QUICK! Pick the Best Puzzle Game of All Time

We're putting together a special Insert Credit Annual episode for you, and it requires you to pick the best games of all time under a number of genres. But as Brandon pointed out to me, I forgot Puzzles!!! So, put your favorite one here!


This is hilarious :joy:

The obvious answer is Lufia 2 on the Super Nintendo. I have to figure out turn based JRPG combat AND Zelda-like dungeon puzzles? I kid, of course.

Now, onto the real decision: which version of Puyo Puyo is THE Puyo Puyo to roll with? Hmmmmm

@flcl4evr#12381 Puyo Puyo Tetris because you get two of the best puzzle games of all time in 1! What a bargain!!

Woke up intending to start a thread about the best puzzle games to make up for their absence in the survey. The day is saved :'D

@JoJoestar#12383 yeah……but then I have to listen to all of my friends whine when I trash their Tetris flow with my Puyo Puyo junk blocks.


So hard to choose between Puyo Puyo and Panel de Pon.

I picked Portal, because I'm a garbage man. Not a man who picks up garbage for a paycheck, but a man made of garbage.

Upon opening the previous survey, the first thing I thought to do was scroll down to Puzzle so I could write in Money Puzzle Exchanger. Alas, my disappointment on that day was immense. But today! Today, life has been redeemed in my eyes.

@wickedcestus#12394 I can't for the life of me get to the second stage against the computer on that game

@MichaelDMcGrath#12395 There‘s a busted-down, grungy, dark, creepy and somewhat unnerving arcade downtown that my brother and I used to go to a few years ago. Twice, while there, I was handed “business cards” for “doctors” who “prescribe medicinal marijuana.” Most of the time, at least one person in the room was screaming. But they had a Neo-Geo cabinet with 151 games, and for whatever reason, scrolling down that list, Money Idol Exchanger was the game we decided to play. Soon, I started bringing my friends and we’d sit there, next to the peep-show machines and the bathroom with a door that didn't close, playing Money Puzzle until our hands fell off.

I was very thankful when the game came out on my Nintendo Switch! Whenever we gather, we play that game until our eyeballs pop right out of our heads.

I don't know much about other VS action-puzzle games , so I can't tell you _why_ I love the game, or _why_ it's good, but it _is_ good and I _do_ love it. I think part of the fun for me was just figuring out how the game worked, what we were supposed to do, how to make combos, and then developing new strategies based on new insights we gained into the game's mechanics, just by playing it and talking.

@wickedcestus#12397 It's a hell of a game for sure. I love finding gems in grungy arcades and then having them stick with you.

Nobody else has mentioned it in the thread yet, so I need to represent Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo 2X.

I am not very good at it, but I really like the risk/reward mechanic of waiting to pull the trigger on your crash gems. The person who crashes second will usually win the round, but you need to still be able to get to your combo!

I'm also a sucker for the _Street Fighter Alpha 2_ stylings and theming of the game.

i just picked baba is you

I keep getting this feeling that I am forgetting a really good smart ass answer of a good game but it will involve kind of ignoring the definition of what a puzzle game is or could be considered.

_Portal 2_ (definitely a puzzle game)
_Professor Layton_ (arguably an adventure game _about_ puzzles)
Even though I haven't played it yet and don't even know a damn thing about the gameplay I'm tempted to submit _Return of the Obra Dinn_. It's probably a puzzle game

Oh well, my cheeky submission will be _Warioware, Inc._

@Gaagaagiins#12459 I think Warioware is a puzzle game of sorts. It should get credit for being innovative with the formula too.

When I said Portal was my pick before, this was hoping they would assume I meant Portal 1 and 2 as a package.

Tetris and Digidrive are my two favorites.

Or alternatively depending on how you look at it, my favorites are many versions of Tetris with Digidrive somewhere amongst them towards the top but below the TGMs and Game Boy Tetris.

Voted for Tetris.


@CidNight#12466 I think Warioware is a puzzle game of sorts. It should get credit for being innovative with the formula too.

my rationale is that it came up when I googled "puzzle games"

Is Tetris a puzzle game? I always considered it as more of an action game.

Anyway I put Picross, though I did think about putting sodoku for quite a while, but I like picross more as it's more rewarding.