QUICK! Pick the Best Puzzle Game of All Time

anyway the answer was cleopatra fortune

Tetris is an action game! Maybe Warioware too? At least in Tetris's case, something feels weird about calling a game where you get a high score a puzzle game. Isn't the idea of a puzzle that there is a solution to it? Is a puzzle game one where there is only one solution to a given problem? What even the heck is a puzzle, anyway???


I wish I didn't feel like I have to include the word "actually" in this sentence but I _actually_ really like _The Witness_. While playing it I felt like I was figuring out just exactly how my brain _learns_. How it takes in new information, how it uses that information to solve problems. I don't know why this above all other puzzle games was the one to do it. It felt significant. I can't say whether it was anything inherent to the game that triggered this experience or if it was a right-place-right-time sort of game. I do think it's very aesthetically pleasing and I like the _Myst_-ish feel. I like the audio and video clips, though I can see why their inclusion might create a feeling that the game is taking itself too seriously.

The fact that Jonathan Blow is a jerk seems to have had an unfortunate effect on popular perception of it. I understand not wanting/being able to buy into art which you know was put together by someone you don't like or think is a bad person and won't fault anyone for that (or for disliking _The Witness_ for any other reason). It does strike me as ironic that this game which seems to encourage NOT having a big ego should have been spearheaded by a guy known for exactly that quality. The whole auteur obsession is dumb anyway and a whole team of people made _The Witness_.

I'm mainly curious how many of us have played it, if anyone has a strong opinion, etc. What were others' experiences like?

Inspired by my talking shit on this thread, I just played Return of the Obra Dinn, for hour hours, entranced

that's a GOOD video game

TetriNET for sure.

petal crash

@captain#12519 I‘ve played The Witness. I thought it was fine. There were some puzzles that irked me, I didn’t love the environmental stuff, the video clips were a massive eyeroll after the novelty of the first one. The plot was an even larger eyeroll. It's hard for me to separate my distaste for Blow from the game because all the things I dislike about the game are the things I dislike about him, and I start craving whatever game this team would have made without him.

Mr. Driller captures the true spirit of puzzling fun.

@captain#12519 I really enjoyed The Witness. The environment art was great. The progression of the puzzles was great. And I really liked the final puzzle with the music, what’s not to like about that thing?

I thought it was fun how the game kind of infected your mind with looking for these lines. Finding them in the game's world was fun, but finding them in real life was hilarious.

Solomon‘s Key on the FC/NES. It’s a puzzle game! It's a platformer! It has weird mystical/astrology lore, told with that sort of lovely and impenetrable translation expected from Japanese consumer products of the era:

Tecmo implemented a "Game Deviation Value" or "GDV" on this title. What is a GDV, you ask?
What on earth is the ultimate game deviation value? How about you? _Do you understand this advanced concept?_

No other puzzle games have a GDV, ergo Solmon's Key is the best puzzle game of all time.

@MichaelDMcGrath#12537 That‘s fair. I do wonder what Thekla sans JB would have made! Or how they came together in the first place. I don’t want to sound disingenuous or smug or something, but I honestly cannot square the idea that the game even has a plot. If it is somehow pretending to, then yes, it‘s an eye-roller. But that would be ridiculous. I think it definitely puts forward some ideas it wants the player to engage with and think about (what those audio and video clips are), but I can’t imagine the developers intended to tell some kind of narrative if they were being that oblique about it.

@bone#12585 I like to imagine a world where the game became so popular that people actually got tattoos of those lines. Then it would really be inescapable!

@captain#12689 I‘m just now realizing I said plot when I meant ending. Specifically the…well I don’t know how to do spoilers but the secret one. Don't know why I wrote plot haha


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@Gaagaagiins#12719 Thanks! ||The ending where you wake up and had been in a VR simulation the whole time||

Surprised no one mentioned Braid yet…

@sadalien1991#12726 That's because the thread is “Best Puzzle Game”. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

_Braid_ has some serious flaws, but is also treated unfairly in the discourse. I think that is partially because of the personality of the creator and partially because it became somehow cool to hate on _Braid_ for internet points.

I like _Braid_! I also haven’t played it since it came out and I don’t feel the need to play it again, and I suspect that is why it’s not being mentioned in this thread.

Braid is one of the best games for people who smoke, or people who drink, or people who get fucked up

Generally regarded that there's no point to the game

I entered Lumines as Insert Credit Best Puzz. Not because I really think it is the best puzz, but because I want to hear them podcast boys talk about it.

I've always felt like I "don't get" Lumines, but a lot of people seem to think it's quote-unquote sublime. To me, it feels more like a mildly interactive screen saver.

Lumines isn‘t very good. It’s easily solvable.

It‘s pretty and can be fun while you are figuring it out, but you can master Lumines to the point that it becomes an endurance test. Once you solve Lumines it isn’t even a reflex test, you can play infinitely without being taxed in any way. There is never a time when you have to think or chance anything, you can just do the best move at all times.

You already bottom lined it:

Lumines is a mildly interactive screen saver.