I cried when I met my mom again after 3 months of seperation and she asked me after our socially distanced open air meeting if I really could not give her a hug.

We got the hug two weeks later after I basically bathed in disinfectant.

I should add that I have been diagnosed with Covid 19 and have been one of those people who never noticed any change in their lives whatsoever.

I was told to get tested back in march becouse I had shortness of breath, coughs and bla bla bla, thing is I have COPD from a lifetime of smoking but they tested me and I was positive and then they found antibodies.

My guess is I got it in February during the 1UP conference/Belgian games awards.

Wow! Glad you and your mom are alright anyway!

Ah man!! I‘m glad you’re okay but I guess you‘re a carrier, so will need to get a vaccine asap once it’s available. Luckily you‘re in Europe so it won’t cost thousands and they'll actually want you to have it

I love my healthcare here, a doctors visit means I am 1€ out of pocket( normally you pay around 30€ and get 25 back from national health insurance, I live below the poverty line so I pay 1€).

Some years ago I was hospitalized in London after a night of heavy drinking first at a THQ press event and afterwards with Adam Doree and some friends. Woke up in the middle of the night not knowing where I was nor what had happened and with a nasty cut on my head(apparently I fell leaving a nightclub).

Upon discharge the next day I asked how much it would cost me and the staff said: Well you are from Belgium you guys take care of us and we take care of you. This is on us.

I am glad nothing similar ever happened to me while in the US.

We started grocery shopping only every 2 weeks once everything started (other than vegetables which I get when I go to my work, which is a vegetable store). We don‘t have a car or anything so we bring backpacks and really go Death Stranding on it. (Eventually we bought one of those roll-y carts and it changed our world!) It’s been kind of fun figuring out how much we need to sustain for 2 weeks and how to pack it all and get it home. We have truly become master grocery packers. The pandemic hasn‘t actually hit us hard here (Western Canada) but we’re still probably going to continue our new way of shopping just because we find it fun.

In New Zealand we were in our most strict levels of lockdown between 25 March and 27 April. We had two birthdays in our house in that short period so it was a bit challenging trying to make it fun, especially for a 5 year old. Lucky we had presents bought and stored away months prior because only essential items were allowed to be purchased and delivered. Working from how was a bit of a challenge at first, but we soon got over that and my employer has now made flexible working a more common practice.

Thankfully our country has really done a great job with the response. Everything is pretty much back to normal and the only [new cases](https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-current-situation/covid-19-current-cases) were identified at the border and are in managed isolation or quarantine. It's a bit surreal, especially when I read the news from overseas.

Ayy another NZer! My challenge was buying a car. I had been planning to for most of the year and saved up a fair bit of money by working from home in lockdown. I saw one online that was being imported from Japan for a really good price. I contacted the dealer in early may and was told it would arrive in late May. Late May became June which became June 18 which became in the coming week. I finally got to test drive it on June 26th and bought it that day. I'm now the proud owner of a Honda CR-Z with only 40,000 km on it.

yeah, any big moves like car purchases or new apartments etc have got to be pretty tough right now! but I guess most countries are on their way to recovery, unlike the US which doesn't plan to do that at any point.

@beets#2836 Yet you still drive on the wrong side of the road